Quit youtube addiction- How to stop watching youtube?

Some people have noticed that they are viewing online videos and using social media on an increasing number of occasions, sometimes to the point where they feel like they have a YouTube addiction. Informally, the phrase denotes that YouTube viewing habits may be excessive. But in other circumstances, this conduct can point to a more severe issue. Although some experts argue that internet addiction should be classified as an illness in the DSM-5, the guide used by medical professionals to diagnose mental disorders, YouTube addiction is not a unique mental health issue. So if you want to know How to stop watching youtube here is what you need to know.

Signs of YouTube Addiction

There are no particular diagnostic standards for YouTube addiction because it is not a recognised illness. There are specific indications, nevertheless, that your internet video consumption may be excessive. Among the signs of a problem are: 

  • You spend most of your time thinking about, preparing, or viewing videos on YouTube.
  • Having the impression that watching web videos is necessary for feeling happy.
  • Despite the harmful effects of the activity, you keep watching YouTube videos.
  • Feeling that despite your best efforts, you cannot reduce your television watching.
  • Neglecting essential responsibilities connected to your job, family, education, or other areas of your life.

Remedies on how to stop watching youtube

Block Youtube on Chrome

The simplest and most efficient way to solve this issue is to ban YouTube. You may do this on your computer, phone, and both the website and the app. On the internet, there are a tonne of applications and extensions that might be helpful.

  • On your laptop or desktop, launch the Chrome online shop and type in “website blocker.”
  • Website blockers are widely available on the market. Look through them all and pick the one you like most. We’d suggest Block site and BlockerX as two excellent options.
  • All you have to do to install the blocker is click the “Add to Chrome” button; a pop-up window should then appear. Simply select “Add extension.” Your computer will install the extension.
  • The extension icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Chrome page after it has been installed.
  • To access the page, click the extension symbol.
  • Next, kindly paste the YouTube URL and press Enter to ban it in the application.
youtube addiction

The 5-Second Rule

Count to five before you click on YouTube when you get the itch or the urge. This will have your mind ready to choose between doing what you have to do and watching YouTube. After that, act and direct your energies toward what you want to accomplish. After those five seconds, if you don’t change your direction of attention, your brain will probably succumb to the need to watch YouTube. You have five seconds to decide if you want to hold yourself responsible for achieving your objectives or engage in sheer, transient enjoyment.

Find Something else to Do

Choose to spend the time you would have spent watching YouTube videos on something else, like a hobby, a passion, or an interest. In the end, our time on this planet is finite. Although there are only 24 hours a day, we have the freedom to choose how we spend our time. It goes without saying that viewing YouTube videos to unwind is acceptable, but spending too much time on the site might impede your development in other aspects of your life. Imagine if you had chosen to spend those hours on YouTube looking into something that piqued your interest and had the potential to develop. These are some of the answers on how to stop watching youtube.

youtube addiction


The prevalence of social media platforms has contributed to a rising condition known as YouTube addiction. YouTube is distinct from conventional media in many ways, which has contributed to its popularity. The primary motivators for YouTube addiction are content, social, process, and technological pleasure.


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