How much does BlockerX cost?

BlockerX currently costs USD 5.99 / month if you go for a monthly billing option. We do have attractive discounts if you select annual / semi-annual billing options.

What if I use BlockerX and don’t like it?

We offer a 3 day free trial for you to see the value that BlockerX provides. If you cancel your subscription before the 3 day free trial ends, you won’t be charged.

Does BlockerX work on my laptop?

BlockerX does have products for computers. You will have to install our chrome extension along with our Windows/Mac OS application to block adult content on your computers.

How do I contact the BlockerX team if I need help?

BlockerX team can be reached at [email protected]

Why aren’t your products free?

BlockerX offers a freemium model. Which means, some of our features are free to use while some advanced features require a premium.