Over 210 million people worldwide suffer from social media addiction. BlockerX helps to come out of this addiction and boost your productivity by blocking distracting social media websites and apps.    

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I block social media completely?

BlockerX makes you easy to block distracting social media websites. Follow the steps:
A) Add BlockerX extension to chrome / on your (Android/iOS) Phone
B) Now input the social media sites to the Blocklist
C) There we go, you are free from the distracting block sites.

Can I block all social media from my iPhone?

Blocking social media on iPhone has become easy due to BlockerX :
A) Download BlockerX app on your iPhone B) In the 'Settings' option choose 'Social Networking'
C) Then select the 'ADD' option and start adding the social media sites

How do I block social media for one hour?

Through BlockerX users can customize their screen timings:
A) Download BlockerX on your phone
B) Using Block list add the social media sites
C) Go to settings -> Scree time -> and select the screen timings.

How do I lock my social media on Android?

A) Download BlockerX on your phone
B) Provide the social media sites in the option of Block Site
C) Through Premium option one can block more sites