Social Media Blocker


Benefits you will experience after quitting Social Media

Improved Mental Well-being
Improved Sleep Quality
More Meaningful use of Time
Increased Focus & Productivity
Enhanced Face – to – Face connections
Reduced Stress and Information Overload

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How to Block Social Media Using BlockerX

To block social media using BlockerX, follow these steps:

    • Click on the Get it Now/ Get BlockerX for a Lifetime Button on this Page.
    • Make Payment.
    • You’ll get a download link on your registered mail id.
    • Download and install the app on your device.
  1. Launch the BlockerX app: Open the BlockerX app on your device once it’s installed.
  2. Set up your account: Sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Add social media platforms to the blocklist: In the BlockerX app, go to the “Blocklist” or “Blocked Apps” section. Look for the option to add websites or apps to be blocked.
  4. Enter the social media URLs or app names: Enter the URLs of the social media platforms you want to block (e.g.,, or select the respective social media apps from the provided list.
  5. Customize blocking settings: BlockerX allows you to customize your blocking settings. You can set specific time intervals for blocking social media, create schedules, or choose to block them entirely.
  6. Save your settings: Once you have added the desired social media platforms to the blocklist and customized the settings, save your changes.
  7. Activate the blocking feature: Enable the blocking feature within BlockerX. This will activate the social media blocker and prevent access to the specified platforms during the set time intervals or according to your chosen settings.
  8. Test the blocking feature: Open a web browser or the social media app on your device and attempt to access the blocked social media platforms. You should see a message or be redirected to a blocked page, indicating that the access is restricted.