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Porn is hard to quit.
You need a strong ally.

Wondering how to stop watching porn for good?
BlockerX can give you the tools to help you systematically overcome this problem. So this time on, quit porn with a complete porn blocker system.

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The most important aspect of quitting is to cut out any form of access to porn. This is where BlockerX’s robust blocking functionality helps by blocking all porn sites. It works across different platforms.


Quitting can be very difficult on your own. Hence, we team you up with a friend of yours, called an accountability partner. Your friend helps you stay accountable to your goals.

Support from peers

You can talk to peers to get support and encouragement on your journey. It also helps stay motivated and share each other's experiences of this.

We're available for you, always.


Data that doesn’t exist can never be compromised. We take great care not to store any personally identifiable information other than those needed to maintain your account/ subscription. None of the browsing activities are stored either on the device or on our servers.

Active customer support

Questions/ issues? We’re always ready to help! We take utmost care to ensure that each question is addressed within 24 hours.

What our users have to say.

I really have installed this application to stop this bad obsession and be a better human and clear my mind since it is really affecting me ... and I do not want to have a more serious problem which is what I fear, I was seeing if it works and yes !, I tried do the same as always enter in incongnito mode and enter xnxx but it crashed which I am really glad since some apps do not work in incongnito mode ... And if you are also trying to quit ANIMO porn that can!
Sasu Bruh
This app is absolutely the best app you can download for Android. I have used it now for approximately four months and it blocks everything that no one should ever see. This app gives me confidence because I know that, if our son or our various nieces and nephews, get a hold of either of our phones, they will be able to use the phones safely and not be exposed to anything that may harm them. I couldn't recommend this app more highly.
Dr. Jonathan Lynch
I am so happy I found this app! I have a problem dealing with porn urges and tools like this will go along way to keep me accountable! I love that it not only blocks inappropriate websites but, it also gives you more information to deal with urges and your addiction! Amen to God for using this app developer to create this resource to combat our evil desires!
Andrew Boyd
i using this app before 3 month and seriously guys this app working fine. it is a life changer for whose want to overcome porn addiction and focus their study, goals. its really helpful . i going to purchase lifetime membership. i want to says thanks a lot for developers team for making such awesome app
Jerry Jons
Absolutely phenomenal app. I bought premium, and have been taking a tour of all the options i have. I tried unblocking unrestricted browsers and i LOVE how much feedback that is given back. You guys are great. Today is the day i turn my life around.
Juan El Bean
A fantastic app. Like most good habit changing apps, it takes away the need for willpower to achieve the goal. Highly recommended.
Ian Tighe

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