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Benefits you'll experience after quitting porn

Mental Clarity

Filter all unwanted thoughts of porn. Focus on the things that actually matter in your life.

Better Sleep

Uncontrollable urges at night can ruin your sleep cycle. Quitting porn will make sure your mind and body get the uninterrupted sleep that it needs.

More Energy

Excessive porn and masturbation can drain both your mental and physical energy, that can otherwise be channeled towards better things.

Increased Productivity

Spending less time and energy on Porn, Masturbation and Orgasm (PMO), will help boost your productivity.

Improved Relationships

Regain the spark you once had in your relationships. You’ll start to appreciate people more once you stop seeing them as sexual objects.

Better Sexual Performance

Porn sets up unrealistic expectations of sex, which can adversely affect your sexual performance and experience.

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Why people trust BlockerX

Absolutely phenomenal app. I bought premium, and have been taking a tour of all the options i have. I tried unblocking unrestricted browsers and i LOVE how much feedback that is given back. You guys are great. Today is the day i turn my life around.​

Juan El Bean​

A fantastic app. Like most good habit changing apps, it takes away the need for willpower to achieve the goal. Highly recommended.​

Ian Tighe​

This app is a godsend. I have been struggling with porn addiction for years and this app helped a lot. Any time I get an urge and open up a website, it immediately blocks it. It’s just perfect.

Hellrider 386

92% of BlockerX premium subscribers noted a reduction in porn consumption within 3 months.

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