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“Absolutely phenomenal app. I bought premium, and have been taking a tour of all the options i have. I tried unblocking unrestricted browsers and i LOVE how much feedback that is given back.”

“A fantastic app. Like most good habit changing apps, it takes away the need for willpower to achieve the goal. Highly recommended.”

“This app is a godsend. I have been struggling with porn addiction for years and this app helped a lot. Any time I get an urge and open up a website, it immediately blocks it. It’s just perfect.”

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of BlockerX users reported an improvement in their sleep cycle.
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How Does BlockerX Work?

BlockerX uses scientifically proven methods to help you remove porn from your life. All it takes is 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Setup our
Powerful Porn Blocker

Our all-in-one porn-blocking tool has a wide array of settings built to help you stay away from adult content on your device. Our AI porn blocker blocks all adult content so you never relapse.

Our powerful buddy system makes sure you don’t have to rely on willpower when you have the urge to watch porn. Our buddy system makes it difficult for you to turn off the porn blocker and uninstall the app.

Step 3: Get 24/7
Support from the Community

Join the incredible BlockerX community of over 100,000+ active users. Share your experiences, get advice, and read life-changing stories from people who are on the same journey as you!

Within 6 months, 92% of BlockerX subscribers were able to a significant
increase in their focus, a better sleep cycle, more energy throughout the day, and better a relationship with their partner.