The Most Powerful Porn Blocker on Chrome

Have you been wondering how to block adult content websites on Chrome? Then look no further; your quest is over!

new chrome extension screen shot

Blocker X is a Chrome website blocker extension that blocks countless adult content websites with just one account. Once installed, it gets to work without any additional settings by letting you know that your webpage is blocked while attempting to access the websites containing adult content. 


Just click, and you are ready to end your procrastination process by blocking all distracting and harmful content. 

BlockerX Features

Blocks Everything In Real-Time

BlockerX uses the Chrome web request API to access the content of the active window on the device and uses it to block/filter adult content in real-time, guaranteeing none of the user's browsing information is stored by BlockerX.

 Stricter Blocking (Proxy based)

Being a premium member guarantees more rigid blocking on all devices. The secure search feature blocks search results on all search engines and over 2 million adult websites if inappropriate keywords are detected and won't show any image tagged as adult content.

Block Additional Websites and Keywords

Besides the usual adult content BlockerX blocks, you can copy and paste particular websites and keywords in the respective box to add them to the list; this will stop the URL in Chrome. 

Accountability Partner

We turn off or uninstall easily. But now, no worries! BlockerX allows you to generate an access code and send it to your accountability partner. As a result, you cannot turn off the blocker without the code. 

Works In Incognito Mode

This extension can even work in incognito mode (enable the extension on incognito mode). After installing the app, you can allow this function to start working in the settings.