Porn Blocker Chrome Extension

Safeguard your browsing experience and maintain a porn-free online environment – install our Chrome extension to block explicit content today!


Porn Blocker Free Features

Porn Blocker

Block all porn websites in one click.

Add Buddy

If enabled, you will need the permissions of your buddy to disable the blocker.

Block 5 Websites & Keywords

You want to block a specific website or keyword? Add it and it will get blocked.

Porn Blocker Premium Features

Block Unlimited Keywords & Websites

Block unlimited websites & keywords.

Uninstall Notification

When turned on your buddy will get notified via email that you tried to uninstall the app.

Set a Custom Message & URL

Set a custom message on your block screen. And add redirect url of your choice.

Category wise blocking

Block all distracting social media, gambling & gaming websites in one click.

How to Block Porn Using BlockerX Chrome Extension

To block pornographic content using the BlockerX Chrome extension, follow these steps:

    • Click on the Get it Now Button on this Page.
    • Make Payment.
    • You’ll get a download link on your registered mail ID.
  1. Add the extension to Chrome: Click the BlockerX extension and click the “Add to Chrome” button. Confirm any prompts or permissions that appear during the installation process.

  2. Configure BlockerX settings: Once the extension is added, you can access its settings by clicking on the BlockerX icon that appears in your Chrome browser toolbar.

  3. Enable porn blocking: In the BlockerX settings, look for the option to block pornographic content or explicit websites. Enable this feature to activate the porn-blocking functionality of the extension.

  4. Customize additional settings: Depending on the BlockerX extension’s features, you may have the option to customize settings such as whitelisting specific websites, setting up password protection, or adding additional filters or blocklists.

  5. Save your settings: After customizing the settings to your preferences, click on the “Save” or “Apply” button to save your changes.

  6. Test the blocking feature: Open a new tab or visit a known explicit website to see if the BlockerX extension successfully blocks the content. You should see a blocked page or a message indicating the website is restricted.

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Why People Trust BlockerX

Just installed it and tested it and Yes it does work.. It will block 🚫 any porn sites immediately.!

Shachindra Srivastava


This app works very well for me since i have had a problem with the bad stuff for a while



So much supportive and helpful in overcoming your addictions and this helps you to be productive. Thank you so much for providing with this type of excellent software

Jananu Stark


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