No Nut November has ended, now what? 3 Reasons to Celebrate


No Nut November has ended, Congratulations!

You completed the entire month of November without fapping. You finished this internet challenge that almost all participants fail at. If you’re among the ones who relapsed, don’t be too hard on yourself.

You showed up to participate in no nut november, and tried your best; this decision to take part goes a long way.

Most participants with no nut November fail generally relapse because of how hard it actually is to forgo a compulsive habit. Falling prey to your urge during the no nut November challenge, however, is not a reason to stop believing in yourself.

Sperm retention benefits are one of the many that are yet to be reaped.

After November, a large part of the social media often encourages men to take part in Destroy Dick December. As the phrase suggests, it might destroy your dick and is harder than the NNN challenge.

So, the million-dollar question is, should you go back to sex and masturbation now that November is over?

Before you go reward yourself now that November is over, think about what will follow post-ejaculation. Think about all the changes you’re feeling about yourself from forgoing nutting for the span of 30 days. Cause there are a lot more benefits where they came from, provided you continue!

The refractory period is the time taken for your body to regain the lost energy from ejaculation. It can be as quick as 15 minutes or could take as long as a day. This is the time when the male body is termed physically unfit to have sex.

When you’re not abstaining from ejaculating, you’re not experiencing that loss of energy or the refractory period that entails. Instead, what you have saves time and effort from not stimulating yourself along with the energy that you never lost, to begin with.

This is one of the stages that you experience during the semen retention timeline. Why would you want to waste all that vigor for a pointless semen expulsion anyway?

Each day you go without masturbating, you’ll feel higher baseline energy. You would’ve felt this in the first week of Sexual abstinence, by waking up energized every day, ready to tackle all your hurdles. Basically, the no-nut November joi can be quite great!

1) Your Priorities change after No Nut November – For the better

no nut November

YouTuber Brett Maverick did the NoFap challenge for 90 days, yes you heard that right! 90 days without busting a nut, literally!

Well, sharing his no cum social media challenge, Maverick says he experienced a mental change wherein he didn’t prioritize women over other aspects of his life. The change made him stop checking his dating apps every 20 minutes. Rather, it gave him an energized positive life that women wanted to be a part of.

By not sexualizing every woman he came across, he developed a mental clarity where he valued himself over others. This trait is inherently attractive and lures others towards you, resulting in increased confidence confidence you thought you could never have.

Another important change he saw was that his porn addiction-induced erectile dysfunction was cured. PIED is something most men are embarrassed to talk about. However, a surprising number of men experience not being able to keep an erection.

When you watch a lot of porn, your brain gets desensitized to real-life sexual intercourse experiences. Out of all the detrimental effects that porn addiction has (that can potentially ruin your life) this is what affects your sex life. When you abstain from pornography using the Blockerx app or Blockerx Chrome extension, your brain starts reversing the effects.

Orgasm is supposed to be a reward for engaging in sexual activity with another person. This naturally forces you to go out and meet potential partners. By turning on your device and going to PornHub you’re not doing anything natural, and then rewarding yourself for absolutely nothing. You are who you were before you jerked off.

Life and Relationship coach Roman Mironov claims to have been going Fap-free for over 6 years now. He decided to take on the challenge, not because of the internet fad but because he had reached a very low point in his life.

Apart from the higher levels of energy and motivation that he’s been experiencing daily, Mironov also claims that Sexual abstinence has improved his life and made him the best version of himself. He stopped sexually objectifying women and started focusing on real relationships.

2) The benefits of NoFap are backed by research


In the 2020 study by Zimmer and Imhof Abstinence from Masturbation and Hypersexuality findings show that frequent masturbation along with having an array of health issues from your own well-being, reduces the quality of your sperm as well.

The findings were so drastic that WHO recommends an intermediate duration from 2 to 7 days of abstinence from sexual intercourse before sperm donation.

Other studies done by various researchers also back this claim while maintaining the stance that it helps with overcoming depression and keeping a better overall mood along with other greater health benefits. This is because the post-nut guilt that many people go through is replaced by a sense of accomplishment that also acts as a confidence booster.

The belief that sexual intercourse and pornography addiction are common is at the core of the NoFap anti-masturbation movement.

While some research suggests pornography addiction is real, many dispute this idea.

3) An incredible feeling of control over your physical and mental health


A higher sense of control over everything happening in his life has also been reported. He learned to be his own boss and had no brain fog as to what he wanted. I mean, the man essentially made a career out of forgoing masturbation and is in the best shape he’s ever been in.

An ever-improving focus is what YouTuber Jordan Green found the most beneficial reward he got from abstaining for not a month but two. In his NoFap Benefits after 60 Days video, he talks about how he stopped missing the gym or cheating reps.

Instead of having his boss call him to work or ask him for his input, his better focus allowed him to take care of the things he needed to take care of.

The idea here is that he is able to do things on his own without having to be told. This is one of the main characteristics of a leader.

The further Green went on with the challenge, the more mental clarity he gained. He wanted to read, hit the gym, and solve real-life problems. As the days of abstinence passed by, he was feeling all the benefits to a larger extent, making positive changes in his social and private life.

So, if not masturbate, what will you do to reward yourself for finishing a month of no nutting?

List down everything you did instead and see what you gained the most pleasure from and learned most from. Focus on those skills that you think you have the potential to be great at. You can also check out the 4 Benefits of No Nut November

There is no reason to stop learning that new language or putting down that guitar you were picking up in November. Instead, develop those skills and see what needs polishing. It is always more rewarding to learn a skill than to jerk off your load.

Though it is common to give in to your urges, use the post-nut mental clarity to remind yourself why you stopped in the first place and why you shouldn’t do it again.

You’re better off than you were before, why turn that around just to pass out feeling guilty and embarrassed?

By giving up masturbation, you’re not only giving up your addiction but becoming a confident, better version of yourself, able to actualize ideas and lead others. Quit masturbation, not for a month but for life. Be the alpha male that you’ve always dreamed of being.

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