Mastering Semen Retention: Top 10 Semen Retention Benefits.

Reviewed By - Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Reviewed By - Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Priyanka Bhattacharjee, is a licensed and practicing Clinical Psychologist based in India, who has been working very closely with a variety of mental health issues across different age groups for the past 7 years. Working for the cause of mental health is her passion, and primarily advocates for primary prevention and early intervention. Her professional interest areas include diagnosis and therapy for Addiction, Personality Disorders, Mood and Affective Disorders, Children and Adolescents’ Mental Health, Couple Intervention, and Workplace Mental Health issues.

Key Takeaway

Semen retention revolves around the idea of avoiding ejaculation. Avoiding sexual activity altogether or you can learn to reach orgasm without ejaculating. This practice may be as old as humans. From physical to spiritual, people have different reasons for trying this.

What do you know about Semen Retention?

There are many reasons why some people are curious about semen retention. One of them is the belief that frequent ejaculation will make you weak. Some people say that sperm retention can improve fertility and sexual health as well as physical benefits.

Many believe that semen retention helps to transfer sexual energy to other areas of life.

What is the origin of this idea?

Here are all the things that you should know :

Origins of Semen Retention: 500 BC

Let us go back to ancient China 8000 years ago. Its origin was long before Taoism (about 500 BC). Taoist masters are the ones who strive to maintain sexual kung fu in the 21st century.   

In fact, the taoist sexual practices and doctrines still exist today, and they are often called “tantra” in the West. The 19th-century Taoist master Zhao Pichen believed that ;

Genitals stores a person’s life force and vitality.

He believed that retaining sperm will bring inner peace and overall health. Losing sperm will plunge one’s body into a world of chaos and exhaustion. He refers to the sexual energy stored in the testicles in units called as “chu”

Master Zhao explained that sexual energy or (jing/ching) increases every 8 years until the age of 16.

After the age of 16, if the sexual energy is not used a man will start losing 64 chu every 8 years for his entire life. He mentions that a healthy and balanced body has 384 chu.  


Is it like ‘NoFap’? 

This entire approach of semen retention sounds familiar due to the changing internet. The Internet is developing day by day.

Technology has also made many people, especially millennials, completely dependent on these emotions. The term “NoFap” is usually used in the same context as semen retention, but it is not the same thing.

NoFap is the name of the organization. is a porn recovery site based on affiliated communities. The “About Us” section of explains that NoFap is not a verb, principle, or any kind of movement.

It provides information and community support for people who are addicts. It involves improving interpersonal relationships.  NoFap focuses on eliminating porn addiction, and not on semen retention including control.  

How can you practice non-ejaculatory masturbation? 

  • When you sense orgasm approaching, press the end of your penis where the head joins the shaft. Hold that squeeze for a few seconds while the desire to ejaculate passes. 
  • With your fingers, lay pressure on your perineum.

How can you practice non-ejaculatory partner sex? 

With the squeeze technique, your partner stimulates your penis until you’re ejaculating. Then your partner clutches your penis until your erection begins to deplete. This should help you better recognize the sensation before climaxing and postpone ejaculation. 

semen retention benefits

What happens when you don’t ejaculate and commit to semen retention?

Some very significant changes will occur within 30 days of Semen Retention, and you will see substantive improvement in your sexual health as well as your sexual stimulation.

Men believe that regular ejaculation every day is normal and beneficial to us. This is due to porn conditioning. Sexual desire is strong that every day one wants to release it by watching porn or through any other means. Here are the plausible health benefits if you practice abstaining from ejaculation for 30 days: 

a. Increased energy and stamina  

Once you get into the 30-day sperm retention period, your energy levels will skyrocket. You may need less sleep. You will usually wake up in the morning and prepare for action and have an unlimited supply of energy.   

This makes sense because the body puts in a lot of effort to produce semen. This takes a lot resources from the body, from the organs. Cerebrospinal fluid of organs, all these substances into sperm production.

It shuts down the androgen receptor. The body no longer focuses on cell repair and self-protection. But instead focuses on producing more sperm. So, when you no longer have permanent ejaculation deficiency. Your body no longer needs to focus on creating more sperm in the first place. You have more energy for other processes, so you will experience an increased energy level.

b. Improvement in the levels of focus  

One can notice a significant increase in concentration and focus. If you do a lot of creative work, such as especially visual art and music, this requires your full attention.  

More you’ll have all it takes to focus on yourself, and where you’re going.

After 30 days, you will be able to focus more on what you are doing and feel more alert. Your mental functionalities will also work better. This also makes sense, because when you ejaculate, you lose a large amount of zinc. This is usually more than a single diet can replace.

  • Once you start practicing sperm retention, you will also feel very motivated. You will want to transfer energy to something because you will have a lot of it. Another thing that will increase is your confidence.   
  • When you practice semen retention, you will gain that deep, radiant self-confidence. Also, feel very comfortable with your own skin again. This is because your sperm content is no longer depleted.
  • When a man watches porn and masturbates every day, depletes his vital energy. But if he doesn’t do that, his body will not have nourishment
  • You can build up your reserves. You will be happy with energies and you will feel very comfortable. A feeling of harmony and confidence will be the norm for you.

Is there any research to support this? 

  • Withholding sperm in the form of total abstinence increases testosterone levels. One study found that after 7 days of abstinence;
  • Men’s serum testosterone levels reached 146% of baseline levels after the 7-day period. Another study noticed an increase in testosterone levels after three weeks of SR.   
  • Research on how semen retention affects the body has focused on total abstinence. (So far, there does not seem to be any research on the effects of dry orgasms.)

Is this meant to be a short-term practice? 

Short-term semen retention is what most males will end up to. The concern is that guys think it’s long-term retention or nothing. It concludes in many relapses, sexual frustration ;

or total abandonment of semen retention once they start having constant sex. The details of short-term retention are as follows: 

Why people may try this? 

  • 2-3 week rotations 
  • relationship
  • grow + maintain stage 
  • established 

The main reason people choose to keep semen is to be able to maintain an erection after orgasm. It provides the opportunity to experience many orgasms .  

When practicing semen retention, many hormonal changes occur. When a man ejaculates, his body releases prolactin. It is a hormone that lowers the level of testosterone in the body. Thus, testosterone levels are lower after ejaculation.

The reason you feel so tired and exhausted after ejaculation is due to the release of prolactin. If you ejaculate every day, your prolactin level will be high. This will keep you in a state of fatigue, confusion and lack of motivation.

By practicing retention of semen the testosterone will increase. This will also balances hormones. So, you will feel much better hormones, because you are radiating male energy, and a yang charge.

Are there any risks to consider? 

In most cases, semen retention is a safe practice, but there are a few points to keep in mind. It is important to note that this has a mixed reviews of experiences.

It may not be a positive experience for everyone. Failure to ejaculate can be painful, uncomfortable, or causes blue balls. It is a mild condition which happens due to the absence of an orgasm, the testicles become feel painful.

In most cases, semen retention is a safe practice, but there are a few points to keep in mind. Semen retention is not a solution for every single person.

Here are some potential dangers of semen retention that you may face while you practice the act: 

  • Stagnation 
  • Negative emotions 
  • Epidydimal hypertension  
  • Hyper sexualization
  1. Stagnation

There are certain dynamics that takes place inside your body during Semen Retention. You must be careful not to aggravate the negative emotions in your life.

One of the main problems. What a man encounters when retaining semen is stagnation. The stagnation is because that huge sexual energy accumulates.

If you don’t do internal practices to circulate it, it will get stuck or disappear. It is going to create obstacles to the body, your mind and the way you express yourself.

2. Negative emotions

It is important to understand that when you practice semen retention. You are accumulating sexual energy and “adding more fuel to the tank.”

A person can often experience sexual frustration, over-excitement. A person can become some kind of sexual predator, angry and irritable.

It is important to note that it is not a positive experience for everyone. Frustration and irritability are common in those who are unable to ejaculate. And are being kept away from sexual activities for a long time.

3. Epidydimal hypertension

For some people, not ejaculating might be painful or cause “blue balls”.

This is a mild condition in which erection happens without orgasm. And the person feels intense pain and discomfort. He will start to feel depressed as his testicles will ache from the semen accumulated in his body.   

4. Hyper sexualization

This is an uncommon effect of semen retention that is not usually talked about. Semen retention can sometimes lead to negative energy projection and even hyper-sexualization.

Hyper sexualization means a person attributing sexual characteristics to objects.

Does it have other names?

Other names for semen retention are coitus reservatus, Seminal conservation, and Sexual continence.

What are the purported benefits?

The given below are the benefits :

1.Physical benefits

Semen retention can improve day-to-day energy and vitality. It can lead to good physical fitness, improve sperm quality and fertility. 

2. Mental benefits

Cognitive process and transparency of thinking appear. Other potential benefits include decreased anxiety and depression, better self-control, personal faith, and self-esteem. 

3. Spiritual benefits

There is a theory that semen retention can enhance an individual’s ‘life force’. Also, boost personal connections if your partner comprehends why it is being observed. 

4. Possible benefits of not ejaculating

It is a long-term process when it comes to working hard and attaining success. Our brain is always searching for shortcuts, and while one finds them, one tends to stick to them.

Several of us are grinding almost daily to reach our goals. As you may need strong confidence if you wish to live a life you have long dreamt of.

Masturbating will hurt the receptors of dopamine. Studies have shown that individuals with lower dopamine levels generally have reduced confidence.

A reduced level of dopamine will also diminish willpower and motivation. You can’t meet the required confidence without enough motivation.

Practicing semen retention will improve dopamine sensitivity and motivation, increasing cases their confidence.


Science has not proven whether semen retention is good for you, but there are no major risks. In other words, this is a low-risk, potentially high-reward discipline. Every man should try NoFap or semen retention at some point.  


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