Top 4 Benefits of No Nut November

The benefits of no nut november challenge of not masturbating vary from person to person. Studies, however, suggest that abstinence has improved the lives of people in most spheres.

NNN became a mainstream meme due to how universal compulsive masturbation is. All anecdotes (funny or serious) are from participants who are, at some level, cognizant of their addiction.

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Apart from these unrealistic expectations, there are actual perks of giving up self-abuse. The benefits categorized are mental, physical, spiritual and sexual.

Benefits of No Nut November

#1 Mental Benefits

Excessive masturbation can lead to a drop in energy and motivation levels. One of the most important benefits of no nut November stems from the fact that it is great for your mental health. Most men experience what the internet calls ‘Post Nut Clarity’. Post Nut Clarity is a phenomenon where people think ‘clearly’ after ejaculating.

‘Clear’ here means a sense of shame and guilt followed post ejaculation. Men might cum quick, but they are quicker to close the porn after. This guilt is often combined with a sense of disgust and embarrassment. 

Though not same for all men, every man would’ve experienced this at least once. Compulsive masturbation tends to make people pleasure themselves even when not aroused. 

The satisfaction after a quick release doesn’t last long, as the clarity kicks in right after. It’s possible the remorse experienced is due to the drop in dopamine levels post climax. Studies also suggest the guilt is tied to their religious and political beliefs.

However, there is no definitive answer as to why this happens.

Frequent discharge gets your brain accustomed to the influx of dopamine. This results in dependency on masturbation to feel happy. In other words, you’ll lose the ability to derive pleasure from the little things. 

The benefits of no nut November don’t come easy, however. Not nutting might be annoying at first due to lesser dopamine production. But you’ll gain better control over your emotions as time passes by. An increase in motivation is also reported within a week.

Most people who participate in the challenge claim they develop the willpower to face the daily challenges they’re posed with.

Being able to tackle challenges will result in a heightened sense of self. A heightened sense of self leads to more confidence. A confident man is always an attractive man. However, that is not where the benefits of no nut November ends, this is just the beginning.

You will notice a positive change in the way your colleagues and friends perceive and treat you post the confidence boost.

#2 Physical Benefits

Rubbing one out all the time is not only exhausting for the mind but for the body as well. Orgasm induces sleep and lowers energy and motivation, causing one to feel fatigued.

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A 2003 study gives conclusive proof that semen retention increases testosterone levels. Spike in testosterone develops better muscle mass and red blood cells. This benefit of no nut November is one that is immediately visible. You feel more energized and motivated to do tasks you didn’t think of completing before.

The heightened sense of energy from all the semen retention will make one better at physical activities. Therefore, athletes are advised not to masturbate or have sex before their game. Remember, semen retention is energy retention.

Many who give up nutting, channel their excess energy into working out. As testosterone helps with muscle development, semen retention while hitting the gym makes for a good combo.

After all, most of the time we are trying to gain some sort of physical incentive when we embark on a journey to better ourselves. No nutting and therefore the benefits of no nut November, therefore shouldn’t be any different.

An increase in testosterone thickens the hair, improves bone density and overall sperm quality.

#3 Spiritual Benefits

One of the least talked about benefits of no nut November has to be that it helps one be more spiritually sound. By giving up compulsive behavior, you are making a conscious effort to be more disciplined. The spiritual benefits go hand in hand with the mental benefits.

Increased self-esteem and motivation to face challenges help you feel more in control of reality. Once you get a view of the ground reality, plane simple life doesn’t feel like a chore anymore, and therefore – makes for one of the most important no nut November benefits on this list.

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This renewed feeling of control induces an overall sense of contentment. People who give up masturbation claim to feel happier than they were. A better relationship balance with partners is also reported in the NoFap community.

Many even reported that they stopped reducing the opposite sex to mere objects of sexual desire. Abstinence from excessive fapping makes a change at the subconscious level. This helps you see a person beyond their physical appearance and respect other values they possess.

If you continue on this journey, not just you but even your partner will be amazed by the benefits of no nut November.

The change of perspective helps one explore other areas of interest like building lasting connections.

#4 Sexual Benefits

Masturbation causes penis shrinkage” is a popular myth. But excessive masturbation does have a direct impact on your penile health.

Now, no nut November has everything to do with sexual arousal and related activities, so the benefits of no nut November do encompass certain sexual benefits as well.

Frequent ‘meat-beating’ will make your erection weak and wither in size. This is due to an expulsion of testosterone during orgasm. If you fap frequently, you don’t give your body enough time to restock the hormone.

Other than strong erections, ‘fapstaining’ for a significant period has helped many men last longer. Their usual premature ejaculation is substituted with a longer and more intense orgasm. They were frankly blown away by such a strong set of benefits of no nut November.

This improves overall sexual satisfaction of their partners as well and even saves relationships. The stored testosterone will boost your sex drive as well. An increased libido means a better, more passionate sexual experience with your partner.


Though subjective, most people experience positive changes in at least one of these spheres. By forgoing masturbation, there’s nothing that you lose. But there is much that you can gain. Participate in this year’s NNN and experience all the benefits of no nut November for yourself.

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