No Nut November | 6 Amazing Health Benefits

No Nut November is a popular internet challenge that got widespread attention in 2017. The history of the challenge however dates back to 2006, where members on an internet forum challenged each other to not masturbate.  

Yeah, internet is becoming way too personal these days guys.

Anyways, so since 2017 the challenge has been consistently getting more and more traffic and almost all of the memes posted in the month revolve around this singular idea. 

Now, the word No Nut November – it is already pretty easy to remember as is, and while theatrical anecdotes on the internet keep the meme alive, it is no reason to veil the attainable benefits from you.

Abstaining has proven gains, especially if you are a compulsive fapper. Orgasms cause your brain to produce a blend of ‘happy’ chemicals. These chemicals help de-stress the body and the mind. So, it shouldn’t be a shock to have the internet ‘Challenge’ you from refraining something that makes you feel so good. The no nut November challenge is a challenge of your willpower.

While up until these past few years, masturbation has been considered healthy and normal. Though natural, excessive masturbation can have detrimental effects on the body and the mind, which we are going to dive in now.

Here are “No Nut November ” Health benefits that you can reap. 

Mental Health Benefits

Mental Health Benefits of No Nut November
Mental Health Benefits of No Nut November

Relieving yourself can be good for your mind, but if you’re doing it every window you get, you might have a mental dependence on the stimulation. Studies show that excessive pornographic content can cause sleep disorders, anxiety and even depression.  

The influx of chemicals when you are unable to conquer your urges and finally nut one out, it makes you want to chase the feeling more. It makes you want to devalue the merit of the no nut November and leads you to masturbate excessively. It gets your brain accustomed to such a high, that it ultimately ends up desensitizing the effects of these chemicals when produced via the means of other activities.   

You will find it harder to find joy in the little things in life. This makes you dependent on ejaculation for instant gratification. It is the vicious cycle of chasing happiness that ends up making it even harder to pursue.

It might come as a shock but while nutting in the moment makes one feel at ease, studies show that the most compulsive masturbators are anxious. Guilt and shame are often accompanied by ejaculation, a phenomenon popularly referred to as Post Nut Clarity.

The refractory period after relieving makes the body feel tired and your mind demotivated. It makes you feel guilty for going against the no nut November, but now that you have done it, there’s just no going back.   

Giving up masturbation will help you keep energy and channel it into more productive activities. Facing challenges and dealing with them will cause better mental health. The satisfaction garnered as a result won’t recede either.   

Porn and compulsive masturbation cause many to see women as objects of sexual desire. This can lead to failures in relationships and a general lack of social value.  

Following NNN religiously can help you change this perspective and appreciate people for their positive traits than their physical features.  

Social Health Benefits

Social Health Benefits of No Nut November
Social Health Benefits of No Nut November are immense, so explore them

There are many factors that affect your social health, some prominent ones being confidence and self-esteem. Many compulsive fappers find themselves to have low levels of both. In fact, they see ejaculation to escape their realities.   

When you’re masturbating excessively, you’re choosing to stay in the comfort of your room most of the time. Like any other addiction, you choose to sacrifice other things for it.   

Staying home all the time has a dire effect on your social skills, because you’re used to being by yourself. Your social skill is just like a muscle. You can’t bench press 50 times after you stop going to the gym; you’ll have to train yourself once more to do it.   

Similarly, you can’t expect to stay at home for long periods and be able to socialize again. Frequent interaction helps you improve your ability to converse with ease.   

Giving up masturbation will tempt you to go and make real connections with potential partners.

Spiritual Health Benefits

Spiritual Health Benefits of No Nut November

Spiritual health relates to one’s ability to find inner peace, or be at peace with themself. This includes identifying one’s purpose and meaning in life. Jerking off multiple times a day only makes you lethargic and keeps you from your purpose.  

Most people who are addicted to masturbation do it even when they’re not feeling aroused. Your level of compulsion defines the negative impact masturbation has on you.  

Being constantly drawn to the habit suggests a lack of motivation and output neither of which is good for your spiritual health.  

Physical Health Benefits

Physical Health Benefits of No Nut November
Physical Health Benefits are the most motivating factor for those that take up this challenge

Abstinence and its effects on the body has been a topic of study for many years. The inference from a 2003 Chinese study on the same is what led to the birth of the no nut movement.   

The study found that abstaining for just a week increased testosterone level by 145.7%. Testosterone handles bone mass, fat distribution, and muscle mass in males. 

Increased testosterone helps you regain the vigor you had growing up. Professional athletes abstain from sex before their game for the same reason. Abstaining coupled with working out yields better muscle gains as well.  

Sexual Health Benefits

Sexual Health Benefits of No Nut November
Your sex life can spice up if you choose to do it with your partner than nutting one out on your own

Excessive masturbation can lead to weaker and painful erections that wither in size. It can cause edema as well, a condition in which the penis gets swollen. This might ruin genuine relationships and affect your sexual performance and satisfaction.   

An upcoming issue affecting young men has been Porn-Induced-Erectile-Dysfunction (PIED). Porn, being a hyper-stimulant, creates unrealistic standards and expectations about sexual performance and beauty.   

This leads to many finding real sex unmatched to their expectations. This causes them to struggle with maintaining an erection. Doctors specializing in E.D. report that their patients could reverse the effects of P.I.E.D by giving up porn.   

Using sex toys can make self-pleasuring more enjoyable, but it can cause dependency on them to climax. This happens because of their nerves becoming desensitized.  

Abstaining from masturbation will help regain the feeling and be independent.   

Emotional Health Benefits

Emotional Health Benefits of No Nut November
Get more emotional clarity when think from your heart and not through your urges

Habitual masturbators often have relationship and performance problems. Their poor decision to jack off compulsively triggered these problems.  

Troubles in performance such as P.I.E.D and/or low self-esteem can ruin relationships and be emotionally taxing. This month just might be the time to work on your bond with your loved one and make better life choices for both of you. 

Being an addict takes a toll on your emotional health when you use it as a coping mechanism to escape from your problems. Instead, dealing with them head first puts you in a better state of mind where you don’t have to worry about it later.  

 It is also common for men to feel embarrassed about having masturbated right after. Post nut clarity has been tied to social and religious beliefs.    

However, most of us feel it because of the needless and frequent production of the happy chemicals. As instant satisfaction wears off fast, it leaves you in a worse emotional state than you were in before.   

You might go back to masturbating hoping to feel better, but it never works. You keep going in circles and fall back into the rabbit hole of addiction.   

Finding a positive pleasurable replacement, like listening to music or playing a sport, can reverse this dependency. Masturbation is an act of pleasure but shouldn’t be a coping mechanism.  

Porn creates unrealistic standards of beauty and performance that might make you feel less about yourself. This belief can discourage many from trying to find potential partners. 

By quitting porn, you discard these wild standards set by porn and start appreciating yourself better. Your urges will also help motivate you to socialize and build strong bonds with real people.  


Though masturbation is natural, wanking away your time and energy doesn’t do you any good. Instead, focusing on building your skills and output will prove beneficial to your overall well-being.   

By finding positive replacements for masturbation, you gain control over your life and appreciating yourself better. The challenge is more or less an internet joke, but it can change your life for the better. 


Are there any benefits to taking a break from masturbating?

No Nut November Memes


Quit Porn & Reclaim Your Life

– Improve your relationship

– Stronger and more intense orgasms, increased libido, and other positive improvements

– Better focus on the things that matter

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