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How to Win NNN (No Nut November) 2024

Social media is brimming with many challenges be it destroy dick December, no shave November, or the very famous Not Nut November! So, if you are here you have decided to take on the NNN, Well let’s get to win it NOW!

How to Win NNN (No Nut November)

Deciding to take part in the infamous internet challenge of No Nut November is your first step to fighting addiction. But winning might be harder than you think. Every time you orgasm, your brain produces endorphins making you feel relieved. So, when you undertake sexual abstinence, the sudden decline of this happiness chemical might make you feel uneasy.

If you feel like you have to jerk one off this month of November, here are the best tips on how to survive no nut November, that might help you get through the entire month!

How to Survive No Nut November (14 Tips from the Pros)

“Before taking the Challenge let’s know about the History of No Nut November

Here are your pro tips on how to survive No Nut November:

1. Set Daily Goals

Set daily goals instead of checking how far into the month you’ve reached. The more you look forward to December, the more you’ll feel like giving up NNN and will want to bust a nut instead. Like fighting any other addiction, make a firm decision to not fap that day.

2. Give Up Social Media for a Month

Give up social media for a month. If you are not in a position to do that, consider social media blocker app for unfollowing or blocking pages that post adult content. If you’re trying your best to abstain from sex and masturbation, it’s better to not have any distractions like social media platforms that would trigger your urges. Trust me, getting control of distractions and thereby, any temptation is a great way to go!

3. Pick up a Skill

Pick up a skill that you’ve always wanted to. By giving up a compulsive habit, you’re also saving the time and energy you’d otherwise spend on it. Make use of this extra time by learning to play an instrument or a new language.

4. Join a Course

Join a course where you’ve to be physically present. There are multiple online courses but with online courses comes the comfort of your room. Procrastination is likely to get the best of the flexible timings some courses provide as well.

5. Go Outside

Go outside every time you get the temptation to beat your meat. Taking a walk will most likely quench your urge to masturbate by the time you’re back. Being outside would also ensure you don’t touch your junk.

6. Start Hitting The Gym

Start hitting the gym from this month of November. By retaining semen, you’ll feel the vigor you did growing up due to the extra testosterone in your body. Testosterone improves your muscle mass and coupling exercise with abstinence will guarantee better gains and other health benefits.

7. Install Porn Blocker

Installing porn blocker extension on your devices will prevent you from accessing any adult content website. BlockerX itself will be your reliable accountability partner and prevent you from uninstalling. Additionally, you’ll have the option to add a friend, acting as your accountability partner, who’ll get notified every time you do so. Premium subscribers also get access to their online community that’ll make sure you quit watching pornography for good.

8. Start Reading

Read before bed every night so that you don’t rely on masturbation to fall asleep. Most of us have made it a habit to jerk off in bed. Instead, reading a book will keep you engaged and your eyes will eventually feel tired forcing you to sleep. This will help you to abstain from masturbation.

9. Keep a Journal

Keep a journal where you pen down your thoughts when you get an urge. Remind yourself why you’re doing this every time by going back to your notes; preach and practice self-control!

10. Be More Social

Be more social by going out and getting out of your comfort zone. Treat your social skills like a muscle. You won’t be able to bench press 50 times if you haven’t been training consistently. By going out and socializing, you get better at connecting with people and finding potential partners. Higher social skills mean higher value and thereby more attractiveness.

11. Stop Procrastinating

Stop procrastinating and do the things that you have to do! The truth is no one is ever completely free. You always have something to take care of. Do your homework, clean your room, and wash your laundry. Make a to-do list and keep yourself busy.

12. Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself and remember you have the willpower to do this. Think about all those times you accomplished things you didn’t know you could out of sheer pressure. This is no different. You can do this because you’ve what it takes to do it.

13. Think Before You Wank

Think before you wank – is it worth the post-nut clarity, your time, or your effort? The answer to all these questions is almost always no. Why would you want to go through any of it for instant gratification that gets you nowhere? Remind yourself why abstaining from ejaculating is important, and count and hold on to all the benefits you get from semen retention.

14. Take Cold Showers

Take cold showers. Cold showers are known to lower the desire for sex, in fact, this is believed to be an age-old good idea to curb sexual appetites.

How to Win NNN: Conclusion

Congratulations on making the decision to take part in the challenge and making it so far. With these tips on how to survive no nut november and the right support, you are well on your way to winning it. By winning it, you’re not only proving a point to yourself but becoming your best self.  

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