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How to break from PMO Addiction? Top 10 factors that you need to know


PMO addiction is the term that has recently gained immense popularity, thanks to the rise of communities online that encourages men to refrain from watching porn or performing self-love. But the main question is how to break from PMO addiction.

However, the opposite of PMO brings you to the world of semen retention. You might be wondering what is semen retention. It is retaining your sperm when you don’t indulge in PMO. The porn site owners do not inform people that they will become blind if they touch their male parts as they are spreading a few non-scientific beliefs.

There have been a few claims the one about the consumption of porn may lead to PIED that is Porn Induced erectile dysfunction or ED; however, there is no affirmation or research made on this matter. 

The official statement of the professionals is pretty clear that there is no such thing as PMO addition. However, the term is noted in official books; however, it has lately significantly evolved, especially with the rise of technology. 

Additionally, a position statement on sex addiction has been issued by a renowned addiction institution in the United States. They stated that there is no verifiable evidence that supports the classification of porn or sex addiction related to mental health disorders. 

Difference between Addiction and Compulsion  

Keeping aside official classifications, there are sex therapists who from around the globe have noted that they have clients who have informed them that they are facing issues with self-love or masturbation.

Addiction to pleasuring oneself is quite an alienating topic in the counseling community. However, numerous sexual counselors have used “compulsive masturbation” instead of PMO addiction. 

Addiction in itself is a massive term that refers to the technique of developing a dependency on a specific behavior or substance. However, the definition of compulsion is thinner as it focuses mainly on the urge to perform something. 


Masturbation in itself has become one of the most compulsive obsessive behaviors that are growing among people. However, individuals may not be engaging in it for pleasure or as an activity that interferes with their daily lifestyle.

Regular masturbation can result in physical injuries, such as abrasions on the skin in the rarest situations.

How to Break from PMO Addiction – 10 best steps to come out of PMO

If you are on our page, you surely understand that you are undergoing a PMO addiction, and it has to stop now! 

Primarily, we are happy at your honesty as it may appear like a minor step for you; however, it is a giant leap you will take. Admitting ourselves to the issue can help us take the steps necessary to break free from it. 

Today, we will share ten steps that we researched to help us with pmo addiction recovery

1. Find a Liable Partner

The one difficulty with addiction is that it is essentially solitary existence. 

People cannot understand as well as bother enough to support you, and perhaps even asking for aid from somebody who is ‘normal’ would make you appear strange. 

Availability partner

It is particularly true in the case of PMO addiction, in which the pornographic lobby has effectively persuaded the general public there is nothing wrong with pornography or masturbation. 

The problem is that many individuals suffer from this dependency without even realizing it. It appears to be ‘normal’ to exist in a society where over HALF of all marriages end in divorce. 

Most individuals aren’t ready to take that step you did, acknowledging that they have a problem. 

Move ahead by engaging with a community and asking people if they wish to become your liable partner, and it is a win-win scenario for both parties. It will also assist you in terms of becoming confident since you will step out of your comfort zone and approach other individuals. 

Never share any personal information with your liable partner, irrespective of how reliable they appear, as they can scam or become your troll in disguise. You can use porn blocker extension and blockerx app.

Always keep messages and calls restricted to sites like Zoom or Discord, where anonymity is guaranteed. 

2. Always have your days planned  

Men often fail to realize that once they have stopped doing PMO, they have maximum time on their hands. 

It is known that individuals have added on about an additional five to ten hours each day simply by quitting their bad habits. 

Indeed, these might become outliers, but once you have stopped PMO, you can check the number of times you have undoubtedly wasted enough time watching porn or masturbating. 

Plan your days

You will eventually become bored! 

You will be bored, and not only will you be experiencing increased energy, but now there is a massive gap in your day, and you have no idea how to fill this gap. Boredom is extremely dangerous as it can ruin your streak instantly and lead you right back to your addiction. 

You need to take the sheet of paper and write down every activity you will perform about a day ahead. 

The following are a few of the activities that have undoubtedly helped us out: 

  • Join a gym 
  • Take a walk 
  • Practice meditation 
  • Pamper yourself with a good dinner 
  • Read a book you love 
  • Start practicing an instrument 
  • Write a few notes, blogs, or even try writing a book 
  • Pick up new skills like a foreign language or cooking 
  • Start a business 
  • Head out for a picnic 
  • Check-in for a move 
  • Start socializing 

Those mentioned above as just a few instances where you need not have to do any of it if you do not want to. Just try out things that you love and have abstained from them. 

You can be surprised at how much energy, willingness, and motivation you feel to engage in society after you stop PMO. 

3. Start writing a personal diary  

We’re not referring to launching a personal blog but keeping an actual notebook where you may write down all of your thoughts and feelings during your rehabilitation. 

Consider that diary to be your venting zone, where you may write down anything bugging you. 

It may appear silly at first, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll notice a significant difference in how you perceive your feelings. 

Journal writing

Most significantly, it will assist you in SEPARATING your thoughts from yourself; the end aim is to recognize that we are not our emotions. 

Consider them a transient experience that will be supplanted by whatever in minutes. The same would be applied to your cravings, resulting from your frustration and coming about through your inability to satisfy your sexual urges. 

Fortunately, these cravings start to reduce with the passing days as your excessive semen transforms into energy through the process known as sexual energy transmutation. 

As an add the point of the journal is a list of reasons that are noted down, is a complete record of your personal opinions about why you are trying these: 

  • You may have had to cancel several appointments due to your PMO addiction. 
  • Due to the apparent pornographic stuff you were seeing, you may have noticed a shift in your personal life and beliefs about yourself. 
  • After a masturbating session, you may feel guilty, discouraged, or melancholy. 
  • You may have avoided having sex with your wife or spouse so that you could watch porn & masturbate. 

We could go on and on, but whatever has led you toward this position, write it down in the first section and read it often!  Whenever you feel low or emotional, simply pull out your diary and go through the reason for starting out writing the journal. 

It would offer you sufficient willpower that will make your day fulfilled. Although it can be challenging initially, trying would make things more accessible with the ongoing days. 

4. Take Things Gradually  

First, we’d want to state that we’re not a religious organization; most of our crew members are considered atheists. 

To begin with, it is untrue that you will have to suffer from cravings indefinitely; they only last a brief period and just get lesser and far apart as time goes by. 

Also, just because you’re having trouble today doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a bad day tomorrow.  Therefore, keep your chin up and give it a second thought; today is bad enough! 

5. Do not regret if you fail initially  

Some people are entirely new to semen retention or no PMO as it places higher expectations on them and inevitably get disappointed when these expectations are not met. 

In reality, it is not common to fail to break your habit of PMO in the first few instances. 

For instance, you may have been an addict for decades, and it is generic as most of us have started to watch porn and masturbate in our prepubescent years. 

You need to keep in mind that your brain is covered to the point where it has become an addiction to simply watching porn and masturbating. It may appear gloomy however the good news is that the plasticity in our brain will allow us to change, modify, and even delete our habits. 


You are much better off than any easy addict as he has to win a war on both his physical and mental cravings as you have to battle your mind ultimately. Even if you fail, you do not regret and think low of yourself as every failed attempt should be taken as a learning opportunity.

Just be honest with yourself, accept your defeat, and start again! 

The reason can be boredom or lack of strategizing. Whatever the reason, write them down in your journal and have yourself prepared for the next time while you are on that motion. It is easy to get through this whole journey with a positive mind that would change our outlook on masturbation or watching porn. 

Suppose we are continuously considering them as fun-filled activities. In that case, there will always be a consideration of sacrifice in our minds, and we can surely get rid of these psychological cravings. 

6. Recognize Your Enemy  

Numerous pro-porn materials will tout the alleged health benefits of masturbation, such as a lower chance of prostate cancer, a more robust immune system, or the thrill of sexual exploration. 

They cleverly leave out all of the MASSIVE adverse effects of pornography and masturbation. 

Even if they are stated in such pieces, it is frequently followed with a disclaimer such as “there isn’t enough evidence to back these statements.” 


That’s a falsehood; for example, our piece dubbed the science of semen retention includes eight details of research that indicate both the advantages of abstaining and the negative consequences of using porn. 

Frequent pornography intake, for example, has been related to memory loss, brain fog, and other brain problems. We’re not speaking about sexagenarians here who would suffer these issues anyway, but young, healthy people are being affected by a genuine problem. 

Your aim should be to learn as much as you can about the science behind NoFap and semen retention. 

Once you have educated yourself, it’s much likelier your brain will realize that porn and masturbation aren’t good for you. 

This time, it’s not just a ‘bunch of internet weirdos’ telling you that but actual science that has studied the connection between PMO and physical/mental health. 

7. Converse with Real Women

 It can be the toughest one on our list today, mainly for a few young men who are extremely shy about leaving their room, which is fewer conversations with women in real life. 

We often forget that within a week of abstaining from PMO, your testosterone levels will reach their maximum peak. 

So, what does it appear to you? 

Respect woman

A meek, shy, soft-spoken boy will mature into a real man, a warrior capable of conquering their doubts and fears. 

Never make a mistake as your fears will never vanish as you as a person have to turn out as a vital human. 

Consider the fears that appear as a wall as they may appear to be imposed on you since you were five years of age, but now you have transformed into an adult, and you can quickly leap through them. 

The central aspect of this allegory is understanding that you can start conquering your PMO addiction as you develop yourself as a person. A few individuals will appear extremely outgoing in about a week, and for rest, it may take a bit longer, but surely you will start noticing the difference eventually. 

We’re also not expecting you to go out and be a player; you don’t have to strike up deep, serious discussions with the ladies you meet or attempt to get laid. 

A small chat with the girl at the register should suffice to get you going. 

You will get bolder and more adventurous as time passes and your confidence rises. Maybe you’ll ask your admirer out on such a date after all! 

These are only hypothetical scenarios that do not have to mirror reality; nevertheless, this will become your turning point if you put in the effort and follow our instructions. 

8. Start taking cold showers  

Several people overlook this step, but you must begin adding cold showers to your weekly routine. 

The ‘climax,’ or brief sense of euphoria upon ejaculating, is something many PMO abusers miss the most. 

Showering in cold water is good for the mind and body, but it also helps alleviate the sensation mentioned above. 

cold showers

You also forget about the impulse to view porn and masturbate when you shock yourself with cold water. 

It implies you may utilize cold showers as a prophylactic step if you’re having trouble controlling your desires. 

Continuing, ice baths help you create bravery, and once you start taking them, you’ll feel more daring in your daily life. 

The sensation that you derive of the cold shower is over, and you reach for your fresh clothes is something that cannot be described. 

Notably, the high is nothing addictive but a good and healthy replacement for PMO. 

9. Visit a psychotherapist  

It may be contentious and off-putting to some; most individuals are offended when they are advised to seek professional assistance. 

However, we feel that EVERYONE in the world might benefit from seeing a psychotherapist, not just for PMO addiction but for a variety of other difficulties. 

We all need a nonjudgmental and objective voice to combat our daily challenges. 


Have you ever considered what your problem’s fundamental cause is? 

Sure, we may blame pornography and masturbation; they are addictive, so perhaps it was simply the way you were raised or dealt with in the past that shaped your personality. 

Is it possible that there is perhaps some trauma? 

Nobody chooses to become a PMO addict, and it’s a gradual process that leads the person downwards to the bottom of the barrel. 

There are just two issues with this proposal: 

  • Psychotherapy sessions are costly unless you can obtain them for free (some progressive nations provide free counseling). You may have to switch psychotherapists repeatedly until you find one who meets your demands. 
  • Always keep in mind that you’re handing them your hard-earned cash. 

Leave and never return if anything doesn’t sit right with you or if you believe they aren’t educated enough to handle your difficulties. 

There is nothing wrong with asking for help, and you are entirely normal in searching for help from a medical caregiver or mental health counselor. It is yet another positive change you are bringing into your life, and you should gladly accept it. 

10. Have a different view

 Earlier, we have mentioned the importance of changing your views as you are trying to break free from PMO. You will not be completely free, and there will be chances that you will slip back into this addiction if you continue noticing that PMO is something that brings you immense pleasure. 

In reality, PMO brought about nothing but hardships in your life: 

Consider yourself lying in your bed in search of sufficient bimbo for about half an hour more and masturbating to a person doing the same thing you have always envisioned her to do. 

Positive outlook

It is the central aspect of breaking free from your addiction to porn and understanding that you wanted to be the person having sex with that specific female. 

You can never have fun watching pornography as everything is based on our imagination, and we savagely act out our sexual fantasies through porn, but lastly, everything is an illusion! 

It happens in real life, where our brain realizes it leads to laziness, depression, low mood, a host of other unpleasantness, and even anxiety. 

 Let us now get into the most frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions

Is PMO possible once a month?  

No, you should note when you ask the question about the number of times you can do PMO. 

The less you are into PMO addiction, the better you will become. Therefore, performing PMO a month is better than performing it regularly. But, it comes with the reasoning that why the addicts are not allowed to enjoy the things they love leads to addiction. The answer is that addiction achieves its neural pathways in the brain, making it go to a complete relapse if you are indulging in things that mainly caused this addiction. 

So, you would answer that the less you are into PMO, the better and healthier you become. It is good to enter into relapse at times. 

What about the Dream About PMO?

The issue of dreaming is intriguing. They may stimulate your creativity, but they can also reveal that you’re dreaming about things you don’t want to, such as PMO. 

You could fantasize about porn or masturbation seems to be that your brain craves that sensation, and since it can’t have it in actual situations, it has to settle for imagining it in a dream. Don’t worry about it; time cures all wounds; the more days pass, the less likely these nightmares will return. 

How does PMO help in Porn Reboot?  

PMO is the most vital thing to assist you with a complete porn reboot cycle. Therefore, the answer would be yes, taking abstinence from PMO, which is considered one of the most vital things that you can perform on this subject here. 

Are there any risks with PMO Addiction?  

A few people worry a lot about how PMO can harm their lives. They have lived happily under a routine for a great period. They feel that taking abstinence from masturbating can be hazardous and cause psychological and physical issues in the future. 

There would be no way that refraining from masturbation can prove more hazardous than masturbating. Although you may think that it is quite harmful, not performing PMO can be ten times as bad if you are doing it. 

There is always a direct link between depression and PMO. The more you are into porno and PMO as an alternative to living a single life or refraining from socializing can worsen your depression, especially if you suffer from social anxiety.

The answer here is quite similar to the link we have stated about PMO and depression which includes social anxiety, the commonest category falling under anxiety found in men who practice PMO. 

It works identical to PMO for treating depression and other common social anxiety symptoms. The closer you get to living an outgoing natural life, the less you start having social symptoms. 

Do withdrawal symptoms come with PMO?

Speaking chronically, watching porn, and masturbating compulsively lead to addiction, and this means that abstinence would cause a few withdrawal symptoms. 

break from PMO Addiction

Although the withdrawal symptoms and adverse reactions of PMO are not as severe as those of other drugs (no shivering or fevers), you should expect headaches, blue balls, and a lasting desire to use PMO. 

The withdrawal effects of PMO might continue for up to a month, with the flatline lasting much longer.

Can PMO consider a relapse?

Even one relapse of PMO (porn, masturbation, and orgasm) can count as a relapse; however, most people’s Challenge count should not be affected. Your relapse must last at least 2 or 3 days to restore your streak, with some days containing masturbating that many in a 24-hour cycle. 

If the PMO project was just temporary and you could avoid the chaser effect that occurs later, you performed OK. You didn’t have to restart your daily tracker, which would symbolize pride for many individuals. 

Overview for MO

MO is the terminology given to the regular term for PMO. It means masturbating and orgasm, which is mainly an act of masturbating to reach orgasm without watching any type of invigorating porno stuff. 

The main difference from the general PMO is the lack of porn. The difference is that you are achieving orgasm while edging here relates to masturbating with or without any pornographic material or reaching an orgasm. 

It would be a bit confusing. However, you need not worry as you will surely get to the terms soon enough! 

Though PMO is viewed as a quick streak-breaker, MO, in balance, is generally seen as a benign action. In fact, a huge percentage of males will sometimes MO.

That’s also particularly true if the males in question don’t have a partner — MO may act as a stand-in for a girlfriend while you hunt for one. 

The general way things here work out is that you are not restricting yourself to challenges without MO, PMO, and edging for about 3 months, although you engage in some infrequent MO. As long as you refrain from watching any porn and performing it chronologically, it would say that it is fine to go for PMO refrain. 

But, if you wish to do things staunchly, you should do it frequently for 90 days or even longer without “Masturbation-Orgasms.” The longer the time you spend without masturbating, the better and healthier you will get. Always strive to perform the best endeavor you are indulging in. 

When to call for help for Frequent PMO?

PMO or self-pleasuring after puberty is not a serious concern, and you can carry on with PMO even if you have a committed partner. Having sex with someone does not mean that you need not excite yourself. Therefore, whenever you are worried that masturbation is becoming frequent and you are becoming addicted to it, seek help. 

When Masturbation Rules Your Life?

Keep in mind a few instances of stress at your office. If your only way of escaping the stress is by touching yourself, you should run immediately to the washroom or skip working since you have an urge to masturbate. Here, you may deal with compulsive behavior. 

As we have stated before, it is not the frequency that matters. If you feel that your habit makes you refrain from your social, professional, or family responsibilities due to masturbation, speak to the counselor and get help. 

As you face difficulties with your sex partner

If you practice PMO often and similarly, your body should get used to a single kind of stimulation like a strong hand squeeze. 

When the time arrives in terms of having intercourse with a real person, the sensations start becoming different, and your erection may wane. It might not be a major cause for concern; however, a counselor or a sex therapist can help by bringing in a few modifications where you can enjoy both solo sex and sex with a partner. 

Parting thoughts  

PMO addiction can become life-changing for every individual irrespective of the seriousness of the level of addiction. Porn in all varieties and forms and subsequent masturbation with orgasm can take you to a great toil. The damage is mainly significant for males instead of females; however, females also get affected adversely when undergoing porn addiction in any form. 

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