Top 15 harmful effects of PMO addiction

A Comprehensive Guide about Effects of PMO

What are the harmful effects of PMO addiction? Well, there are quite a lot of myths , unrealistic views about this. This article reflects about the myths, harmful effects of PMO addiction, benefits of coming out of this addiction. This is a comprehensive guide for PMO addiction effects. Let us get into the details first.

A few individuals have a higher level of libido, while the others have low levels of sexual desire. People of about every gender undergo PMO and the urge to reach the climax without natural sexual intercourse. Whether you want it or not, it is entirely on you, but enjoying it excessively leads to PMO addiction. 

What Is PMO addiction?

Before you even ask, we will be speaking about PMO addiction. PMO addiction generally involves the stimulation of your genitals excessively by watching porn to achieve an orgasm. 

Whether you should indulge in it or abstain from this kind of addiction for religious and personal reasons is entirely on you. 

Is PMO addiction harmful?

You may have heard about many incredible and adverse things about PMO addiction, which may lead to the general questioning of whether or not PMO is harmful. 

There are numerous misconceptions, such as it can make your hair grow over weird places, shrink your genitals, leads to addiction, or makes you infertile. However, none of these are based on truth entirely. 

It is not harmful but doing it excessively may lead to addiction as it can aid in mental and physical health. It is the safest type of sex you can have; however, you may not encounter the risk of making some pregnant or contracting any sexually transmitted diseases. 

PMO allows you to offer yourself reach to orgasm. It will enable the release of the feel-good hormones in your body, such as the endorphins. These hormones block the pain, making you feel ultimately better. 

Effects of PMO Addiction

Masturbation or watching porn or orgasm is never harmful. You may experience tender skin or chafe at the most, and however, it heals in just a few days. But when it is done excessively, you may be experiencing one of the following side effects of addiction! 

1.Disrupting Daily Life

In a few cases, men may often discover the requirement to masturbate. The following may result from masturbating or watching more excessively: 

  • Missing school, work, and other vital events 
  • Interrupting daily functionalities 
  • Affects the relationships of others and their responsibilities. 
  • Serves as a mode of escaping issues of life, connection, and even family or work-related problems. 

If you feel that the constant requirement for PMO is disrupting your life, consider speaking with your healthcare professional. The therapist or the doctor can also aid you in managing your sexual behavior and offering you coping mechanisms. 


Several people have often informed us that PMO is entirely wrong with the culture or religion. When they are watching porn, masturbating, or reaching orgasm, they may feel guilty. But, you should realize that there is nothing immoral or wrong with the PMO. There would be nothing wrong with self-pleasure as PMO involves the most shameful act. 

It is always best to discuss it with your therapist, friend, or healthcare professionals specializing in sexual health if you feel uncomfortable or guilty. The professionals are entirely trained to assist you in navigating your emotions of the shame or guilt linked with PMO.

3.Social Shyness  

PMO addiction can interrupt your daily functioning and life. Numerous men struggle in social situations and other types of gatherings when addicted to PMO as they prefer to stay at their residence and avoid going out. 

Men having this type of addiction will do anything to spend time with themselves in their rooms. They will offer you excuses for avoiding going outside and meeting with other people. They may even be scared about the adverse effects of being aroused in public.

4.Low Self-Esteem  

For people who suffer from anxiety, sadness, or other mental illnesses, masturbation becomes a kind of escape, and it provides individuals with methods to deal with their trauma. These people frequently have low self-esteem and confidence, and they find social situations difficult and are frequently apprehensive.

 Masturbation helps people relax in the current moment. However, it leads to poor self-perception. 

5.Unfocused Mindset  

Men addicted to PMO are more than once a day as they tend to lose their focus. They will be trying their best to get out of their studies and work, and they even lack the focus needed to finish up their responsibilities. However, it can adversely affect them in the long run as it will take a toll on every trait of their study, work, and public life.

6.Decreased Sexual Sensitivity  

Excessive PMO or using aggressive techniques would result in a minimized sexual sensitivity. Having a tight grip on the penis would lead to the feeling of minimized sensations in the long run. But, it can resolve through the transformation with your techniques with PMO. 

You can try using sex toys to improve arousal and derive pleasure. Men can even use vibrators as it helps to enhance erectile dysfunction

7.Prostate Cancer  

There is no conclusive evidence that PMO addiction raises or lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Men who filled with fluid five or more times per week throughout their 20s were 1/3 less likely to acquire malignant prostate cancer than men who ejaculated less frequently, according to a 2003 research. 

A study from 2016 discovered a link between repeated ejaculation and a lower risk of complications. In contrast, a 2008 study found that too much sexual contact or PMO abuse in a young man’s 20s and 30s may raise his prostate cancer risk. 

Researchers believe the lower risk is related to avoiding cancer-causing chemicals accumulating in the prostate gland, and it is a region where further research is needed. 

8.Swollen Genitals  

A few men are masturbating extremely frequently, resulting in a swelling of the penis, known as edema. The condition occurs due to the instantly irritating. Edema is considered a disease characterized by swelling in the body due to fluid retention within the tissues. The state pops up when you apply a lot of pressure on specific body parts. 

9.Low Sperm Count  

PMO can be taken as a healthy practice. But, it is only good if you are balancing it with your everyday life. Irrespective of how good the aspect is, we should still do them in moderation. It may adversely impact the ability to build the testosterone in the body while men are masturbating excessively, resulting in a low count of sperm. It is detrimental for the ones who are in search of family. 

10. Dhat Syndrome  

Dhat syndrome is a disease that affects men in South Asia. Men with this disease may ejaculate prematurely or pass sperms while peeing. “Dhat syndrome might be a probable side effect of PMO addiction,” according to a 2015 study conducted in the International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences. Men may develop neither erectile dysfunction nor premature ejaculation due to this illness.” 

effects of PMO addiction

11.Nightfall Problem  

There are other adverse effects of excessive PMO leading to the issues with nightfall. It refers to men ejaculating in their sleep or having wet dreams. Some men are indulging in extreme sexual activities or leading to nightfall issues. 

12.Rash and Redness  

If males tug on the penis too forcefully during the climax, they could get rashes or Redness. Rough handling of the genitals may necessitate medical intervention. Rashes are frequently caused by dry skin or skin diseases, and grubby hands or minimal lubricants frequently cause infections. You might potentially have such a skin infection that needs to be treated. 

13.Causes Lower Back Pain  

One of the significant downsides to the frequent PMO is back pain. The main reason behind this pain is the constant requirement to change positions for self-pleasure. Excessive PMO leads to mild or even severe pains in the lower back region, and it can even damage the spinal cord in the long term if done without any moderation. 

14.Change in vision  

One of the common yet worst adverse effects is blurry vision. A few men will experience significant changes in their vision if they are masturbating or practicing PMO regularly. It is incredibly vital to pay a lot of focus on this as you need not suffer from the blurry vision in the future. 

15.Penile Injuries  

While masturbation isn’t inherently evil, it is vital to use caution. Accidents may happen, and daily PMO use can lead to penile damage. It is because you only use one hand to enjoy yourself. Rubbing your genitals with your writing can be harsh and lead to bruises and wounds. Because of their PMO addiction, many guys end up with cuts on their penile chambers. 

Myths of PMO

People specifically do not have much knowledge about healthy sexual practices and sexual health. Several myths float around, not based on the truth or logic. So, is “PMO addiction harmful”? Let us continue reading to debunk a few of the myths! 

a)Damage to Genitals  

Of course, doing too much of anything is bad for you, and nothing can go wrong whether you are masturbating in proportion and aware of how you are doing it. Masturbating excessively does not result in penile damage. Especially when you are negligent or harsh, may you sustain an injury. Masturbating regularly is perfectly OK as long as you take care of yourself. 

b)Unwanted hair growth  

It is not logically feasible and is thus a myth. Hair can’t grow in undesirable places of the body, no matter how you masturbate. 

c)PMO addiction Causes Mental Issues  

PMO can surely help you feel relaxed and peaceful when you have a strict schedule. Masturbating can aid in releasing dopamine and endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that make you feel happy. There are no adverse mental effects to PMO if you are not building it as an addiction. 

You may have the requirement for feeling guilt or even shame as it is the self-pleasure that is good for you. Although it is pretty challenging to overcome cultural and religious beliefs, you should keep in mind the health benefits associated with it. Make sure that you are not making it a PMO addiction leading to mental or physical issues. 

d)Masturbation in a Relationship is Wrong  

Many individuals believe that masturbating or being in a relationship is cheating or disloyal. It is not, however, immoral in any way. Be honest with your spouse and convey your requirements. It’s just a simple act of self-gratification. There’s nothing wrong with it if it makes you feel better and you’re not compromising on your partner. 

Other Legends  

Impairment, impotence, erectile dysfunction, penile shortening or curved, infertility, extreme tiredness, and poor sperm count are among fallacies associated with PMO addiction. These, however, are all bogus, and PMO addiction has no significant drawbacks. 

How to Overcome PMO addiction  

PMO addiction means the compulsive need to watch porn, masturbate, or reach out to orgasm. It may not be screening for the mental health situation, but it undoubtedly impacts the regular functioning. A few men tend to become addicted to this type of addiction. It is vital to shake off this type of habit with the assistance of a healthcare professional or a therapist. 

The following are the 5 effective ways in which you can work to overcome the PMO addictions: 

Recognize the Problem  

To begin, admit that you have a problem. It aids in coping with the persistent craving for physical contact. It’s very typical to have some sexual urge. One must, however, be able to regulate one’s appetite. Masturbating is normal sexual behavior, but it’s critical to receive the support you need when it starts causing health issues. If you’re experiencing discomfort, strange odors, or bloody pee or sperm, it’s time to see a doctor. 

Consult a therapist  

Several therapists specialize in sex difficulties. You may openly discuss your sex difficulties with them, and they will be able to provide you with strategies to help you control your addiction. A therapist can assist you in changing your behavior. 

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Alone  

The maximum time you spend alone, the more likely you will masturbate. Attempt to diversify your interests and hobbies. These will keep you occupied. Avoid any sexual stuff that may stimulate you. Find resources and methods to help you focus on being productive instead. 


Performing yoga is the best way to structure your body and mind connection, helping minimize the desire for PMO. Yoga helps relax your mind and reduce all types of stress that you may feel. Try establishing a regular practice for yoga that can calm your mind. 

Benefits of PMO

PMO happens to be amazingly a healthy sexual activity. There are, however, a few benefits of PMO on your mental and physical health: 

  • Contributes to relaxation and relieves your stress 
  • Sleep better 
  • Enhanced mood 
  • Release sexual tension and feel pleasure 
  • Enhanced sexual performance 
  • Good understanding of yourself and your requirements 

There is nothing wrong with learning the way to adapt to PMO. It is a pretty beneficial and pleasurable activity to involve in PMO with your associate while exploring the varied type of desires. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times a week is a man’s PMO addiction considered normal? 

It differs from one individual to the next. Sexual desire is normal, and you have the option of masturbating once or five times every week. It’s all up to you, and it’s critical to achieve balance in all areas of your life. 

2. Would PMO Addiction for Men Replace Sex With a Partner? 

PMO addiction is never the same as sex. PMO addiction is nothing if you don’t want to have sex. If PMO addiction interferes with your sexual life, you should consider quitting. Whatever the scenario, you have the option of masturbating. As discussed above, there are several benefits of PMO addiction, whether or not you are having sex. 

3. Can Premature Ejaculation Be Caused by PMO Addiction? 

No, PMO addiction in general or in moderation will not result in premature ejaculation. There is no possibility that PMO addiction may induce premature ejaculation if you practice carefully and in moderation. Urinary incontinence is only conceivable if your nerves have been damaged by excessive PMO use. In this instance, you should seek the advice of a healthcare practitioner. 

Final Thoughts  

As noted, the adverse effects of PMO or PMO addiction happen to both men and women when they are doing it excessively. Everything is in moderation as it is good for you and your health only when they are not compulsive. PMO offers tons of health benefits when it is done moderately. 

As long as you feel good, there would be nothing wrong with masturbating regularly. At the same time, you have started to experience the adverse emotions attached to it as you may take help from others. Else, you can feel free from practicing PMO regularly, but when done compulsively, it is when you need to take professional service! 


Quit Porn & Reclaim Your Life

– Improve your relationship

– Stronger and more intense orgasms, increased libido, and other positive improvements

– Better focus on the things that matter

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