Cómo dejar la pornografía para siempre: 7 técnicas útiles

Key Takeaway

To recognize and deal with a pornography addiction, you need to believe in yourself, make a plan, stop having access to porn, and get help. People can overcome addiction addiction and make good changes in their lives if they know how it affects the brain, figure out what causes it, and experience positive changes in their lives.


Are you worried about your porn consumption? Do you have a constant urge to watch porn? Are you now wondering how to quit porn?

Things can get out of hand sometimes. Here are some methods to help you fight. We will take you through some quick tips on how to quit your porn habit.

As the saying goes, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. Breaking a long-term addiction is difficult. However, with the right support and over time, it becomes easier.

Puede sentirse ansioso y asustado cuando piensa en cómo dejar la pornografía para siempre y llevar una vida feliz. Sin embargo, tenga la seguridad de que esta fase no durará para siempre. Siga leyendo para obtener más información sobre cómo salir de la adicción y lo que le espera una vez que lo haya logrado.

How to know if one is addicted to porn?

Recognizing addiction can be a sensitive and personal matter, and it’s important to approach it with care and understanding. I am here to offer guidance.

If you believe that you or someone you know may be struggling with addiction. It’s best to seek professional help. Consult with qualified medical reviewers or any healthcare provider to ensure you get the help you need.

When it comes to determining if someone is addicted to pornography, there are several signs and symptoms to consider. It is essential to remember that the signs may not necessarily mean addiction.

However, they could show the effects of porn that requires attention.

  • Obsession: Obsession with pornography can be a sign of addiction. It can take up a significant amount of time, making it difficult to focus on other aspects of life.
  • Loss of Control: Loss of control is a sign of addiction. If you can’t stop consuming pornography, even if it results in negative consequences, this could be a sign. Negative consequences include neglecting responsibilities or damaging relationships.
  • Escalation: Addiction can worsen over time. People may begin to require more explicit or extreme material to reach the same level of satisfaction.
  • Withdrawal: Experiencing intense cravings, or restlessness when attempting to cut back or stop using pornography may suggest a dependence on it.
  • Negative Impact: Pornography consumption can become an addiction. This internet pornography negatively impacts your personal relationships, work or school performance, and overall well-being.
  • Failed Attempts to Quit: Previous attempts to quit have failed. This could be a sign of an addiction. If you have tried to reduce or cease watching pornography but have been unsuccessful, this may be a warning sign.

That said, remember that Self-diagnosis is not always accurate. Therefore, it is essential to undertake medical advice diagnosis or treatment.

Those specializing in acceptance and commitment therapy and addiction are best suited for this. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.

Quick Tips on How to Quit Porn

Once, you have recognized the signs of porn addiction, the next doubt raising its head is how to quit porn; here are some quick tips:

  • Believing you can break the habit is half the battle
  • Escriba su plan sobre cómo dejará la pornografía.
  • Necesitas deshacerte de toda tu pornografía.
  • Bloquear todos los puntos de entrada para contenido pornográfico
  • Mindful meditation
  • Asumir la responsabilidad y también pedir ayuda
  • No pretendas ser perfecta

It leads to individuals becoming extremely obsessed with their sexual desires and thoughts. The effects of such sexual pornography addiction are pretty similar to what smokers experience with their habit. 

 A recent study states that around 33% of males aged between the age of 16-34 are addicted to high-speed internet porn.

Y esta cifra crece cada día a medida que más y más personas tienen acceso a Internet en todo el mundo.

The main cause for this is, porn is everywhere you look. Porn sites and Pornographic content is now readily accessible at your fingertips. It is only a few clicks away from whoever is searching for it.

This booming porn industry, in an attempt to make porn even more accessible to many, has set up several ads on the Internet that will lead you to the porn sites offering these services. 

Entonces, si está listo para descubrir cómo dejar de ver pornografía, lea los 7 pasos procesables.

How to Know if You’re Addicted to Porn 

como dejar el porno

If you are worried and saying to yourself – ‘I can’t stop watching porn’, then that is the least of the problems. All you need is to get an effective system like BlockerX – The best porn blocker.

El uso excesivo de pornografía conduce a ciertos efectos que es el principal problema. Aquí hay algunas cosas a las que debe prestar atención en ese sentido.

  1. Letargo y falta de motivación.
  2. Disfunción de liberación crónica
  3. Disminución del interés en la pareja real
  4. Liberación retardada
  5. Niebla mental y problemas de concentración.
  6. Social anxiety and emotional numbness 

All of these are significantly decreased along with fewer chances of erectile dysfunction when the person stops watching internet porn.

Internet porn addiction causes these symptoms and conditions because chronic porn consumption alters the reward circuits in the brain from a chemical and structural standpoint, as explained by modern neuroscientists and researchers conducting various studies on this addiction. 

We are all aware that the roadmap of how to stop porn addiction can be a rough road to go down on. There are triggers at every turn waiting to sabotage your efforts and such a relapse often threatens one’s self-esteem and belief in oneself.

Sometimes the struggle is just so long and relentless that it might seem like the easiest thing to do is just quit trying and continue to live life as a chronic porn consumer.


Pero dejar la pornografía no es tan complejo si adoptas el enfoque correcto y te apegas a él.

With proper execution and determination, you’ll soon find yourself on the road to self-improvement. So here’s how to stop porn addiction without having to deal with relapses every now and then. 

The 7 Things to Do if You’re Wondering How to Quit Porn Forever

There’s a ton of information revolving around how to quit porn forever, that exists on the Internet. But, most people just end up reading it instead of applying it in their life.

The truth is, just wondering about how to stop porn addiction will not take you anywhere, doing this will only make things more difficult for you.

What you need is a set of techniques that are guaranteed to work and help you out.

So, read along to find helpful tips on how to stop porn addiction and implement these tips and techniques with a fair bit of faith in this process, as well as yourself. 

1) Believing you can break the habit is half the battle


La mejor manera de hacerlo será comenzar a creer que puede hacerlo antes de llegar a los detalles.

Belief is a powerful driver of change. A great number of studies have shown that men and women who believe in themselves and believe that change is possible, have more success replacing addictions and entrenched bad habits than those who don’t believe they can change.

Wanting to give up porn is key to being successful and it is the first step in this case. Often, you can be stuck in denial, and this will only hinder your progress. 

Self-belief is one of the most important things you can have as an individual. It can make all the difference in your life when it comes to your self-esteem, motivation, and general outlook on the world.

Después de todo, como dijo William Arthur Ward: “Ningún hombre es tan pequeño como cree que es o tan grande como cree que podría ser”. La confianza en uno mismo se parece mucho a ese dicho; si creemos que somos capaces de hacer más de lo que somos actualmente, es probable que eventualmente alcancemos todo nuestro potencial.

Accepting the addiction and believing you can give up, allows you the space to plan how to give up, as you can focus your attention, energy, and motivation away from the addiction itself towards efforts to break and combat the addiction.

Always remember, that change is possible. Humans are designed to adapt to change and you can feel good with just genuine efforts.

2) Write down your plan on how you will quit porn  

 A Harvard MBA study of graduates found those who wrote down their goals and a plan of action were twice as successful as those who didn’t write down any goals. The sense of achievement when you tick off each action point will increase your motivation and help keep you on track.

Picture yourself achieving that goal, and what it would feel like to have reached your full potential. This can be a huge boost to the self-esteem of those who do it and can have a huge impact on their lives.

This might seem like a small step, some might even find it unnecessary, but it is one of the most powerful actions you can take. Writing it down will not only lift a huge burden from your chest but will also help you put things in perspective.

Just by writing a list, you’ll begin to feel in control. Think of all the reasons why you’ve decided to start this journey and plan out how you’re going to achieve the results you want. 

Recuerde no ser vago, sea lo más específico posible con sus metas y plan de acción. Y siempre considere qué funciona mejor para usted y qué no.


3) You need to get rid of all your porn

Next, you have to do what is called a “thorough sweep”.  Make an effort to get rid of every single article of porn you have. Throw away every article or object, anything you have used as internet pornography, and clean out your computer and drive.

This is just a start, you may have to do a few thorough sweeps every once in a while. But remember, that’s completely normal.  Anytime you find yourself going astray, just take a step back, read your goals, and do another clean house.

4) Block all entry points for pornographic content

Esto significa que debe instalar un bloqueador de pornografía y un software de responsabilidad como BlockerX en su teléfono inteligente, computadora y cualquier otro dispositivo que posea. Anule la suscripción a todos los sitios web de pornografía, a todos los proveedores que conoce. Eres consciente de cómo la pornografía está entrando en tu vida, bloquea todos los canales que podrían traerte contenido comprometido.

Sometimes just blocking porn is not enough. You might also need to avoid social media sites for a while. In order to avoid a relapse, it’s not just porn websites you need to stay away from.

You will come across several triggers all over the internet. One wrong click and all your efforts will go down the drain. So, it’d be best if you spent some time away from social activities and networking sites like Instagram and Twitter.

5) Mindful meditation

Mindful meditation is a technique with a strong body of evidence and research to back its effectiveness. Over the years, many ex-porn users say it played a significant role in their battle to get rid of the addiction.

Meditation raises dopamine levels by 65%, which can help addicts who always have low dopamine levels. This method of meditation focuses on being in the now, and makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings, helping you accept and digest everything you’re feeling. Here’s how you do it:

Set aside at least 15 minutes of your day to sit quietly, breathe deeply, pay attention to your body, observing how you feel. It is non-judgemental but allows you to observe yourself.

The discipline is to empty your mind and be aware, almost to foreground what you are doing. It separates your mind from your body and allows you to have insight into the way you are behaving and your porn use.

6) Take accountability and also ask for help

Make yourself accountable to a friend/ family member on a daily basis, with regard to your porn usage. It could be anyone you’re comfortable with. Pick a friend/family member you confide in and trust enough to keep you in check.

Anytime throughout the process of recovery, if you’re tempted or have sudden urges to watch, this is the person you turn to. If you want you can systematize that with the ‘Accountability Partner‘ feature in BlockerX Android.

People who set consequences in case of a relapse, often do better. If you consume porn-induced in any form of content, set a consequence for yourself. You could make yourself do leg lunges, run 10 laps, give up your favorite snack or just pick up dog poop in the nearest park for a few hours. It is completely your decision to make, just ensure you abide by it.

Whatever the case may be, speaking to other people about your problem can really help you a lot. All it’ll do is make the journey easier for you if you can just decide to share.

7) Don’t aim to be Mr. Perfect

Overcoming a porn addiction is already a rough climb up the mountain, on an uncertain path. The journey is one that you make on your own, with self-belief and perseverance. You might want to do your very best at what you do, but that is only a common human instinct.

We strive to pass all our classes with the best grades, be the best on the team, and then beat ourselves up when we aren’t able to achieve it all. But this, race to perfection, often brings more harm than good. 

Just make sure that you know what the situation is and how to deal with it. Jumping into the mess and trying to fix everything at once will leave you overwhelmed and stressed.

This makes this journey tougher than it has to be.  Learn to accept the fact that you might relapse, you might even fail the first time. Make the commitment and push through till the very end.

It Gets Better from Here…

You’ll soon start desiring a normal healthy sex life and also want to get rid of the sex addiction as part of your relationship, as your porn addiction becomes a thing of the past and having a healthy sexual life. Remember to live your life in the real world and not in the world of porn, where everything is staged.

Have the willpower to make the change and you’ll be happier, more successful, a better lover, and a great person!

Changing your life and joining a recovery program is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be the only step. You can also begin by taking small steps in real life to change your situation and start your recovery. With each of these steps, you can build momentum and make progress as you work toward your goals and find a better way of 12-step group life

Si personalmente no tienes un problema con la pornografía, espero que este artículo te ayude a verla desde una perspectiva diferente. Además, si alguno de tus amigos se pregunta cómo dejar la pornografía, tú también puedes guiarlo.

La mejor parte será que podrás relacionarte con ellos en cada paso del camino.

The current generation’s view of porn seems quite one-dimensional. To be in better touch with reality, it’s always great to have a look at the other side of things. Just like how we try to spread awareness about the drawbacks of the other vices in society like alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.

Alentamos a las personas a tomar decisiones mejores y más informadas sobre el uso de estos productos. Del mismo modo, debemos comenzar a hacer lo mismo con la pornografía.

Incluso si personalmente no tienes un problema con la pornografía, es posible que conozcas a alguien que lo tenga, y si eres un padre, es bueno que los padres hablen abiertamente con sus hijos al respecto, para asegurarse de que no sea algo en lo que caigan sin pensar. a una edad temprana con mentes extremadamente impresionables.

Al final del día, esa debería ser la meta de todos nosotros: Disfrutar la pornografía de manera consciente, con moderación.

No matter how much you might want to come out of addiction, it’s important to remember that it will take time and patience. It’s also important to remember that you aren’t doing this alone.

It’s important to remember that there are millions of people who have struggled with porn addiction, and millions of people who have found a way to overcome it.

Hay programas, servicios y personas que pueden ayudarlo en su proceso de recuperación. Si siente que necesita ayuda con su adicción, no dude en buscarla. Hay personas que pueden ayudarlo a superar su adicción y volver al camino hacia una vida mejor y estar libre de pornografía.

Block Porn on IOS using BlockerX

  1. Vaya a la App Store en su dispositivo iOS y busque “BlockerX – Porn Blocker.”. Descargue e instale la aplicación en su dispositivo.

2. Una vez completada la instalación, abre BlockerX en tu dispositivo iOS.

3. Cree una nueva cuenta con su dirección de correo electrónico. También puedes iniciar sesión usando Google o con una cuenta o correo electrónico de Apple.

4. Tap on the “Blocking” option, wherein you get various prompts regarding blocking porn, panic switch, etc.

5. Si desea bloquear sitios web adicionales y sitios web específicos, seleccione agregar categoría de sitio web y agregue la URL del sitio web.

6. En la categoría de sitios web bloqueados, puede comprobar todos los sitios web bloqueados

BlockerX ahora comenzará a bloquear contenido pornográfico según la configuración que haya elegido. Cada vez que alguien intente acceder a contenido explícito, será redirigido a una página bloqueada o recibirá un mensaje de advertencia.

Block Porn on Android using BlockerX

  1. Empiece por descargar BlockerX
  2. Launch BlockerX
  3. Create your account by Signing In, or logging in to an existing account.

4. Turn On the Accessibility Feature

6. Otorgue permiso a BlockerX para tomar el control total de su dispositivo

6. Otorgue permiso a BlockerX para tomar el control total de su dispositivo

7. Modificar las opciones de filtro (opcional)

8. Categoría estricta

9. Tenga una experiencia de búsqueda segura

Let us look into the Most Frequently Asked Questions!  

1. What is the main cause of pornographic addiction?

Pornographic content is now readily accessible at our fingertips which is the main cause of pornographic addiction.

2. What does excessive use of porn use cause?

Lethargy and lack of motivation, Chronic release dysfunction, Declining interest in a real partner, etc.

3. How does porn affect the brain?

Porn consumption has always negatively impacted the human brain. It alters the reward circuits in the brain from a chemical and structural standpoint.

4. What are some effective coping mechanisms to help quit porn addiction?

Well, besides cutting the contact with access to porn effective strategies include engaging in hobbies, practicing mindfulness, seeking support from mental health professionals, and finding healthy outlets for stress and emotions.

5. What is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation is a technique with a strong body of evidence and research to back its effectiveness.

6. Can porn addiction be treated?

Yes, there are possible porn addiction treatment options. Moreover, this typically involves a combination of therapy, seeking help from any support group, and undertaking self-help strategies. Cognitive behavioral therapy (therapy CBT) and mindfulness techniques are often used to help individuals regain control over their behaviors and address underlying issues.


In conclusion, embarking on the journey of how to stop porn addiction is a deeply personal and courageous decision. It requires self-reflection, determination, and a commitment to your own well-being. Remember that change is a process, and it’s important to be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way.

Set realistic goals, seek support from trusted friends or professionals, and consider adopting healthy coping mechanisms to replace the time and energy previously spent on pornography.

Embrace self-care practices, such as exercise, mindfulness, and pursuing meaningful hobbies, to help fill the void left by pornography. Remember that relapses may happen, but they do not define your progress. Each setback can serve as an opportunity for growth and learning.

Stay focused on your goals, celebrate small victories, and believe in rewiring your brain with sheer dedication and you can easily overcome this challenge. With dedication and perseverance, you can reclaim control over your life, restore healthy relationships, and cultivate a fulfilling future free from the grip of pornography.

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