Top 10 ways to increase your libido

What is libido?

Libido is mainly considered as the sexual drive or appetite. A person’s libido is mainly motivated by the brain’s functioning, learned behavior, and hormones, irrespective of their sex, as it tends to fluctuate following the mental state, stress, and hormonal shifts.

People are more likely to long for sexual intimacy and to look out for a partner or through masturbation, with a person having higher libido levels. An overly high level of libido interferes with the quality of life which can be the symptom of hormonal imbalances and neurological disorders. However, balanced levels are normal and healthy.  

When there is a dip in libido levels, the sexual interests become completely absent, thereby placing a strain on your intimate relationships. Both extremes can be treated once proper screening is done and the cause is determined. 

Cerebral, spinal, and peripheral components are included in the neural pathways that are blended into sexual desire, similar to both females and males. It can directly correlate to the physical responses when sexual needs are high, with blood flowing to the penis resulting in an erection signifying sexual desires and the enlargement of the labia and lubrication. 

erection signifying sexual desires

What are the different types of libido?

Libido can be broadly classified into two types:

  1. Overly high libido
  2. Low libido

There are segments of people who suffer from the above-mentioned scenarios. Let us get to understand this in the next segment.

What are the causes of High Libido?

Overly High Libido :

There is an observable difference between a strong libido and one that is highly elevated. Apart from contributing to satisfying sex life, the former is the health benefits that are included here: 

  • Less stress 
  • Better mental health 
  • Healthy relationships 
  • Boosted confidence 
  • Better sleep 
  • More exercise 

With a strong sexual appetite, it appears to be out of control interfering with the daily lives that there would be causes for concerns. 


When your libido is quite high, it will affect: 

  • Your sexual life starts impacting your life, health, work, and relationships. 
  • Desires of sex take over your behavior and thoughts. 
  • You can use sex as a coping mechanism for mental challenges like anxiety and depression. 
  • Your higher sexual appetite puts your relationships at risk. 
  • You feel unfulfilled after sexual intimacy. 

You might be undergoing a hypersexual disorder if you face persistent sexual urges that make you feel uncomfortable or out of control. 

Causes :

An actively high libido would be nothing to be ashamed of or may consist of underlying medical causes, such as: 

  • Higher levels of mood-regulating neurochemicals such as serotonin, dopamine, or others. 
  • A few specific medications. 
  • A condition that affects the regions in the brain impacting sexual behavior such as dementia or epilepsy. 


The treatment can be aimed mainly to manage the issue once the cause behind the overly higher levels of libido is determined.  

Once you have identified the cause, treatment becomes easier, and it involves other strategies such as increased physical activity and psychotherapy. 

What is the cause of Low Libido?

The disappearing sexual desire is quite common instead of the overly higher levels of libido having more powerful causes that can be treated easily to restore sexual interests. 

Low Libido:

There are no significant criteria involved to diagnose your lower levels . There is even a higher degree of variations in how it is experienced. The following are the commonly referred symptoms: 

  • No desire for a partner 
  • No interest in masturbation 
  • Few or no sexual fantasies 
  • The concern or stress regarding lack of sexual interest. 

Causes for low levels of libido 

  • People have lower levels of libido due to both psychological and physical factors. 
  • Everything will be affecting sexual drive along with decreased libido leading to stress, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, higher levels of medication as well as lack of physical activity. 
  • Men usually face low libido due to several factors. A few of these are biological factors like the lack of testosterone, social factors, premature ejaculation, as well as psychological factors that increase your stress levels. Old age may also lead to a lack of sexual desires. There are a plethora of natural ways in which you can treat premature ejaculation and enhance your testosterone levels. 

How to improve your libido?

Are you constantly wondering the way to increase libido? The following are a few effective and natural ways that use every man to increase their sexual drives

1. Make sure to consume chocolate each day for increasing libido or sex drive 

Do you have any kind of knowledge that chocolate can help in promoting the release of hormones such as phenethylamine and serotonin present in the body? They produce aphrodisiac effects and also aid in helping with mood upliftments. 

2. Improve your Self-Confidence to Enhance Low Libido/Sex Drive 

There is improved self-confidence for men that can be an effective sexual booster. Furthermore, it is a fact in how you feel about your body that is related directly to the way you perceive yourself and sex. Make sure to alter your focus and mindset on the positive aspects that will improve greatly. 

Consider making a list of things you would be enhancing about yourself and take the necessary actions. This enhanced self-confidence will go to a greater length. 

3. Limiting Your Alcohol Intake Increasing Low Libido/Sex Drive 

The consumption of higher levels of alcohol each day will lead to the loss of sexual desire. Furthermore, it will result in erectile dysfunction and hinder your ability to orgasm. It is why it is important not to go off the board with drinks. Ensure that you avoid Viagra after consuming alcohol if you wish to enhance your libido. 

Low Libido/Sex Drive

Try to take slow sips of your drink by placing the glass down after every gulp. This will help you reduce alcohol consumption. 

4. Never Compromise On Your Sleep to Enhance Low Libido/Sex Drive   

Did you ever wonder about increasing your sexual interest? It is considered ideal for enhancing your sexual desire by deriving sufficient sleep. Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of deep sleep as it will help boost your levels of energy and work as a great enhancer. 

5. Spend time with your relationship to boost your sex drive 

A powerful reason for issues in sexual relations is the unresolved issues. If you ever wonder about the way to increase your sexual drive, it is important to focus on building trust. It will also help in improving your communication as well as preventing resentments in your relationships. 

Open up to your better half about how you feel, as communication is a great way to these issues.  

6. Meditation is a great way to boost libido 

Stress is considered the important factor are leading to reduced libido. Try to make meditation a ritual if you are looking out for ways in which you can relieve your stress. It will help you boost your energy levels and calm you down. Therefore, it will help enhance your sexual drive. 

 boost libido 

7. Try out the Essential herbs for increasing your sexual drive 

Are you in search of foods that will help increase your libido? Try adding a bit of Basil and garlic to your dishes and check out the wonders it brings. Garlic is considered to be rich in Allicin for increasing blood flow greatly as it is an ideal food to elevate your sexual desires in males. 

The senses get stimulated through Basil. These herbs also aid in treating erectile dysfunction in men. 

Try preparing fresh pesto using Basil at home. It suits well as everyday dishes like sandwiches as well as salads. 

8. Eat Aphrodisiac Fruits  

You can increase your libido by consuming aphrodisiac fruits; you can also increase your sexual instinct as it helps in enhancing your sexual desires instantly. 

There is no harm in giving it a try, although very little evidence backs their effectiveness. A few of these include figs, avocados, and bananas. These are a few of the best foods for males to increase libido. 

9. Offer Importance to Foreplay  

Do you still wonder how to enhance male libido? Aim more on foreplay that may boost your sexual experiences. It is the reason why it is important to give it great importance. 

Also, try to experiment with sex toys and add a bit of spice to bed! 

10. Stop smoking now 

A good sexual function is the outcome of good heart health. Cigarettes negatively impact the cardiovascular system of people. It is the reason why quitting smoking acts as a libido booster for men. Smoking also causes erectile dysfunction that lowers the sex drive for a man. 

Consider trying nicotine replacement therapy if you are a smoker on a regular basis. 


It is quite a touchy topic when it comes to sexual desire. You may be uncomfortable in terms of thinking about it or even speaking about it to your partner or a medical professional, whether you are experiencing a libido that feels as if it is in overdrive or you have virtually no kind of desire for sexual intimacy. There are therapists, along with healthcare providers, who specialize in dealing with sexual issues and are always there to help you! 

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