What Happens If You Release Sperm Daily?

How often should you release sperm? Can you ejaculate daily?  

There is no study that shows that releasing sperm daily is harmful. The body produces billions of sperm per day. Daily ejaculation may temporarily produce a feeling of motivation and even clear your mind.   

Let’s understand what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to masturbation and ejaculation.


Have you ever thought about what might happen if we released sperm every day? Take some time today to learn about the science of masturbation and what happens to our bodies, sperm count, and emotional and physical state when we ejaculate on a regular basis.

What does semen contain?  

Semen is made up of seminal fluid and sperm. The seminal fluid contains secretions from different parts of the male reproductive system and has amino acids, enzymes, vitamin C, fructose (a source of energy for the sperm), mucus, and other substances. These substances help the sperm survive in the female reproductive tract. 

What is Ejaculation?  

Ejaculation is the release of ejaculate or sperm from the head of the penis. Ejaculate/semen is the cloudy white substance that is released and it contains sperm and other fluids to accompany the sperm.  


What is the average sperm count?

A human male can produce about 200-500 million sperm per ejaculation! 

What happens to your body if you ejaculate daily?

Daily ejaculation comes with its own set of benefits and risks. Overall there are no known health risks but if it becomes excessive it can lead to fatigue.

What are the benefits of releasing sperm daily?

 There are known benefits to ejaculation, like: 

  • better sleep 
  • stress relief 
  • low risk of developing prostate cancer  
  • release of dopamine and oxytocin  

What are the risks of releasing sperm daily?

There are no known health risks linked to daily ejaculation but some people have noted:

  • weakness 
  • premature ejaculation 
  • mood swings 
  • muscle cramps 
  • laziness 

If you are suffering from these symptoms, it is best to approach a doctor for professional help. 

Will it decrease your chances of conceiving because you’re releasing too much sperm?

No matter how many times you ejaculate, you will never run out of sperm. Your body is constantly producing new sperm.

Your testicles can produce around 1,500 sperms per second. You can regenerate up to 8 billion sperm at the end of a whole sperm production cycle.

Semen samples from men who ejaculated numerous times a day have been studied in a number of investigations. While the sperm count decreased with each subsequent sample, it remained above what specialists consider to be a healthy sperm count.

Research has also shown that only a fraction of energy in a resting state is used to produce sperms. This means that you don’t really require a lot of calories to produce sperms! Since your body produces millions of sperm per day, it will not decrease your chances of conceiving.

Can you use this method to conceive naturally?

Having sex every day does not guarantee a better chance of getting pregnant. Having sex every other night around the time of ovulation increases your chances.

Sperm can survive in your body for up to 5 days. The greatest advice is to have sex on a regular basis, both while you’re ovulating and when you aren’t. But it is not necessary to have sex every day.

To increase your chances of conceiving naturally, you and your partner can lay in bed for 10-15 mins after sex.

How can you release sperm safely and healthily?

There are certain things you can do to improve the health and quality of your sperm:

  • Don’t smoke. Cigarette smokers are more likely to have a poor sperm count.
  • Limit alcohol intake. Heavy drinking can result in lower testosterone levels, impotence, and sperm production. Consume alcohol in moderation if you choose to do so.
  • Avoid Toxic substances. Pesticides, lead, and other pollutants can have an impact on sperm quantity and quality. If you have to work with poisons, make sure you do so carefully. Wear protective gear and equipment, for example, and avoid coming into touch with chemicals on your skin.
  • Stay cool. Sperm production might be hampered by increased scrotal temperature. Wear loose-fitting underwear, avoid sitting in saunas and hot tubs, and limit scrotum exposure to warm objects, such as a laptop, which might enhance sperm quality.


Nightfall/Nocturnal emissions or wet dreams are orgasms or ejaculations that are experienced during sleep, mostly involuntarily. Nightfall is mostly experienced during adolescence and it is known to decrease as you age.   

It is seen as a common and natural part of puberty. Most men have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. It can be quite awkward but it is completely normal.  

Surveys show that by the age of 24, about 97% of men have experienced nightfall.  


How is nightfall linked with the number of times you ejaculate?  

Most people note that abstaining from masturbation/ ejaculation for extended periods of time can cause nightfall. Although it is normal, experiencing nightfall an unusual number of times is alarming and should be checked with a urologist or andrologist. 

Excessive masturbation has also been linked with increased nightfall. This conflicting information shows that studies have not yet conducted extensive and conclusive research on nightfall as it is extremely difficult to collect samples and study them.  

Therefore, if you choose to masturbate limit the number of times to a comfortable number where you feel you are not pushing your body’s limits. 

What do studies say about daily ejaculation?  


Another study which was conducted by Harvard Medical School indicated that people who ejaculated at least 21 times a month were less at risk of developing prostate cancer than people who masturbated or ejaculated less often.  

More frequent ejaculation is linked to a low risk of developing prostate cancer and this is an added benefit.  

Some cool facts about sperms: 
  • A human male can produce about 200-500 million sperms per ejaculation! 
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  • It takes a sperm about 74 days to fully mature 
  • Sperm don’t actually swim, they roll! 
  • Sperms are either male or female 
How often should you ejaculate?  

There is no defined number of times that you should ejaculate. Some say that 2-3 times a week is normal, others say it is 21 days a month, a few even say 2-3 times a month and then there is the discussion of daily ejaculation.  


 Do what you feel is normal to you and your body and if you choose not to ejaculate/masturbate that is completely normal too! Remember that it is easy to get carried away and you must prioritize your mental and physical health always. 

 Ejaculation either through partnered sex or alone is normal as long as it does not become all-consuming and disrupts your daily activities which leads to fatigue and low motivation.  

 Apps like BlockerX are helpful with the self-regulation of adult films and can mitigate your urges and redirect your attention to other activities. 

 Talk to a therapist if you believe that ejaculation/masturbation has become more destructive than beneficial in your life. 

Now let us look into the most Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What is semen made up of?

Semen is a substance created by male reproductive organ. It mainly contains water, plasma and mucus.

2. Who is more likely to have a poor sperm count?

One of the major reasons for low sperm count could be incomplete or improper collection of a sperm sample. However there are several other factors also that might impact poor sperm count.

3. How many days does a sperm take to fully mature?

The entire sperm production process takes from 64 to 74 days

4.How much sperm can your testicles produce per second?

The testicles make several million sperm per day — about 1,500 per second


Research indicates that daily ejaculation is not associated with risks, but it can have a mental health impact if it becomes compulsive. You can improve the quantity and quality of your sperm by following certain habits. In the end, there is no set number of ejaculations that a man should perform.



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