PMO Urban Dictionary: Internet Slang of the 21st Century

What does PMO mean?

The term “PMO Urban Dictionary” comes up with multiple meanings. In the NoFap community, the definition of PMO is “pornography, masturbation, and orgasm” in order.  

It basically describes a series of events that a person goes through in order to “fap” to a sexual fictional character that appears on an electronic screen (or newspaper/magazine).  

There is another derivative of this acronym – “MO”. MO stands for “masturbation, orgasm”, which means to satisfy yourself with your hands without watching stimulating pornography. Some people think that moving is better than PMO, but the best option is not to. 

A simpler version of the NoFap mission is to try a 100% clean PMO for at least 90 days and then switch to MO in rare cases (for example, if you are not able to be in close contact with a partner).  

You do need to bear sexual exhaustion. Sexual withdrawal and more testosterone is what you need in life to improve your lifestyle 

3 Fundamental Facts about this phenomenon

First we should start with the rules.

Rules of practicing no PMO 

The following are the basic rules of PMO:  

  • You should not practice “edging” under any circumstances.  
  • You should not watch porn.  
  • Soft pornographic and attractive female social media are also considered pornographic content. 
  • Use your time from not doing PMO for other healthy things in your life 

Is PMO harmful? 

Some people worry that not having PMO will ruin their lives in every way. It seems that after spending so much time on routine matters, they feel that giving up masturbation may be dangerous and cause physical or psychological problems in the future.  

Not masturbating is not more dangerous than masturbation in actuality. When it comes to PMO, anything that you think is dangerous due to lack of PMO can be 10 times worse. You will ruin your life by PMO, not the other way around 

Can PMO cause symptoms of withdrawal? 

Since viewing pornography and chronic masturbation is an addiction, this means that sexual abstinence can lead to withdrawal symptoms.  

Usually, the withdrawal symptoms for PMO are quite mild such as chills or fever but be prepared for the extreme temptation of headaches, basketball. PMO withdrawal symptoms can last up to 30 days, but the flatline after that can last for several months. 

NoFap v/s No PMO

Let’s get to it one by one.

What does NoFap MO mean? 

As you may know now, PMO urban dictionary is a variant of the common NoFap term-PMO. “NoFap MO” means “masturbation, orgasm”, that is, the act of masturbating to orgasm without watching stimulating pornographic materials.  

The main difference between PMO and NoFap MO is the lack of pornography.  

The difference from edging is that in MO you have reached orgasm with or without porn, and edging means masturbating with or without pornography but not reaching orgasm. These terms might be slightly confusing at first you will get used to them as you continue reading 

PMO v/s NoFap MO 

One of the most controversial issues in the NoFap community is whether MO will be considered a relapse during your winning streak.  

Most people in the community don’t think so badly about MO as they think about PMO. Although PMO is considered an instant streak killer, MO is generally considered moderately neutral. 

 In fact, most people are sometimes susceptible to MO during the first 90 days of using NoFap. This is especially true if the man in question does not have a girlfriend when you are looking for a date, MO can act as a substitute. 

It usually works like this, you can enforce strict NoFap, no PMO, MO, and sexual boundaries for 90 days, and then after 90 days, if you don’t watch pornography (including social media and soft porn movies), you can participate in the rare MO long term (called the “chaser effect”), and most people will say that you are within the acceptable PMO NoFap range.  

However, if you really want to do something unconditionally, you need to have multiple sessions of 90 days or more and have longer streaks without MO. The longer you do not masturbate, the better you will end up feeling. No matter what you do, you should strive to do your best. 

The chaser effect 

The chaser effect is the desire to masturbate several times after you masturbate once. Most people with healthy nerve pathways do not need second masturbation after the first time. The fact that you feel this urge confirms that you are addicted to PMO.  

Think about it: If you have the urge to masturbate 3-5 times in a short period of time, it means that your masturbation is not out of physiological needs, especially if you have reached an orgasm. There are various internal reasons why some people feel the need to masturbate several times on the same day.  

The same is true for alcoholics: most people can drink normally, but some people can’t stop drinking until they get sick. If these neural pathways suffer damage, the only way to get rid of the chaser effect is to skip the PMO for a long period of time. 


You can never tell whether the particular No PMO benefit you are experiencing is a placebo, but the question is completely irrelevant. Your job is to take advantage of these NoFap benefits, and use them to maximize your success.  

Regardless of whether everything is in your mind or not, the important thing is whether it works. Some people want to know if you can do NoFap without giving up the PMO. The answer is obviously no because not participating in PMO activities is the ultimate goal of NoFap.  

Now, by confusing whether MO counts in your NoFap tracking issue, things can get messy. This situation will not last forever. Everything is cyclical, and the situation will definitely improve, but at the same time, we need to pay more attention to our own health in order to gain a competitive advantage on a global scale.  

So how would you explain PMO urban dictionary stuff to a friend after reading this?


Quit Porn & Reclaim Your Life

– Improve your relationship

– Stronger and more intense orgasms, increased libido, and other positive improvements

– Better focus on the things that matter

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