The 6 Main Causes of ED – Why You Should be Worried

Erectile dysfunction has been the cause of embarrassment for a lot of men out there. But here we invite you to replace that kind of hopeless feeling with the knowledge of the problem. That’s how you will be able to overcome this problem.  

Here, we’ll be covering all the different reasons that cause erectile dysfunction issues for men.  

But the most concerning thing that we found was how young men are also facing this problem. What was previously almost a norm with progressing age, is now a real peril for the young.  

As you’ll see that a lot of small changes to our habits, that promised to change our life for the better is backfiring immensely.  

We have a situation where young men are having to read a ‘what are the causes of erectile dysfunction article. But if that’s you, we assure you that it’s not the end here.  

You’ve just taken the first step, irrespective of how old you are, to fix the problem.  

What are the 6 Causes of ED that Men are Suffering from Today  

You’re likely more confused after you first got wind of this problem and went online to do some reading. This is what trips most people up, where too much information creates more confusion than it resolves.  

Fortunately, we’ll make you understand the problem without any hassle and provide clarity. You’ll find that all these problems that lead to erectile dysfunction don’t work exclusively. They all feed the other ones, creating a vicious downward spiral.  

Daily Stress  

This is something that is common to most adults, and as such leads to a whole host of problems. ED is just one fallout of this, usually a signal for further problems down the line. But let’s not be that negative now.  

For a lot of people, stress starts from the moment their morning alarm rings. It keeps piling up through the day in one way or the other till it’s time to go to bed.  

That’s bad. Really bad.  

Stress seems to be something that’s a set of negative thoughts simmering away in your mind. It just doesn’t seem to go away.  

But why doesn’t that go away like any other kind of thought?  

Is that because you’ll have to put up with that for a lot of time. A little truth to that, but that’s not the main problem.  

If you pay a little attention to the feelings in your body, you’ll see that it tightens up. Mostly around the neck and the chest area.  

What’s happening inside your body is that it’s in a state of panic. That’s why this marvelous machine which is our body is trying to compensate for that by tightening up. But it’s your cells and nerves that are taking most of the hit.  

Less oxygen to your body and less to your penis.  

And you’ve got a frustrating case of erectile dysfunction. Behind that, there’s your heart that’s slowly dying, and trying to communicate to you to help it.  

ED is just one of many messages due to stress.

Sedentary Lifestyle  

You’re not built to sit all day looking at a glowing screen, and pressing buttons in a particular order. Just as much as you’re not built to run 100 miles an hour.  

Latest scientific studies say if you sit for 6 to 8 hours a day. That’s as bad as if you’re a chain smoker. This is far below exaggeration by the way.  Well, siting is the new smoking !

Firstly, if you’re sitting on a chair for about 3 hours at a stretch, you’ll feel restless. You’d want to get up and move around, just for allowing oxygen to reach all parts of your body. That’s your body reminding you that you should get up and move.  

Your metabolism drops, which causes more fat deposition throughout your body. And, your heart takes a lot of this beating, slowly getting weaker and weaker.  

See how this downward spiral is working.  

Now, with years of this your heart is at a point of capability which is noticeably limited. So much so that your sexual organ isn’t getting enough oxygen-rich blood supply.  

Without that, it’s not going to get an erection, let alone maintain it properly for sexual activity.  

Another thing that occurs in your body in this particular situation is that testosterone levels go down.  

Just pay a little attention to yourself.  

If you realize that you’re not completely out of energy, yet you don’t feel like getting up and doing anything. That’s a telltale sign that your testosterone levels are lower than they should be.  

That will directly lead to ED.  

Communication Problem  

This is a rather tricky issue to explain, and it comes in two parts. Although problems in communication, can be with different people in your life, can cause different problems. In this context, the communication problem exists between you and your partner, as well as within yourself.  

Communication with your partner  

To put this simply, if you’re in a bad mood for something. But for some reason are not able to talk about that with your partner. That will be really stressful for you.  

This can be about any issue, that you face in day-to-day life and that’s just the beginning.  

The person will know that they are not being fully honest with their partner. Honesty in this context is not doing the right thing. Which is to be open and honest with his partner.  

And the effect of such miscommunication leads to erectile dysfunction.  

Maybe not if the person is in good health. But if we consider the previous causes of ED that we mentioned.  

That, combined with this leads to erectile dysfunction.  

But the worst part is when the person doesn’t know what is causing the problem. Confusion is painful.  

That’s what leads us to the next problem.  

Communication within oneself  

A lot of problems that people face today arise from this. It is the stories that we tell ourselves, and repeat multiple times in our heads.  

How this relates to erectile dysfunction comes down to denial or procrastination at the very least.  

If the person is suffering from let’s say mild symptoms of ED. He will have a poor sexual life from that point onwards, maybe from before that as well. All of this will just increase the overall level of stress that he feels.  

Now, the stories that he tells himself offer some kind of an out. But it’s just like drinking alcohol. Feels good when you’re drinking but bad when that wears off. The relationship with the partner worsens further.   

Whenever a person faces stress, it becomes a habit to shift the blame to someone else.  

Like they’re experiencing ED, and they tell themselves that it’s because of their partner. Maybe she’s being annoying, or not appearing attractive enough. It can vary from person to person.  

Believe it or not, this becomes a habit. So, the ED problem persists.  

Poor Nutrition  

Looking through the internet, you’ll find that eating bad food is a cause of a lot of problems.  

People are running short of time nowadays. So, they decide to cut short the time they spend on food. Both cooking it and taking the time to eat it.  

So, many resorts to fast food, which are available in drive-through restaurants. Efficient to prepare, quick, and easy to eat.  

Why we’re focusing on the specifically such a pattern of fast-food consumption, is because it’s so common.  

This is what most people on the run, have and it becomes a habit, right to the tongue. The body apparently craves this food, and the supply is so easy.  

Such processed foods wreak havoc on the hormonal system.  

And in the case of men, it seriously inhibits testosterone and HGH production by spiking insulin levels. Once now and then isn’t an issue when it comes to fast food. But if this is the bulk of the nutritional intake, then that’s a recipe for disaster.  

This way of eating is built into the modern lifestyle. And unless someone deliberately realizes the problem and starts changing. This situation remains the same leading to a problem such as ED.  

Weak Cardiovascular System  

This is the most direct cause of erectile dysfunction in men. All of the reasons that you find here contribute to deteriorating cardiovascular health.  

The heart is, as we all know, responsible for circulating blood to all body parts. When this function is under the compromise, then that is the ultimate indicator of bad health.  

The penis requires a good supply of blood that causes the erection, as it’s made up of smooth muscle tissue. But if the heart is not working at its optimal condition, then erectile dysfunction will be a fallout of that.  

A pretty serious condition, were not only erection but being active sexually will be challenging thing to do.  

Cigarettes & Alcohol  

These are the slippery slopes that a lot of people fall through. One cigarette isn’t just one cigarette and one drink isn’t just one.  

As a person smokes one cigarette the nicotine craving kicks in. That’s what makes the person want to smoke cigarettes on a variety of different occasions. And the person ends up trying to explain to himself why he ‘needs to smoke.  

This leads to a set of lungs that is jammed up with tar. So, the lungs are able to absorb a lot less amount of oxygen from the air. Then the different organs of the body get a poor supply of oxygen.  

A direct cause of erectile dysfunction right there.  

Then there’s the negative effect that it has on the testosterone level in the body.  

Regular consumption of alcohol also negatively affects your testosterone levels. As you might guess, that leads to ED in a variety of different ways. From poor mood, and lower energy levels to decrease your lean muscle mass.  


Thus, you see how the modern lifestyle which was supposed to be so much better is problematic. There’s absolutely zero doubt that we’re living better.  

It’s only the side effects of certain practices that are getting to us and getting to us big time.  

There’s just one way out of this, and that’s to be aware and proactive.  

Because of the internet, people are now more aware than ever before. And you can benefit from that by not only receiving the information but putting it to good use as well.  

Because it’s always the best practice to prevent a problem. Much better than if you have to fix it.  

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