How to Focus on Yourself – Ultimate 4 Step Self-improvement Guide [2023]

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Do you want to know how to focus on yourself? 

Then let us tell you that this is arguably the best prioritisation that you’ll ever do. As it is from yourself that the rest of the things around you will flourish. 

Today, there’s a whole lot of advice out there, on what to do and what not to do. 

But all that does is to confuse you and leave you in a dilemma, and you don’t get much done at all. This is the toxic nature of the self improvement industry which has flourished by leaving people coming back for more. 

Do you want infotainment or do you want to improve for real? 

Because infotainment will be your go-to ‘feel good’ solution, just like fast food. But you’re not making any progress, so it’s actually negative for you. 

If Answer is the Latter then We can Show you How to Focus on Yourself 

First it was on obscure forums on the internet, and now we have super distracting YouTube. These have been the seat of all sorts of self-improvement ideas, borrowing from past and present literature. 

Like for example, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill is a famous book. A lot of people on the internet talk about this and how it has helped them. It’s a really old book, and there are new ones coming out as you’re reading this. 

But if you’re into that stuff all the time, then your focus shifts from yourself to the feel-good emotions. 

All of these are distractions that are holding you back. 

So your first step in this case will be to acknowledge the problem. You were wasting time, distracting yourself with blank positive motivational stimuli and not doing anything. 

If you can come to terms with this, without becoming all defensive, then you’re in the right position. You can now take your focus from obsessing over the nitty-gritty of self improvement, and actually focus on yourself. 

How to Focus on Yourself with 4 Powerful yet Basic Steps 

There has been a lot of smoke screen around doing things that will make you a more capable person. And if you’ve been an avid consumer of self-improvement content on the internet. 

Then that will have made quite the impression on you. 

We’re going to list the things that you can do and why you must do them. You can then forget about all the different types of things that you might find on the Internet. 

For focussing on yourself, you’ll have to understand the value of the fundamentals and do that. 

Engage in Any Form of Physical Exercise 

Yes, exercising is going to be a foundational step in the process of focussing on yourself. How you ask? 

The primary goal here is to reap the mental and physiological benefits of exercising. 

All the other things that go along with this are going to be the by-products of engaging in this practice. Science says that if you exercise, you’ll be in a better position when it comes to learning and taking decisions. 

You can engage in any kind of exercise that you want to. But there are two types of it that will work the best – lifting weights and long distance running

But you can start with simple things like walking early in the morning on an empty stomach. 

With a combination of these two, you can get fantastic psycho-physiological benefits. It will be instrumental in your ability to cope with stress and ensure health. Going to the gym or otherwise, you can get great workouts in if you stick to the basics. 

But that’s far from the best thing about this. 

The number one benefit of getting into an exercise program is that it helps you practice discipline. That is to say, the ability to keep doing something that you’ve decided to do. As you start with this, it will translate into other areas. 

Read for an Hour Everyday 

This is going to be the mental equivalent of physical exercise and will do wonders for your mind. 

Just like your body is the hardware, your mind is the software. And reading for an hour everyday will ensure regular updates to it. 

One part of it is learning new things so that you’re intellectually better prepared for challenges in life. But the other part is the ability to sit and concentrate on a task. 

You’ll have to make one hour of time for reading everyday and it’s totally doable. 

If you can wake up an hour earlier in the morning, and squeeze the reading time in there. Or get an hour of reading in right before you go to bed. 

You can always pick the time that you take to read a book for an hour. As long as you’re doing it everyday, you’re succeeding. 

Keep in mind that success here lies in the fact that you’re sitting down to read for an hour daily. 

Even if you feel that you’re not able to concentrate on the contents of the book someday. Focus on completing the session and that will suffice for the day. This is how you get to build discipline of the mind. 

Eat Nutritious Food 

Any ‘how to focus on yourself’ instructional is incomplete without the mention of proper food intake. It’s super important, and will help consolidate the previous areas of focus in the best way possible. 

Make sure to proper portions of fats, proteins and carbs along with eating foods with all the necessary micronutrients. 

Also, timing of your meals will be really important to ensure proper functioning of your body and mind. For example, if you eat a lot of carbs in breakfast and you have to attend classes after that. You’re going to feel drowsy, and thus difficult to concentrate. 

You can vary up the types of food depending on the activities that you engage in. And there’s no need to be dogmatic about any type of diet. 

So put your focus on how you feel as a result of the diet you’re having. 

Decide What to Do with Your Time and Do It 

The steps before this was here to support this last and most important step. And that is to allow you to best use the most valuable resource that you have – your time

You must keep this as black and white binary as possible. And set goals that you know you will be able to hit. 

Take for example, you’re in the process of learning a new core skill. Divide the curriculum into manageable sections and set the time of the day when you’ll be doing just that. And then do it day on end till you complete it. 

Pretty simple right? 

That’s because simple works, as it doesn’t distract you from the main thing. 


See that there was nothing super complicated about the instructions here. But the weird thing is that few people follow it long enough to see results. 

If you’ve been looking for a ‘how to focus on yourself after a breakup’ article and you found this. Use your emotional pain to charge you into action, and always remember to keep things as simple as possible. 

As a rule of thumb, if you have to include something new, then come up with that for yourself. But only after you’ve been doing the above things right. 

Do let us know if you think we missed out something here. We’ll look into that and consider adding it to this instructional. 

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