5 Ways How your Drinking Habit is behind Erectile Dysfunction

Drinking Habit Is Behind Erectile Dysfunction

Many things are there that we have to do on a daily basis. Some of them are good for us, but the other ones are absolutely horrendous.  

But there are things that fall in between the two of these scenarios. These are not as bad that it’ll tank us immediately, neither good for us in any reasonable way.  

Alcohol is a great example of this, and it’s a part of our culture, and has been like that since long back.  

We know how bad it is, but yet we enjoy it. As it makes us feel good when we’re drinking it in moderation. Sometimes, we go overboard but our body manages.  

So can the problem be, you ask?  

Well, if you drink alcohol and all of a sudden are facing a problem of erectile dysfunction.  

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When you Realize that Your Drinking is the Reason for ED

Initially, as you find out that you’ve got a bad case of erectile dysfunction. Initially most people panic and wonder what they did for this to happen and what to do.  

That is normal.  

But then it won’t be long before you realize that your drinking habit might have something to do with this.  

Spoiler alert. 

It does.  

And we’ve put together the best resource that we can to inform you on this subject. Then you can go ahead and take an informed decision, to continue drinking alcohol or not.  

Ways How Alcohol is the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction

Alcohol is essentially poison to our bodies, but not so much so that it kills us instantly. It deals damage to our bodies in a many more ways than you might think.  

One of them is the ability to procreate, by leading to an erectile dysfunction problem.  

The Whiskey Dick  

After you consume a lot of alcohol, you might have noticed that you feel somewhat sick. But that sickness isn’t just for the digestive system.  

Heavy alcohol consumption leads to immediate effects on both our nerves, and our heart and the blood vessels from it. That is what leads to a phenomenon which is popular is the ‘whiskey dick’.  

You will have problem with achieving full erections for proper sexual activity.  

This is not permanent and you’ll recover from this as soon as your body manages to metabolize the alcohol.  

But what this is, is an indicator of something a lot more serious that you might face. And that’s the actual erectile dysfunction problem.  

Weakening the Metabolism  

Vitality is a big part of getting and maintaining an erection. But do you know where that vitality comes from?  

Some of it is our general mood, but a lot of it has to do with our metabolism. Alcohol, or at least heavy consumption of this substance compromises our metabolism. This leads to a lot of different problems, from fat deposition, to brain damage.  

But all along the way, what it does is keep reducing the excitement and energy levels that you possess.  

This will absolutely affect your sexual health, and through erectile dysfunction, it will amount to a lousy experience of life.  

Also, all the other outcomes of a weak metabolism will only add to the ED problem.  

Worsen Cardiac Health  

This is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction and it’s our lifestyle that contributes to this.  

The human penis is made out of smooth muscle tissue and does not have a bone. The way it achieves erection is by means of rapid blood flow. There’s a vast network of capillaries that goes behind that supported by our circulatory system.  

It’s our heart that runs the circulatory system.  

If you’ve been drinking alcohol for a long time, then that will damage that. Also, there are a lot of things that go hand in hand with a lot of other bad habits. That includes smoking and eating unhealthy food while drunk among other things.  

So, if the heart isn’t working with proper efficiency, then your genitals won’t receive the necessary blood flow.  

And if you don’t attend to this, it will only get worse.  

Poor Hormonal Functions  

As we take the first sip of our drink, the alcohol gets into our bloodstream and circulates through. And it’s not a long time before it crosses the blood brain barrier. It is at that point that we start feeling the effects of alcohol.  

The thing of concern here is that the alcohol is going to our brain and having an effect. So, it being the poison that it is, distorts the neuro transmitter functions.  

In this case, this affects the proper production and functioning of the neurotransmitters.  

The GnRH (gonadotrophin-releasing hormones) production lowers. This neurotransmitter through its effect on the anterior pituitary gland is what causes testosterone production in the testicles.  

This is another huge reason for the erectile dysfunction problem, and alcohol is a direct cause of this.  

This also leads to low libido and bad moods in general, which accounts for the mental side of the problem. More on that later.  

Bad Sleep Quality  

Some people drink small amount of alcohol before bed to help them go to sleep. That does just the opposite.  

But the worst effects are for the heavy drinkers, due to the amount of alcohol running through their blood. The liver can only metabolize a limited quantity of alcohol in a certain amount of time.  

And this is what affects the quality of sleep.  

A very bad thing, as this takes away the ability of your body to heal itself. And over time this will all add up and make you sick.  

Your immune is going to be weaker leading to diseases. That will not only affect your libido but will cause erectile dysfunction.  


As you can see that whatever enjoyment that you’re getting from drinking alcohol, isn’t worth it. You’ll be getting the bill for that sooner or later.  

But if you’re now aware that there’s a problem indeed, then that’s a really good sign.  

You have to start this off by quitting alcohol immediately. No, your life isn’t going to be any less boring if you quit alcohol. If you have to then push through any urges that you might be facing, as those are going to go away soon.  

And it’s always a good idea to do your own reading, and consult a doctor whom you trust.

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