3 Sexual Dysfunction Issues that Young Men shouldn’t Take Lightly

Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Humans have evolved to be out in the open, running around, hunting animals, foraging food and the like. Then at night sleep to recover from the exhaustion.  


But nothing like that happens in the modern world, which is almost a complete 180 turn from hunter-gatherer times. The last time that bread winning involved tough physical labor was with the factory jobs that drove the Industrial Revolution.  

But since people started using computers for work, both at their homes and offices. Life has become really sedentary. We need to exert ourselves a lot less (if at all..) to do any kind of work. To a point where that has become the normal.  

That brings us to the topic we’ll discuss today, and that is issues with the male sexual health.  

How This Relates You Might Ask 

It does.  

A lot.  

It was from the 80’s that cases in mental health issues, as well as physical ailments picked up.  

As per this research on anxiety and depression, the peak in such mental health issues came at that time. More precisely, between the late 80’s and late 90’s.  

Two of the main issues when it comes to physical ailments, diabetes and obesity were the top killers.  

And we all know where these two roads lead.  

Acute heart disease leading to premature death.  

Our bodies are the most sophisticated things in the world. They don’t just breakdown all of a sudden without any signs.  

There are lots of indicators that the body gives as its condition is getting worse due to such lifestyle. And among them, there’s one category of such issues that frustrate men more than anything else.  

And that is to slowly lose the ability to have a healthy sexual life.  

These issues get in the way of a man enjoying a healthy sexual relationship with his partner. And that aggravates all other problems, making his life miserable.  

Previously this was normal for men to face this as they grew older.  

But the number of young men facing sexual dysfunctions is increasing at an alarming rate as you’re reading this.  

That’s concerning.  

If you think you’re facing some of these issues, and are reading this article then we’ll clear some doubts here. You’ll be in a good position to decide what you can do to fix the problem.  

4 Lifestyle Practices Causing Sexual Dysfunction in Young Men 

What we do every day accounts for all the favorable and the unfavorable outcomes that we face in life. That is the lifestyle.  

From waking up in the morning and brushing our teeth, to whatever we do to unwind in the evening. And everything in between.  

They can either make us healthier, mentally and physically. Or do the opposite and make us sick.  

Here are 4 lifestyle practices of the average young man that is causing sexual dysfunction problems.  

Poor Sleep Patterns  

This is probably the worst thing that modern lifestyle has led to despite all its benefits.  

It trashes your testosterone levels, which is not only the main factor for sexual performance. But it causes problems in more ways than this.  

First of all, after a poor night’s sleep you feel little excited to move around and do stuff. That’s low testosterone and high cortisol levels effecting your mood.  

High cortisol here will also cause you to age faster, another contributing factor for bad sexual health.  

As per this article on screen time among working professionals, they spend about 1,700 hours like that.  

That a bit more than 2 months in a year.  

And this is just with work hours, not considering the evenings that most spend in front of glowing screen.  

This reduces the production of melatonin in their bodies, making it difficult to fall asleep at bed time. So going to sleep late, just to do all of that again.  

Once or twice a month, if you get less sleep than 7 hours in the night. That won’t do you much harm and you can pull that off. But if that becomes a daily thing, then you will have sexual dysfunctions sooner or later.  

Add to that the cognitive decline that you’ll be contributing with this.  

Eating Unhealthy Foods  

Another aspect of the modern way of living is the speed and efficiency of just about anything. That is the case of one of the most important things we do which is eating.  

We are born and as time passes, we make the food the we eat a part of us.  

If that’s not good, then that’s bad, really bad.  

The type of food that we eat effects our hormonal system directly. And when you take a look at the Standard American Diet, it paints an accurate picture.  

Within the daily caloric intake, 63% is from carbs.  

Do we need that much carbs, considering how we live on a day-to-day basis (more on that soon..)?  

The answer is a big NO.  

The rapid insulin spikes push down testosterone levels in the blood quite a bit. Add all of this over time and we’ve got a whole host of sexual dysfunctions.  

Busy young men are falling back on the convenience of fast food and that’s leading them in a wrong direction.  

A Sedentary Lifestyle  

This works together with the previous 2 lifestyle practices and together wreak absolute havoc.  

Sadly, the young men don’t realize the effects of this right away. And in a lot of cases, they realize that after a long time.  

Here’s how the day of an average young working person or a college student looks.  

  • Wake up.  
  • Get ready, eat breakfast.  
  • Sit in commute.  
  • Work or class.   
  • Lunch. 
  • Continue work or class.  
  • Commute back home.  
  • Watch TV or social media, or anything distracting while sitting and having dinner.  
  • Got to bed, or try to.  

Where in this is the part where the person gets to exert himself?  

When does the heart rate spike and feed blood rich in oxygen to the body?  

Almost never and they get into the loop of it while not recognizing the damage. Testosterone levels drop off over time and boom!  

They’ve got some kind of a sexual dysfunction.  

But nowadays there’s the trend of going to a gym 4 to 5 times a week to retain health.  

Of course, that works.  

But recent studies have found that 4 or 5 hour long training sessions do little to offset the sedentary lifestyle. Main culprit here is sitting all day at work, which is a serious problem that we have today.  

Glowing Screens  

Finally, we have glowing screens which despite all its benefits, anchors us down. We’re distracted all the time because of this and not for good reason.  

Smartphone stress us out as much as they serve as entertainment and utilitarian purposes.  

Young people use that to check social media, news and the like which stresses them out. On top of that this is something they keep checking till late at night. That affects the sleep patterns, stressing them out even further.  

The never ending news feed, most of it on some kind of outrage or the other. That is like slow poisoning for the mind.  

Then there is social media which triggers comparison between the lives of people.  

All these things are really stressful and raise cortisol levels.  

So, such a lifestyle is a bad one in every regard leading to sexual dysfunction issues.  

The 3 Major Sexual Dysfunction issues in Young Men Today  

Sexual dysfunction issues in young men occur at various stages of intercourse, and are equally problematic. The 3 issues that we have listed here make that point.  

The worst thing about this is that this leads to misunderstanding between the partners.  

Here are the issues that you as a young man should take seriously, if you’re facing this.  

Ejaculation Problems  

This is one of the problems that can cause a lot of embarrassment for either sexes. It’s of 2 types:  

Premature Ejaculation  

This is a nightmare for a lot of young men. When they get into sexual intercourse with a woman, especially one who is really pretty.  

They are usually very anxious unless they’re quite used to that kind of a scenario. And that causes them to ejaculate very soon, within about a minute.  

Now convention says that ejaculation within a minute of starting the sexual intercourse is the mark. But it is a correlation more than anything.   

What the young man feels is somewhat similar to ‘performance anxiety’ that artists feel.  

And they take any sign of embarrassment as a hurt to their identity.  

Now this can be just a beginner’s issue or some issue with chemical imbalances in the brain. It can as well be anything in between the two. But in a lot of cases, this arises from psychological issues only.  

Delayed Ejaculation  

This is a more serious condition than the former and can involve physiological issues.  

It is when the young man takes a lot of time, abnormally so, before they can ejaculate. In some cases, they’re not able to ejaculate at all during the sexual intercourse.  

This can be of 4 types depending on the context of the problem as it arises.  

  • Lifelong issue: In this case the person has this problem from the onset of sexual maturity. Probably the worst kind of this problem.  
  • General delay issue: This a relatively less serious degree of the problem but nothing light at all. This issue is there irrespective of condition of the person’s relation with their sexual partner(s).  
  • Acquired: Probably the most common among the issues, this is something that young men are facing the most of. A big reason for this is artificial sexual stimulations like that of watching porn and masturbating.  
  • Situational: This is mostly of the same degree as that of premature ejaculation. Where the particular circumstances of the sexual intercourse can lead to such an issue.  

The common thing between the two is the lifestyle of the person, and their relations with the people they know.  

Erectile Dysfunction  

This is the arguably the most common among the sexual dysfunction issues that men experience. Even though this was mainly something that came about naturally as men grew older.  

Now young men are facing this as well.  

Like we mentioned before about the lifestyle changes which influence this a lot. There are things that cause it a lot.  

The biggest one in that regard is high speed internet porn.  

Young men are hooked on to their smartphones all the time, and that is their main source of adult entertainment.  

Now, a little bit here and there isn’t an issue at all. But that’s not how that turns out 9 out of 10 times.  

In the loop of the daily routine, watching porn and masturbating finds its place and it stays there. Leading to what we know as porn induced erectile dysfunction.  

That’s not to discount the fact that heart diseases can be the reason for this. But that’s less likely the case for younger men, although exceptions are becoming less rare.  

Good news is that if you’ve become aware of this and that’s one thing that has brought you here. The you can take steps to run a porn induced erectile dysfunction treatment by yourself. Many young men who has become aware of this are doing that.  

And you can too.  

Coming to the more general aspect of this, it’s the combined attack of modern lifestyle on health that’s causing this.  

Just take a few months to adopt a healthy lifestyle rigorously to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, then it’ll be best for you to talk to your doctor.  

Male Anorgasmia  

This is probably the most frustrating of the 3 issues, where it affects the relationship of the couple. This goes hand in hand with delayed ejaculation, and you can consider this an extreme form of it.  

Anorgasmia is the condition where the person suffering from it isn’t able to reach orgasm. No matter how much sexual stimulation there may be, orgasm just doesn’t happen. And it robs the person of one of the most fun things ever.  

This has historically been more common among females, but now young men are experiencing this too.  

Once again, the overstimulating nature of the hyper-connected modern world is the likely cause. And high-speed internet porn happens to be a part of it, a significant one.  

In some cases of this, the young man is able to reach orgasm. But that’s only under specific conditions, involving some kind of novelty of the other.  

Since that’s not possible all the time, it causes lots of frustration.  

It only gets worse if the person doesn’t do something about it, affecting health and relationships.  

There are powerful physiological reasons for this as well if this keeps happening every time. And for that, you must talk to your doctor.  


If you’ve read so far into this article as a young man, then you likely understand the seriousness of the situation.  

So, we urge you to dedicate time to think about this problem. Better yet discuss it with someone you trust.  

You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.  

And you will do a huge favor to yourself in the future. Or maybe at the very least, you find out about some issue in your life that you’ve been running away from. Something that you should address and fix the problem at its root.  

Whatever the case may be, our intention was not to make you paranoid in this matter. But to make you aware of how serious this problem is and can be.  

Mention in the comments, what steps you will take to fix any of these problems you’re facing. Or something that we missed here.  

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BlockerX is an adult content-blocking app for Android, iOS, desktop & chrome. In addition to blocking adult content, BlockerX also has a strong community of 100,000 members and courses that help you work on your porn problems, one step at a time.