Saindo da Pornografia: Parabéns por vencer o desafio de 90 dias

Reviewed by - Dr. Nick Nissen, MD

Reviewed by - Dr. Nick Nissen, MD

Dr. Nick Nissen is a clinical fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. His interests are treatment-resistant disorders and care management. He lectures on topics such as mood disorders, sleep disorders, mindfulness, and addictions. He is also the host of the Brain Health with Dr. Nissen Podcast and collectively has 90K+ followers across social media platforms.

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Key Takeaway

Embark on a life-changing journey with the 90-day porn detox challenge. Understand the power of dopamine and its impact on your life. Discover the numerous physical benefits, including improved sexual health, increased energy, and enhanced productivity.

Experience mental advantages like heightened happiness, confidence, and reduced anxiety. Embrace self-acceptance and spirituality while enjoying better sleep and focus. Take control of your life with Blocker X for a successful digital detox. Say goodbye to porn and welcome a brighter, healthier future.

What is 90-day challenge?

Before we answer, think about this:   

How many of you have wasted your time watching porn videos?  How many times have you felt low energy due to excessive masturbation? Quite a lot of times?   

Have you ever felt if it were because of excessive masturbation, you would have missed some opportunities?  So, what if we tell you there is a challenge that can change the degree of your life and provide you with a renewed outlook to achieve your goals?

That challenge is called the 90 day challenge.   

90 days of no masturbation?! 

Do you think it is impossible to do that? You have to understand that millions of men benefited from the 90-day challenge.   

90 Days challenge will help your body recover from excessive masturbation by making your dopamine level back to normal. It boosts your confidence, your focus, and mental stability.   

Why 90 Days? 

Most of the time, masturbation is stimulated by watching porn. When our brain consumes a lot of porn content, it will harm the mind and body. Extreme porn and masturbation can cause many more side effects that might lead to a downfall in life.

90 days challenge

No masturbation for 90 days can help you rewire your brain and manage the normal dopamine levels in your body.   

 The 90-day challenge is a challenge people take up to fight their addiction to pornography, and they decide not to masturbate and not watch porn for 90 days. The challenge is simple:

No Masturbation. No Porn!

What is Dopamine?

Our body creates a neurotransmitter, and our nervous system uses it to send messages between nerve cells. Hence it is sometimes called a chemical messenger, and it plays a significant role in giving us pleasure.

As noted, over time, Dopamine is a chemical that sends signals and plays an essential role in thinking, motivation, emotions, and addictions.  

Dopamine is released when your brain is anticipating a reward. When you associate a particular action with delight, mere anticipation may be sufficient to raise dopamine levels. It could be any food, sex, shopping, or anything else you crave. 


For instance, suppose your go-to comforting food is homemade pancakes. Your brain may boost dopamine when you smell pancakes being made or see them arriving from your colleague’s tiffin box. When you consume them, the high amount of dopamine strengthens this desire and concentrates on benefiting it in the future.  

It’s a process of stimulation, bonus, and support.  

Suppose you’ve been craving those pancakes all day, but your co-workers gobbled them down when you were occupied in a meeting.

Your dissatisfaction might decrease your dopamine level and decrease your mood, and it might also amplify your wish to have two or more pancakes at a time. Now you desire them even more. 

Aside from its feel-good function, Dopamine is involved in many body functions. These include: 


      • blood flow 

      • memory and focus 

      • mood and emotions 

      • pleasure and reward-seeking behavior 

      • sleep 

      • stress response 

    Keep in mind that Dopamine isn’t acting alone. It works with other neurotransmitters and hormones, such as serotonin and adrenaline.

    How quitting porn can positively impact your life?

    It is important to get educated about the harmful effects of porn and the way it is connected to sexual exploitation. The severity of this addiction varies depending on the viewing habits.

    Quitting porn has a range of benefits that can positively impact physically, mentally, and socially as well. By quitting porn people can notice their issues being solved and their lives vastly improved.

    But one of the biggest changes will be noticed in self-image and interpersonal relationships. This article will reflect on self-image and interpersonal relationships.

    What challenges can one face while quitting porn?

    There are a lot of changes that one can face psychologically and physically once an individual decides to quit porn. The difficulties of withdrawal can vary from person to person and based on the severity of the addiction.

    Benefits of 90 days challenge

    There would be a lot of benefits as per the survey and research but listed below are the most common benefits physical and mental:  

    Physical benefits

    1. Increased Testosterone level

    According to the study, 90 days challenge can increase the testosterone level to 45% (on day 7 itself). If you wonder what testosterone is, it is the essential hormone for a man, and it facilitates the evolution of male secondary sexual attributes.

    Testosterone regulates sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, and strength and helps produce red blood cells and sperm. So, this challenge will create a natural testosterone level in your body, and hence the body can deliver the highest testosterone level when you take up this challenge.   

    2. No more Premature Ejaculation

    Excessive masturbation can cause premature ejaculation problems, which means when a man ejaculates sooner during sexual intercourse than he or his partner would like. However, facing this challenge can help him to fight this embarrassment.  

    3. Increased productivity

    Avoiding watching porn and getting involved in excessive masturbation decreases productivity. Hence by maintaining a challenge for 90 days of not masturbating or not watching porn, you can channel your energy toward something productive. 

    4. Improved focus and concentration

    Right after masturbation, you lose interest in doing things. You would either sleep or scroll through your phone, wasting time. There isn’t that enthusiasm left to achieve something.

    If you masturbate frequently, there are more times when you are in that state. Consequently, you get depressed and lose focus and concentration. When you are on a 90 days challenge, your mind is trained to block the thoughts of porn and masturbation.

    Studies show that there can be a steep increase in your focus and concentration, which improves your productivity.  

    5. Better sleep

    Most addicts complain that they cannot sleep without watching porn and masturbating as 90 days challenge abstains from watching porn and choosing a good night’s sleep, nothing like that. A night of better sleep can help you have a good productive day for yourself. Better sleep fixes many ailments.   

    6. Cured Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) happens when somebody with a penis can’t keep or preserve an erection. The disorder involves around 30 million men in the U.S. and is more typical in older people with health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, anxiety or stress, smoking, etc.

    So abstaining for 90 days or more can cure this problem and help a guy be more productive in bed

    7. Improved sperm quality

    Erectile dysfunction in younger men is rising. Nearly 1 in 8 men will form prostate cancer, so your sexual and prostate health must be essential.

    One unpredictable way you can enhance your sexual fitness is through diet, but what we should not forget as individuals is that abstaining from excessive masturbation for more than 90 days will for sure improve your quality of sperm.  

    physical benefits

    8. High Energy levels

    If you find yourself feeling lethargic, having a problem staying awake, or chugging multiple cups of coffee, you’re not alone. Most of us are familiar with sensing unraveled out and exhausted at the end of the day.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of beneficial actions to relieve fatigue and expand your energy levels. Making a few small changes to your daily routine can significantly affect how energetic you feel and many other aspects of your health.

    And abstaining from masturbation is one of the leading causes of increasing individuals’ high energy levels. 

    9. Increased Stamina

    Stamina can represent numerous things, but when it comes at sex, it usually refers to how prolonged you can prevail in bed. For men, the reasonable time between the sheets is two to five minutes, and for women, it’s a bit prolonged, about 20 minutes before reaching the orgasm.

    So, no argument can be given when it comes to giving pleasure to your partner that abstinence can make your partner much happier, and this 90-day challenge will help you achieve that. 

    Mental benefits

    1. Increased happiness

    What happens when you achieve your goal day by day? Will you be happy? The same is true when you try to gain something for yourself. Won’t you be pleased if you can achieve some milestone that is not very easy for many?

    It will increase your happiness. The people who have succeeded in the 90-day challenge have claimed to be happier than ever as it gives you a lot more physical and mental benefits.   

    2. Boosted confidence

    Porn addiction can have negative impacts on the human brain. A porn addict can face a shrink in their faith as there is always guilt and shame. When individuals take up this challenge, they will stop feeling guilty or ashamed of wasting time by watching porn and indulging in masturbation.

    Hence there is a new level of confidence in achieving something that you have struggled with and will boost your confidence level.   

    3. Increased motivation and willpower

    We all know that quitting porn and masturbation for 90 days is a big deal, and one can boast about the achievement. By taking up this challenge, you feel self-motivated and develop more substantial willpower. A newly found self-esteem and willpower make you do wonders in your professional and personal life. 

    4. Self-acceptance

    Self-love and acceptance are tools for the growth of an individual. With this challenge, a person can know his worth and come out of the negative emotions and low self-confidence induced in the mind due to porn addiction. Self-acceptance is a powerful tool for one’s well-being as quality helps increase the quality of life.   

    5. Improved attitude towards other sexes

    Porn addiction will make one objectify men and women. This objectification can make you feel low about how you look at others and think of them.

    By stopping watching porn, that objectification will slowly fade away, and you start attaching respect/dignity to the people around you. The 90-day challenge will help you to develop an improved attitude towards other sexes.  

    6. Low Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are everyday experiences for many people. Not giving importance to the regular stress of daily life as much as possible is harmful to overall health.

    That’s because chronic stress harms health and increases your risk of health conditions such as heart disease, anxiety disorders, and depression.

    It’s important to understand that focus isn’t the same as mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, requiring medical professionals’ treatment. Abstaining from porn for 90 days can decrease the stress individuals are facing. 

    7. Heightened spirituality

    Spiritual meditation is a highly individual experience that can feel vastly different for each person. Spiritual meditation is utilized across the globe in numerous religions and civilizations.

    Some use it for anxiety and peace, others to unplug their minds, and some to revive and heighten their relationship to something more significant than themselves. Quitting for such a long period could push you to a spiritual awakening which has multiple benefits: 


        • a more proportional sense of being 

        • inner peace and harmony 

        • a decrease in harmful stress 

        • an upsurge in creativity 

        • a powerful feeling of belonging 

        • improved self-esteem, self-trust, and self-acceptance 

        • the transparency in your life pursuit 

      Your practice will bring you a complete understanding that you can choose how you experience each moment of your life while strengthening the mind-body connection. A 2020 study noted that spiritual meditation could be an effective complementary treatment for several conditions, including: 


          • substance use conditions,  

          • despair 

          • nervousness 

          • stress 

          • pain managing 

        The advantages of spiritual meditation are profound and comprehensive. The most significant advantage of spiritual meditation is the pure sense of bliss and confidence in who you are. You feel so blissfully confident that you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing in life. 

        mental benefits

        An individual has to resist during the 90 days challenge is the urge to watch porn. Watching porn triggers an individual to be unable to avoid masturbation and compulsive porn watching later. Hence along with physical and mental detox, a digital detox is also required.   

        Digital Detox for 90 days challenge: Blocker X

        Blocker X is an app that blocks adult content from your gadget and keeps your gadget safe from watching pornography. Website blockers are also generally called internet filters worldwide, and they can either block specific websites for me or block an exclusive category of websites.


        You can use these blockers to customize your access to various domains and even on-page content. As you are in control, you have the authority to determine which website or category of websites you would like to sidestep and block.

        If blocking seems too excessive, you can even choose to set time boundaries. When you use a website and the time limit is up, you automatically lose the permit to the website. 

        The 90-day challenge is a new concept that is effectively emerging, and a lot of research is going on. Abstaining from masturbation abstinence from masturbation does improve sperm quality in people assigned male at birth, according to a 2019 study.

        The study showed that during abstinence, the body shows a lot of improvement, such as,


            • Semen volume   

            • Sperm concentration increase   

            • Mobility of sperms   

            • Total sperm count   

            • Sperm DNA fragmentation   

          Most health experts believe that masturbation is healthy and an essential type of sexual development. Some of the health benefits of masturbation include: 


              • Improved mood   

              • Good sleep   

              • Stress and tension relief   

              • Relief from menstrual cramps   

            For some individuals, masturbation can be an origin of remorse or regret if their civilization considers the act taboo or if it goes against their spiritual, ethical, or even political opinions. 

            A 2016 analysis found that shame from masturbation was associated with psychological despair, dismay, anxiety, a movement toward other sexual issues, relationship problems, and more elevated rates of alcohol use. 

            A 2020 investigation involving 1,063 parties related to masturbation celibacy examined the basis for abstaining. Researchers found that those most motivated to abstain perceived masturbation to have the highest negative impact on their lives had lower trust in science and higher conservatism and religiosity. 

            On a final note

            Some people have experienced a range of benefits due to the 90-day challenge. Any challenge that rectifies your personal or professional life interference is good. You can also seek professional help for any physical or mental health concerns.   

            So, have you taken the 90-day challenge yet?  



            Our experts continually monitor the wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

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            Sobre BlockerX

            BlockerX é um aplicativo de bloqueio de conteúdo adulto para Android, iOS, desktop e Chrome. Além de bloquear conteúdo adulto, o BlockerX também possui uma forte comunidade de 100.000 membros e cursos que ajudam você a resolver seus problemas de pornografia, um passo de cada vez.