Semen Retention: 4 Ways Modern Science Validates it

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Throughout history, men have been looking for new ways to improve their overall health. Semen retention science isn’t new, but ancient and it involves the practice of deliberately avoiding ejaculation.  

Although many modern doctors believe that preserving semen is good for health. There’s still little scientific evidence to support these claims. However, in any case, deliberately stopping ejaculation does not cause any health problems either. 

There is some evidence that there is a positive correlation between sperm retention and testosterone levels. Most of the claimed health benefits of sperm retention have not been fully scientifically studied. 

Therefore, the benefits of retaining semen actually depend on how exactly the person himself feels physically and mentally.

The Meaning of Semen Retention

Semen retention is a sexual practice of completely preventing your ejaculation. Some people do this by abstaining from all sexual activities. But in some traditions (including tantric sex), the practice of retaining semen means learning to reach orgasm without ejaculating. This is also known as dry orgasm.  

According to sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt, although orgasm and ejaculation mostly occur at the same time. Orgasm and ejaculation are separate biological phenomena that can occur without the other. 

The main reason people choose to retain sperm is because they can maintain an erection after orgasm. This gives them the opportunity to have multiple orgasms and continue to please their partner. 

Usually, after an ejaculation, the penis will go through a refractory period during which it cannot ejaculate. It hardens again, but the same thing does not happen after a dry orgasm.  

If you want your partner to become pregnant, the practice of retaining sperm for a short period of time during your next sex or ejaculation may increase your fertility. 

Semen Retention Science on Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone levels can negatively affect your mood, energy levels, and sex drive. It can also cause erection problems, decreased muscle mass, and increased body fat. There is a strong link between semen retention and testosterone. It is actually the source of nutrition and vitality.  

When you ejaculate, this energy leaves your body. It’s okay when you’re young, but as you get older, your body will get tired every time you ejaculate, sometimes even for a long time.  

In a small study in 2003, researchers documented the association between ejaculation and changes in serum testosterone levels. The testosterone levels of 28 volunteers peaked on the seventh day of abstinence.  

In another small study in 2001, they found that participants who had not masturbated for three weeks had elevated testosterone levels.  

Semen retention recognizes the fact that ejaculation affects your energy levels. The goal is not to never ejaculate again, you need to find a rhythm in your body and start to understand when ejaculation will help and when it drains your body 

The Marvellous Psychological Effects of Semen Retention

People are interested in semen retention for many reasons, including the belief that frequent ejaculation makes them weak.  

Some people say that sperm retention can improve fertility, sexual pleasure, or physical health. Many people believe that semen retention helps to transfer sexual energy to other areas of life and that it helps to improve emotional health and spiritual growth. For some people, this is the only way to practice self-control.  

People who have practiced semen retention report more confidence and self-control, less anxiety and depression. Also, they have felt more motivation, better memory, better concentration and overall cognitive function.  

Abstaining from ejaculation can also help people with destructive porn addiction. Taking a long break from pornography, masturbation, or even sex can help break the cycle or avoid porn addiction.  

Should you Practice Semen Retention? 

The health benefits of semen retention are anecdotal. Therefore, for anyone who enters the “happiness” period out of enthusiasm for health, this practice will not cause obvious harm, and may even have significant improvements in some aspects of life.  

There are many reasons to believe that semen retention can increase your well-being as the levels of testosterone in your body increases. However, there are no hard and fast rules.  

A person can stop sexual activity according to his own wishes. You can also try to incorporate techniques such as edging or tantric sex into your sex life and see if you like it. There is condition as to how many times you should or should not ejaculate. Therefore, people should try what suits best for them 

Risks & Challenges that Semen Retention Science Points Out

In most cases, semen retention is a safe practice, but there are a few points to keep in mind. Semen retention is not just a solution for every single person.  

Here are some potential dangers of semen retention that you may face while you practice the act: 


There are certain dynamics that takes place inside your body when you start to retain the sexual energy inside you. You must be careful not to aggravate the negative emotions in your life. 

One of the main problems. What a man encounters when retaining semen is stagnation. The stagnation is because that huge sexual energy accumulates.  

If you don’t do internal practices to circulate it, it will get stuck or disappear. It is going to create obstacles to the body, your mind and the way you express yourself.  

Negative emotions

It is important to understand that when you practice semen retention. You are accumulating sexual energy and just “adding more fuel to the tank.”  

A person can often experience sexual frustration, over-excitement, becoming some kind of sexual predator, just angry and irritable.  

It is important to note that although many practitioners are much better after the practice. It is not a positive experience for everyone. Frustration and irritability are increasing common to those who are unable to ejaculate. And are being kept away from sexual activities for a long time. 

Epidydimal hypertension 

For some people, not ejaculating might be really painful or cause epidydimal hypertension (also known as “blue balls”).

This is a mild condition in which the testicles are aroused without orgasm. And the person feels intense pain and discomfort. He will start to feel depressed as his testicles will constantly ache from the semen accumulated in his body.  

Hyper sexualization

This is an uncommon effect of semen retention that is not usually talked about. Semen retention can sometimes lead to negative energy projection and even hyper sexualization.  

Hyper sexualization, or the sexualization of public spaces, involves a person or the media attributing sexual characteristics to objects that have nothing to do with sex. This behavior can as magazines, videos, movies, advertising and the fashion industry. 


Semen retention is a very personal topic. If you decide to give it a try, be sure to understand the reasons behind it and the benefits you’re to get from it. If this makes you feel better, then there is no reason why you can’t go ahead and try it for long as you want, but you can stop at any time.  

Semen retention science doesn’t guarantee changing your life right away, and making it better. But if you want to see for yourself, the risk associated with sperm retention is almost none. The most important aspect of this practice is to not take it too seriously and let it ruin your life.

You practice this in order to get the benefits, that’s about it.

Curiosity is important for learning to reach orgasm without ejaculating. This is an exploratory process to see what works for your body. And this skill takes time to develop.

So try to have fun exploring your body and try it out to experience all its claimed benefits. 


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