Motivational Wallpapers: The Easiest Way To Be The Best Version of Yourself

2020-21 has been a rough year for us. As a whole, humanity has been through a lot. Sometimes all the negativity around can really affect your mental health. But at the end of the day, what you make of any situation is on you. Regardless of your environment, you’re capable of being your best self, but with a little trick.  

Recovering from addiction, amidst a pandemic can be especially hard. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, there has been a rise in porn addiction cases all around the world. Countries with thriving sex work industries like Switzerland, Germany, and The Netherlands saw a much significant uptick in porn consumption. As the virus began to spread over Europe, the three countries issued an order to shut down brothels all over the country. Due to this a large chunk of the population resorted to watching porn to get their fix. As of March 16 of 2020, Germany has recorded an increase of 8% in porn consumption and Switzerland an increase of 11.5%. However, The Netherlands had the highest incline of 14%. The rest of the countries are not far behind.

The porn industry decided to use a global pandemic as an opportunity to cash-in more views. They provided their viewers in these countries with free porn and special premium memberships. This led to a spike in porn consumption like never before. 

The popular porn streaming website PornHub, recorded a striking 95% increase in user engagement in India. This took place during the government imposed intense 21-days lockdown. Spain saw an increase of 61.3%, France wasn’t far behind at 38.2% and Italy saw an uptick of 30%.

How To Deal With This Problem

If you’ve made up your mind about quitting porn addiction, here’s the perfect article to guide you through this. You can find many more articles like this about addiction and everything to do with it on our blog.

Today, however, we will be talking about one very specific thing: motivational posters. It is mind-boggling how such a small thing can make such a big difference in your recovery. Throughout your recovery journey, you will realize, that it is in fact the small and minute changes you make in your daily life that will make the most difference. 

Motivational posters and wallpapers are something simple that you can add to your life, and you’re bound to notice a difference. You’ll also notice a positive change in the way people treat you. Here’s why:

They help raise the mood

Recovery is not a linear process. There are bound to be many ups and downs. To successfully recover, constant effort and work are required. Motivational and encouraging messages can play a huge role in this. They can lighten your mood and keep your spirit high throughout the day.

Can improve self-esteem

Addiction can severely damage self-esteem. In order to fully recover from any addiction, and get back to being your old self, you also need to work on regaining your self-esteem. Motivational posters and wallpapers can act as a vehicle to give a little nudge and boost your confidence. 

Helps overshadow negativity

The root cause of addiction can be many things. It could be your personal relationships or even your work life. While trying to recover from it, negativity flowing in from any area of your life can tamper with the process. Having a motivational wallpaper to look at at any given moment can help overshadow the negative. It can remind you of what is important and help you get your priorities back on track. 

Can help with  mindfulness therapy

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing your attention to the present moment. This is usually developed through the practice of meditation. As a part of mindfulness therapy, you need to pick a motivational quote to incorporate into the therapy. Mindfulness meditation is a crowd favourite among many ex-addicts. So do give it a try!

Can help spread joy and positivity

If you are a part of any support group, it can be a sweet little gesture to share your motivational wallpaper or quote of the day with your support group buddies. You never know who might need a little pick me up on a particular day. If you find something especially motivating, you can share it with others and make their day too!

Where To Find Motivational Wallpapers And Posters

Three easiest ways to get your daily dose of motivation:


Pinterest is the holy land for all kinds of posters and wallpapers. One little search and you will be met with a plethora of wallpapers and quotes. You can look for something more specific like a quote from your role model or wallpapers that are just too pretty to not download. Save as many of these as you’d like and you set them up as your wallpaper as frequently as you’d like. 


If looking for motivational wallpapers and changing them ever so often doesn’t seem like your cup of tea. Then BlockerX has the perfect solution for you. BlockerX is the best porn-blocking app you will find out there. It is a VPN based blocker that will block all kinds of adult content from your iPhone. A plus point for iOS users is that the app also comes with some very useful widgets! One of which is motivational wallpapers and quotes. Once you download the app on your phone, all you have to do is set up the BlockerX widget on your home screen, Then, the widget will automatically display motivational quotes for you throughout the day.


If you’d like to have physical copies of these motivational posters stuck on your wall, then head to your nearest bookstore. There are many online and offline bookstores that carry a large variety of motivational posters. You can simply purchase these and decorate your room with them. 

Hanging motivational art and posters doesn’t only add colour to an otherwise dull wall, it can also break up the visual monotony of the unadorned space. Every time you look at your phone or wake up and look at your wall, you will have a little nugget of motivation. This can boost your spirit and keep you going for the day! Some might think of this as a silly tip, but trust us when we say this is bound to have a positive impact on your recovery!

“If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self”.

~Napoleon Hill~

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Bhanu Shree

Bhanu Shree is a seasoned psychologist with over five years of specialized experience in child and adolescent psychology, particularly in addressing learning difficulties and ADHD. A respected mentor in mental health, she offers transformative guidance to adolescents facing various psychological challenges. Beyond her clinical expertise, Shree is an acclaimed author, contributing insightful perspectives on addiction and youth mental health issues. Her work is widely recognized for treatment in the mental health field.