90 days challenge

Is it okay to have sex after 90 days challenge? 


Firstly, congratulations on completing your 90-day challenge. Now what? Want to know? One of the most asked questions by health experts all over.  

Is it safe to have sex after 90 days challenge?

Whether it is alright to have sex after completing 90 days challenge?  Individuals who have completed the 90-day challenge are under the scanner of a dilemma to have sex or not? 

If to having sex with a partner or masturbating would be good? If one does not have a partner, what must be the way then? Can sex be healthy after 90 days? If yes, then to what extent? Is there a risk of relapse? 

After completing the challenge, if sex is not healthy, how much longer does an individual need to abstain from it? 

This scholarly article will answer all these mind-baffling questions puzzling your head. 

What is a 90 days challenge?

90 days of no sex? Do you think it is impossible to do that? You have to understand that millions of men benefited from 90 days challenge.

No sex for 90 days can help you rewire your brain and manage the normal dopamine levels in your body. Aren’t you curious a little? So, what if we tell you there is a challenge that can change the degree of your life and provides you with a renewed outlook to achieve goals?

And that challenge is called 90 days challenge.   

A 90-day challenge is a concept where an individual abstains from sex

90 Days challenge will help your body recover from extreme sex by making your dopamine level back to normal. It boosts your confidence, your focus, and mental stability.   

The 90-day challenge is a challenge people take up to fight their addiction to sex, and they decide not to masturbate and not watch porn for 90 days which ultimately results in sex. 

The challenge is simple:   

No Sex. Whatever the circumstance. A 90-day challenge is one of the newfound concepts to recover the body from excessive sexual compulsion. 

What are the benefits of completing the 90 days challenge? 

1. Developing confidence 

These challenges will make you feel confident in yourself in just two weeks, from avoiding social conversations, a get-together with friends, and social events. You could talk to people without any hesitation.

It was because you would have no thoughts of porn and sex in your head, and also, the guilt and shame you experienced due to this addiction would vanish. You will experience more confidence in your abilities and no longer run from things as earlier you used to. 

2. Regained interest in little things 

You re-enjoy little things when you stop relying on porn and masturbation for temporary satisfaction. When you watch porn and masturbate, significant dopamine releases into your brain.

Due to this Dopamine, you gain artificial happiness, and it becomes an addiction. As the addiction grows, you don’t find joy and happiness in doing little things.

You just like watching porn and masturbating because that’s more satisfying or rewarding. But believe me, when you complete the challenge, you eliminate that dopamine stimulation. Therefore, your brain starts regaining interest in little things like playing football, eating delicious food, etc. 

3. Developed mental strength and toughness 

The mental strength it takes to abstain for 90 days when you have been addicted to it for years is enormous. It takes a lot of self-control to beat the addiction that has gained control over your mind.

Sometimes you will experience extreme sexual urges, where your brain wants you to relapse, but you have to stay mentally tough and avoid those urges.

As a result, you become mentally more potent, which will boost your self-control. This benefit will surely be evident.

4. Improved stamina and muscle health

Improved stamina does not count sex stamina or your performance in bed, but your field stamina will enhance if you are a sportsperson or a heavy worker. You will notice that your endurance improves, and you will be quicker now and finish without getting tired quickly. 

Your muscle strength and size will increase as there will be a rise in testosterone levels in your body. According to a study, testosterone level rises to 145.7% by day 7 of abstaining from masturbation.

More testosterone equals more energy, resulting in performing better in the gym and getting stronger. All credit goes to your decision of 90 days challenge. 

5. Strong willpower and motivation 

From being lazy and lacking motivation, you will wake up early, work out, meditate, and work towards your goals and dreams. So, this clearly shows how your willpower and motivation have increased after accepting the challenge. 

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter that gives you the desire to seek potential rewards. For instance, dopamine can cause you to crave a particular dessert or cause you to level up when playing a video game, and it even helps you get motivated to do specific work. 

Sexual stimulation is the most dopamine-inducing activity one can naturally experience. While watching porn, your dopamine level rises to around 200% of what is expected. 

The sudden increase in your dopamine level completely messes with your dopamine reward system leading to no motivation and willpower to do anything.

But as you take this 90-day challenge and abstain from porn and masturbation, your dopamine reward system starts to heal itself. Once it’s back to normal, you feel endless motivation and willpower to do things and achieve something in life. 

6. Resetting brain 

Being able to focus and concentrate better. There will be an increase in your attention span, and you can now work and read for a longer duration.

Brain Fog is the incapacity to have an intense remembrance or to lack a robust direction which is very common in people with constant addiction to sex will vanish. Giving porn and masturbation a stop can prevent you from brain fog. You will now think better and clear. 

When you watch too much porn, you start to look at girls incorrectly; that’s awkward because you don’t know them and think of having sex with them.

With these 90 days’ restraints, you will start to respect girls more now and no longer think of them as sex objects. You will begin to compliment them for their behaviors and attitude rather than due to their body parts. 

Your brain will be back to normal again like how it used to be before addiction, all because of 90 days of challenge acceptance.  

What experts say about having sex after 90 days challenge?

The quantity of sex that a person has alters over their lifetime. There is no respectable amount of sex to have, and not bearing sex for a long time should not have damaging side effects. 

How frequently a person has sex inherently varies from time to time, relying on age, instabilities in sex drive, and affinity status. Many people appreciate a complete and pleasurable life without ever having sex. 

In an analysis looking at data from 17,744 people in the United States, 15.2% of men and 26.7% of women conveyed having no sex in the last year, while 8.7% of men and 17.5% of women declared not having had sex for 5 years or more. 

The authors inferred that sexless Americans documented equivalent happiness levels as their sexually active counterparts. 

Abstinence is one of several behavioral approaches to control forced gestation and STIs. Augmented abstinence accounted for about one-fourth of the reduction in pregnancy rates for US 15–17-year-olds from 1994 to 2002. 

If abstinence is represented as refraining from masturbation and partnered sexual manners, most American adolescents are abstinent at any given time.  

We can learn what happens when there are triggers or urges to watch porn?  

Triggers are essentially the catalyst for your addiction. They are what prompt you to act on your urges and keep you trapped in the cycle of habit, so it’s essential for those struggling with porn addiction to make themselves aware of your triggers.

Once you identify your triggers, it becomes easier to avoid them and manage your addiction. When it comes to sexual addictions, including pornography addiction, there are two main types of triggers; internal and external. 

Internal triggers are those feelings of emotional discomfort we all experience from time to time, such as depression, loneliness, stress, shame, boredom, guilt, anger, or any other negative emotion.

Something as uncomplicated as a conflict with a partner or work associate can be a catalyst that can quickly send you right back into the addiction cycle

External triggers include physical, audio, and visual stimuli typically involving people, places, things, and events. For example, this could be seeing a picture of a woman in lingerie or hearing a conversation about sex.

Keep in mind that triggers are individual to a person, and some addicts experience both internal and external stimuli simultaneously. 

Once you have identified your specific triggers, you can begin to take steps toward recovery and avoid putting yourself in situations that perpetuate your addiction which may include avoiding arguments, decreasing your stress levels, keeping yourself busy, and minimizing your exposure to erotic stimuli. 

Scenarios for those who have partners  

Practicing abstinence-only works when both partners are incredible with not having sex. So the key to doing abstinence work is talking about it with your partner, primarily because celibacy can mean various things to diverse people. 

It is required to be open with each other and judge sex together. Speaking about sex, birth control, and abstinence might seem complicated, but it’s one of the most suitable ways to keep your association happy and healthy. 

It’s expected to feel embarrassing or embarrassed, especially if you’ve never talked about sex before. Here are some suggestions to preserve you on the way: 

  • Know what rehearsing abstinence means to you.  
  • Chat before things get sexual.  
  • Be specific.  
  • Be sure.  

Sex isn’t the only method to demonstrate your love and admiration. People get to know each other, become tight, and create confidence by: 

  •  Speaking and listening 
  •  Sharing 
  •  Being candid 
  •  Appreciating each other’s reflections and sentiments 
  •  Hanging out together 

Many individuals have fulfilling romantic connections without having regular sex. In these cases, people can try other improving communication and intimacy.  

Scenarios for those who are single 

Some have never had much appeal in sex, while others carry a furlough to handle emotional problems, recuperate from bad dating ventures, or change how they approach relationships.

But single people, i.e., without a partner, may find it a little challenging to practice abstinence for 90 long days. So, to help yourself, you must use your excess energy into something substantial like: 

  Doing all types of exercising, doing double shifts if necessary 

  • Focusing on my career even more.  
  • Option to address any emotional outbreak and improve other relationships in your life.  
  • Go mountain biking, help out the poor and needy and spend time with friends.  
  • Spend more time with family and make those bonds stronger.  
  • Being there, no distractions, focus entirely on your passion and purpose. 
  • Women feel more empowered than ever to abandon the sexual functions they felt forced into in the past, and they can use their mouthpieces.  

A sexless connection can still be valid, and both partners are comfortable with the idea. Most people want to be valued and tended to by their partner, and there is an abundance of other ways to experience that other than through sex. 

But one must abstain from watching porn and have a digital detox.   

Blocker X  

It is a program/ app you download on your computer/phone to restrict access to certain parts of the internet. Website blockers are also commonly called internet filters worldwide, and they can either block specific websites for you or block an entire category of websites.  

You can use these blockers to customize your access to various domains and even on-page content like videos and games.

sex after 90 days challenge

As you are in control, you have the power to decide which website or category of websites you’d like to avoid and have blocked. 

 If blocking seems too extreme; you can even choose to set time limits. When you’re using a website and the time limit is up, you automatically lose access to the website.  

This app has some robust features that includes an accountability partner. They send daily reports to your chosen accountability partner, and it helps your accountability partner keep track of your internet browsing activity.

They also have a VPN NOTIFICATION feature which allows your accountability partner to know whenever you turn off the VPN. 

Benefits of Blocker X 

Merely being able to block a website on your phone/laptop can benefit you in various aspects of your life, and Blocker X is here to save the day. Some of the benefits include: 

1. Increased productivity 

Once you eliminate all the distractions preventing you from being the most efficient in your work and life, your productivity ought to increase. Increased productivity ensures more work gets done, providing better quality work.

The improvement you see in your career and other projects will inspire and motivate you to work harder and better. 

2. Improved phone/ laptop condition 

By installing a website blocker on your phone/laptop, all the unnecessary usage is cut off, which makes your electronic devices less vulnerable to various harmful viruses that slowly destroy the system, ensuring that your gadgets last longer and are in better condition.  

3. More free time 

It’s surprising when you realize how much time you spend on the internet unnecessarily, the daily. The three hours you spend aimlessly on the internet and be used to doing so many more things off the internet that you enjoy. Once you log off the internet, you get to have real-life experiences. 

4. Less stress

With a website blocker, when you can complete your entire to-do list in much less time and are no longer buried in work, it helps you stay calm and work with a clearer head. This one little thing can be highly beneficial to your mental health.  

Benefits of life without sex  for 90 days

Some people may not see any side developments of celibacy, and people refer to not. People may get some of the physiological advantages of sex, such as decreased stress from masturbation. Having sex for a long time is celibacy or abstinence.

When somebody does not have sex for months or years, they are unlikely to see any adverse physical side effects on their health.  

Many people prefer not to have sex for a variety of explanations. Some people don’t want it or aren’t inquisitive, and others find it a distraction, among other essential things.

Although having sex can positively affect your health, not having sex has benefits. Some of the ethical side consequences of not having sex for an extended period possess: 

1. Get to know yourself better

Sometimes, people have problems concentrating on their pleasure when having sex with somebody else. Going through a parched spell is a terrific way to take some time to gather yourself better. 

2. Have some much-needed space 

Abstaining from sex can permit you to concentrate on any significant emotional issues you may be dealing with for a long time. Sometimes abstaining from sex is required after an illness or medical approach, and doing so can even help hasten the therapeutic process. 

A time of abstinence can be a chance for personal growth and self-love. Suppose you’re partnered, and you find that a lack of sex affects your relationship with your partner.

In that case, an intense conversation may support your better understanding of what you require in an association to feel comfortable. 

Sexual activity can improve or defend health on different levels, but this does not mean that you have to have sex to be beneficial or stay fit. Each person has other wishes and requirements when it reaches sex.

If you locate yourself in a dry spell, take a moment to know your wishes. 

Abstaining from sex for over 90 days comes with specific physical and psychological benefits. 

3. Concerning mental health 

There is a broad concept that having frequent sex is necessary for emotional wellbeing. While this is correct for some people, it is not the issue for everyone. Abstaining from sex is essential for good mental health.

The possible advantages of abstaining from sex, relying on the individual and their circumstances, include: 

  • Having no chance of (STIs) 
  • Bypassing an origin of anxiety 
  • Handling time to work through adverse sentiments about sex 
  • Living in the way that is compatible with one’s religious convictions 

Some people may find that masturbation can alleviate stress and anxiety by releasing hormones that produce a temporary mood boost. 

Benefits of life without masturbation for 90 days

Let’s look first at the supposed benefits of not masturbating. Proponents of masturbation abstinence insist that avoiding self-pleasure has hugely significant effects on your body and mind. 

1. Testosterone levels rise 

Anti-masturbation initiatives suggested that refraining from masturbation for a week caused a 45.7% increase in testosterone levels. From this belief have come other claims, such as the the idea that not masturbating helps you build muscle. 

2. Willpower, focus, and motivation 

Another supposed positive effect of not masturbating is that it increases your concentration and productivity, which is often linked to the testosterone theory cited above. At the same time, many men have reported a more extraordinary dedication to a given task during periods of abstinence. 

3. Stress and mood

Similarly, some abstinent men claim that one of the significant effects of not masturbating is their mood and levels of stress. They claim to be happier, the note being less stressed, and report an increased sense of general wellbeing.  

4. Improved sexual health 

it has been claimed that abstinence from masturbation has positive effects on your sexual health, including helping sperm health, curing erectile dysfunction, and changing unhealthy attitudes towards sex and women.

It has also been cited as a way to tackle pornography addiction too. Sperm concentrations increase with abstinence. Meanwhile, a healthy man may experience more erections as a neutral side effect of not masturbating. 


There is no right amount of sex, and the best regularity deviates from individual to individual. Not having sex for a extended time should not have adverse health effects. 

There is no proper or inaccurate way to describe sexual feelings, as long as everyone interested is consenting. No one should ever consider obliged to have sex, avoiding sex will not hurt a person’s health and may even be fit. 

Anyone who feels concerned about low sexual want or the results of rough sex on their relationship can converse about this with a doctor or therapist. Medicine, treatment, lifestyle modifications, improved transmission, and many other techniques may help. 

If masturbation is associated for you with harmful feelings such as shame and worry – something that may be more ordinary than you think– simply not masturbating is not the best response. Instead, speak to someone about it. There should be no shame in self-pleasure at all. 

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