Is excessive masturbation okay post the 90-day challenge?

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This article reflects on a few myths and reality after the 90-day challenge. Find out all you need to know!

What is a 90-day challenge? 

All we need is a clear and candid idea about this. 90 days of no masturbation? Do you think it is inconceivable to do that? You have to comprehend those millions of fellows benefited from the 90-day challenge.   

No masturbation for 90 days can enable you to rewire your brain and control the average dopamine ranks in your body.  Are these words hitting you hard somewhere in your consciousness and telling you it’s high time to make a decision now? 

So, what if we tell you there is a challenge that can modify your life phase and provide you with a revitalized perspective to reach your goals? That challenge is called the 90-day challenge.   

A 90-day challenge is a vision where a person abstains from masturbation/porn. 90 Days challenge will help your body recuperate from excessive masturbation by making your dopamine level normal. It increases your enthusiasm, your direction, and mental strength.   

The 90-day challenge is a challenge people take up to combat their addiction to masturbation, and they decide not to masturbate while watching porn or without porn for 90 days. 

The challenge is simple:  

No Masturbation. No giving up on any urges.  A 90-day challenge is one of the newfound concepts to heal the body from the disproportionate compulsion to engage in the act of masturbation.

Sexual Urges for individuals without a sexual partner

What exactly is it? 

Sexual frustration is a natural response to an imbalance between what you want sexually and what you’re currently getting or experiencing.

It is experienced differently in everybody, and it may present as generalized anger or agitation; for others, depression or anxiety. And for some, as recklessness. 

Occasionally what inhabitants think is sexual frustration is a lack of pleasure with something else in their lives. Periodically someone regards it because they’re not being adequately contested at work, and sometimes it’s because they’re not connecting with their partner. 

It’s normal 

First, know that feelings and sensations are entirely standard. Nevertheless, of gender and sexuality, almost everyone will encounter sexual frustration at some juncture in their lives because they want to have sex and don’t have someone to do it with them. 

Mainstream media often drive us to think that we’re believed to be having mind-blowing sex all the time, which can count to a sense of frustration and turmoil when we do not have that. 

excessive masturbation

How to recognize it?

While describing mood, if you find it all harmful, like agitated, angry, frustrated, grumpy, irritated, etc.. It is normal to have a mixture of feelings like this.

Have you been under a bunch of anxiety at work? Your unfavorable emotions are due to situational stress or lack of sleep. 

If, however, there’s no clear nonsexual cause, it’s a period to glance at your solo or partnered sex life. Ask yourself: 

  • Are there things that, as a person, I desire in a sexual way that I’m not capable of probing? 
  • Have I been entertaining more dangerous behavior to get my sexual demands met? 

Why it happens? 

When it comes to sexual frustration, learning why it’s happening is much more important than what is happening and what helps address it. 

How you feel about it determines what comes next

Do you want to address these feelings? Or do you want to wait for them to go away? The choice is yours.  And when you’re aware of your sexual needs? You’re better able to get them met and avoid sexual frustration altogether.  

Are you trying to quit masturbation and fight the urge? 

You’re not alone. There’s a strong movement sweeping the globe: people are quitting masturbation and pornography-related masturbation and as with any habit or addiction, stopping masturbation takes duration, tolerance, and sometimes attempt and mistake. Here’s a manual on how to withstand urges, stop masturbation, and take your power back.  

quit porn

Step 1: Specify the objective 

What’s your justification for preventing masturbation? Is it for your passion or for sexual health benefits? A connection?

No matter your explanation, spend some time understanding your underlying reason for pursuing this challenge.

Think about what your addiction is commanding you. How would abandoning porn or masturbation enhance the characteristics of your life? Remind yourself of this pursuit regularly to stay motivated and on track. 


Step 2: Explore your triggers 

Habits are rooted in us because of triggers that our brains associate with given conduct. It would benefit if you rewired your brain to smash the trigger-behavior association to break a habit.

If you can destroy these triggers or initiate to associate them with a substitute behavior, you disrupt the process and take back your control. Keeping a trail of every time you feel an urge and what triggered you right before the impulse will help you uncover the triggers of your addiction. 

Step 3: Master your circumstances 

Devise a plan for how you’ll bombard when triggers arise. And, as much as feasible, bypass triggers that can compromise your task. Set yourself up for victory by having alternative coping instruments when enticement hits.

Consider taking up a new skill that engages and exhilarates you, and depend on that talent whenever you urge to pursue porn or masturbation. Try to understand the core cause of this trigger and whether it’s a sign of something more profound, like low self-esteem. 

Step 4: Monitor your advancement 

Seeing your improvement can be tremendously motivating, especially when meeting opposition. Be infallible to follow how you’re doing.

Every moment you ward off a trigger, tally it. Soon you’ll have a running calculation of all the masturbation you didn’t do. You are witnessing those tally marks can be extremely rewarding.  

Step 5: Contact for backup 

There’s no requirement for you to do it independently. Having a reliable support system can get you through seductions and reversals. Asking for help is not a drawback.

Locate a gathering of individuals online who understand what you’re going through and who can make suggestions for ways to stay motivated. Create external responsibility by getting an accountability companion to correspond with regularly so that you stay on track. 

Why do people masturbate?

Many animals masturbate, but none with human males’ intensity and ejaculation frequency except when in captivity. In a study done by the Government concerning primate masturbation in 9 Indian zoos, apes were observed to masturbate regularly.

But in the wilderness, where apes are treated well, free to come and go from forest to anywhere, where there is no semblance of captivity—they do not masturbate.  

Let’s look at the analysis performed on apes to record their sexual behaviors in the wilderness versus captivity. 

In the wilderness, apes get what they want; they spend energy hunting for food, competing with numerous mates for copulating, and being occupied in ape activities. You cannot witness any stimulation they perform on themselves. 

spend energy hunting for food

But everything changed once the apes were brought for research by the researchers into captivity. Here, they have limited space to move; no activities usually they do or like in the wilderness could be done anymore.

That is when we can see they started stimulating themselves. And very soon, it grew into a compulsive habit for the apes.  

As you read along with this, it is better to acknowledge that this condition is similar to ours. Means humans. We are now people not living in the wilderness, not hunting for food, or fighting for survival.

At the same time, we have a super easy life to live, which is the contributing factor to falling into the trap of masturbation. And once you start doing it again. Voila! You are again in the cycle of masturbation and have become a compulsive masturbator though you completed your 90-day challenge. 

Having sex with a girlfriend or spouse is healthy, but if you are single and don’t have a partner, that doesn’t mean you should go for masturbation. 

Reasons for excessive masturbation

What are the causes of masturbation addiction? Below are some potential reasons for feeling the need to excessively or compulsively masturbate: 

Extreme masturbation can occasionally transpire in people with specific health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disease, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

Some medications such as methamphetamine, cocaine, and certain pharmaceutical medications for Parkinson’s disease can also improve self-stimulation.

Aside from health requirements, drugs, and prescription medications, other aspects that might guide compulsive masturbation include: 

  • a record of sexual or physical misuse 
  • a family narrative of behavioral obsessions 
  • Living with artistic or spiritual expectations 
  • the comfort of accessibility to pornography 

One analysis found that the hormone oxytocin and revised DNA pathways in the brain might play a part in hypersexual disorder, a disorder also indicated by compulsive sexual behavior. Further study is needed, but scientists recommend this discovery could guide new treatment options. 

Say NO to excessive masturbation!

Painful Genitals 

Men masturbate frequently; they may suffer from disease edema, swelling the penis with continuous irritation when excessive pressure is put around certain body parts. 

Lower Sperm Count 

When males or boys are in a disproportionate habit of doing it, the body’s ability to produce testosterone gets hindered. It can be one potential reason for lower sperm count is one of the side consequences of masturbation. 

Dhat Syndrome 

Dhat syndrome is one of the most significant sexual concerns in men in India. In dhat syndrome, the semen is passed while men urinate.

According to a study published in Jan 2015 by the International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences, dhat syndrome can be a possible side effect of masturbation. This syndrome can become the highest cause of early ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction in men. 

Nightfall Problem 

When males ejaculate in their slumber or have wet visions, they might suffer from nightfall issues. Men who have too much frontage to sexual essences or surrender to masturbation for much more can also face nightfall problems.  

Inflammation and Redness 

Yanking it too problematic at the climax or harboring the genitals too hard can develop rashes and redness, which may need medical help. These rashes occur because of skin dryness or skin disease induced by contaminated hands or low-quality oils during masturbation. 

Social Distancing 

According to a psychological study, one of the explanations men boycott sociable gatherings and circumstances can be masturbation dependence.

The patient suffers from such addiction treasures staying more at residence than going out. He chooses to spend most of his time unattended in the room and avoids any occasion of public meetings. 

Low Self Esteem 

Guys who are in the practice of masturbating more than the optimum terms haggle with their stress and sadness, fail confidence, and are always anxious around people; Masturbating softens them for a while. 

Low Self Esteem 

Unfocused Attitude 

Men who masturbate more than once a day are usually addicted to it and look out for explanations to bounce off their work or examinations. These men cannot concentrate on their work and ultimately suffer from defeat in jobs or studies.  

Ssshhh! No more falling into the trap! 

Almost all of the current respected science on recovery from sexually compulsive behavior supports retraining your thoughts during the process of orgasm or masturbation.  

It is essential to find recovery through healthy means; studies done by reputable scientists in this field show that avoiding any sexual encounter or action, even if it is specific, like avoiding only orgasm or masturbation) usually aggravates the addictive cycle and follows many of the same patterns, mainly preoccupation with thoughts, shame, and relapse.

You need to find your balance and get back to where your sexuality feels pure and clean. 

To achieve proper recovery, you need to retrain yourself to return to your healthy and untainted sexuality. 

Many on here will have you believe otherwise and give you advice that will be counterproductive to most people who like to abstain and associate normal sexual human behavior with negativity.  

This bad advice is personal to the people who give it, which may have worked for them.

It is their journey, be open to suggestions, but do not be so desperate to try them, only to find they don’t work, and then fall into shame that can lead to a shameful and stress-fueled relapse.  You need to find the root of your problem. 

You are a human, and you deserve love, compassion, and kindness regardless of how far gone.

You have inadvertently conditioned yourself into perversion, and your motivations for doing so are probably very pure and relatable, i.e., loneliness, boredom, etc.   

Avoid any negative conditioning; it can do massive damage to your psyche. Do not fall into a cycle of shaming your natural functions. It would delay proper recovery by many years if you successfully conditioned yourself to associate orgasm with negative feelings. 

For some, abstinence is a healthy tool to reset their brains. Although this is a far more complex and personally ambiguous process than many people here will lead it to be.

There is a reason why many people relapse here. Hulk’s moments of defeating evil do not work. Attempting another cycle of addiction (sexual abstinence) does not work for most. 

A 90-day reset can be helpful, however, it depends on what you do during the 90 days.  

We are talking about something that would happen naturally regardless of when or who introduced you to it. Masturbation, orgasm, and sex are not the problem, and your attitude about masturbation, orgasm, and sex is the problem. 

 It is about re-educating yourself and finding your recovery in the way that works for you. The problem is what is motivating you to do those things. It is a combination of restructuring coping mechanisms and dealing with the internal strife that leads you to recovery! 

There is a problem here above porn. When you have weak moments, ask yourself, do you desire it that bad? What at this particular moment is promoting you to do so?  

Regard yourself in 10 years; who is it you like to look in the mirror and see? Is the despair from not consuming porn and doing masturbation worth being that person? 

The problem here is that many won’t strive to be accurate or find the truth because they are so bent on finding recovery; they will latch to one idea that makes sense to them and take it to hell and back because they are afraid of being wrong. Because if they are, they won’t succeed, 

And that is scary. 

Some generally applicable advice that takes effort but works: In regards to masturbation, 

Try to focus on the feeling of the orgasm or masturbation in your body. Avoid any thoughts of porn addiction or excessive lust.

Fantasizing about previous partners can be healthy if the relationship is healthy since it will help you connect with your true self. If you find yourself lusting or sexualizing others, stop masturbating and move on to a new activity.  

In a sexual context, nightstands usually come from a lustful place, a trigger for most; you have to have some great discipline to indulge in that kind of anonymous gratification and not have it play into your cycle. 

The goal is to feel pure and unashamed of your sexuality, to get back in touch with you that was before porn!  

5 Patterns to Crush Masturbation Addiction 

Masturbation is healthy, but overdoing it or being addictive can be harmful. Many people are addicted to masturbation and now have a strong urge to get rid of this habit. The dependence on self-stimulation can cause guilt and can start affecting them psychologically.

These 5 effective ways can help to overcome masturbation addiction: 

  • Arrive at periods with a successive or authentic physical condition. It is okay to have sexual passion, and there are some inorganic ways to control the urge. 
  • Staying away from sexual content can help your mind focus on something more appropriate and productive. 
  • Cope with sexual problems, regardless of whether they hoped for a physical or mental health reason. 
  • Sleep on time. Spending too much time in bed before dozing off can wander your mind to many other substances available on the internet. Some of such content can stimulate you and lead to masturbation. 
  • Masturbating is a natural thing for men and women, but when it causes health problems, it needs to be consulted by our experts. If you see symptoms like pain, an unusual smell, or bloody semen or urine, you need to consult the best healthcare professionals and sexologists in India. 

How to channel Sexual Energy 

First, it’s essential to understand what transmutation means. Sexual transmutation is taking the sexual energy that’s building inside you and channeling it into something else.  

Ultimately, sexual transmutation is about keeping the power of that energy that’s building and rising and wants to release and go for a run or painting, etc. 

How to transmute sexual energy: 

1. Get in tune with yourself. 

When we consider transmuting your sexual energy, we’re asking ourselves into an advanced practice because sexual energy exists on so many levels—physical, mental, emotional, and even astral. Sexual transmutation requires a great deal of awareness, particularly of your sexual energy.  

It would help if you had a certain level of awareness to differentiate between these different states occurring in your body and your emotional and spiritual body. You want a basic knowledge of working with your breadth and primary cultivation of awareness training to stay present with what’s happening. 

2. Use breath, sound, and movement. 

Practicing sexual transmutation works through the heart center by directing the sexual energy through the body, space, and space.  

The following is her three-step process for doing so: 

  • Drop into your breath and start breathing deep, big belly breaths. 
  • Pull the breath up the spine through the heart and sound out ‘HA’ as you breathe. As breath travels up through the spine, the sound HA because it’s an ancient seed syllable that causes a vibration in your body that resonates with the heart.  
  • From there, you can incorporate some gentle movement. Try any exercise that feels good, like yoga or even a walk. You’re allowing the body to transmute and channel that energy physically. 

3. Channel that energy to another endeavor. 

When you feel you’ve harnessed your sexual energy and you’re ready to channel it, dive immediately into the area of your life you want to focus that energy on. 

For example, art is one avenue like painting, making music, or writing a poem. And for anyone looking to make fitness gains, yes, you can channel your sexual energy into something more athletic or physical.  

4. Make sure you’re tending to your sexuality, too. 

We live in a sexually wounded culture, and we should address the trauma first. Before attempting to go into any advanced practices around your sexual energy, you must start healing practices. Going into the advanced states could be triggering if you haven’t dug into any healing work. 

There’s no limit to what we can channel sexual energy into, and sexual transmutation offers us the ability to harness that powerful, creative energy for anything we’re looking to accomplish. 

Blocker X 

It is a program/ app you download on your computer/phone to restrict access to certain parts of the internet. Website blockers are also commonly called internet filters worldwide, and they can either block specific websites for you or block an entire category of websites.  

You can use these blockers to customize your access to various domains and even on-page content like videos and games. As you are in control, you have the power to decide which website or category of websites you’d like to avoid and have blocked. If blocking seems 


too extreme, you can even choose to set time limits. When you’re using a website and the time limit is up, you automatically lose access to the website.  

This app has some robust features that include an accountability partner. They send daily reports to your chosen accountability partner, and it helps your accountability partner keep track of your internet browsing activity. They also have a VPN NOTIFICATION feature which allows your accountability partner to know whenever you turn off the VPN. 


The urge to masturbate is natural, especially in adolescence, as it signifies interest in sex before embarking on adult sexual relationships. Masturbation is a shortcut to getting the natural gratification that comes with reproduction.

But when it becomes an obsession or a reason for constant self-loathing, it is perhaps time to cut down on this self-service. There are so many adverse effects of masturbation. 


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