Eye-Opening Benefits of Not Ejaculating for 30 Days

November is a magical month in itself. With the cold breeze gradually starting to take over and winter right around the corner, things start to look beautiful. However, that is not the only reason why November is as popular a month as it is. There is also the fact that November is officially the month when men are on challenge for not ejaculating throughout the month.

But is No Nut November, just a millennial fad or a new trend going about, or does it have any meaning and benefits associated with it? Statistics show that on average a male ejaculates anywhere between twice to seven times within a week. In fact, as per a research published by The Journal of sexual medicine, masturbation seems to have been a constant part of a male life starting from an early age of about 13 years to go on to the age of 72-75 years. On the other hand, the percentage of men engaging in vaginal sex or partner masturbation goes down significantly with age.

If masturbation is such a prominent part of a male’s life, then how does not ejaculating help? Well, let us find out.

Benefits of Not Ejaculating for 30 days

Even though a lot more research is required to establish the substantial benefits of non-ejaculation in men, prima facie research has aptly established it to a certain extent. Let us discuss these benefits in depth.

The Apparent Mental Health Benefits of Not Ejaculating

Non-ejaculation has been linked to building resilience and training your mind to endure more self-control. This is so because if you do not ejaculate straight for a period of 30 days, you put yourself in an uncomfortable position which is clearly out of your comfort zone, but despite such a situation, if you make it through this period, you get more in control of your mind and urges, rather than the other way around. Furthermore, the benefits of not ejaculating for a period of 30 days and rather retaining your semen are directly linked to stress control as well as helping with anxiety issues. 

Not Ejaculating for 30 days helps Gain Perspective

This is one of the best reasons to take on the No Nut November challenge and make it through 30 days without ejaculating. During this period, you will gain a better perspective on your relationship with yourself and your romantic partner and the same is possible because now the only thing you think about in your free time is not achieving an orgasm, either with your partner or with yourself. Rather, you can focus on the other important aspects of your relationship such as communication and spending time together, and doing other essential things apart from indulging in sex.

Non-Ejaculating for 30 days helps with physical health

If you have been working really hard towards building an admirable physique and achieving a particular body type, then not ejaculating could be a good thing for you. Even though there is no conclusive research to back the claim, many studies so far suggest that the high level of testosterone due to semen retention is directly linked with energy retention and mood upliftment. The preserved energy can be utilised by you to work in the gym.

Non-Ejaculating helps with sperm health

If you are worried that your sperm count might have gone down due to any possible reasons, then non-ejaculating may be a great option. As per a study conducted in 2018, in the event of non-ejaculation for a certain period of time, there is definitely help with regard to sperm health

As per the study, it was found that when a man does not ejaculate straight for a week, the testosterone level peaks on the seventh day, as does the sperm count. 

Non-Ejaculating gives you a break from the unrealistic standards of porn

A lot of men have been found to be helping themselves (quite literally) through the means of porn. For a while, this practice may assist you in achieving magical orgasms, but that would not last for too long. In fact, the major repercussion of this is that you bring unrealistic expectations to your sex life with your partner, which will hamper your relationship with your significant other. Once you get through the rigorous non-ejaculation challenge for 30 days, you will understand that an orgasm is not dependent on these unrealistic expectations that pron brings for you.

Final Words

It might seem quite difficult to get through 30 days without ejaculating, especially if it is a part of your everyday routine. An essential aspect of the same is making sure you try your best to get through the challenge, despite the number of obstructions in your way.  And trust us when we say that the benefits of not ejaculating for 30 days, is definitely worth it.

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– Stronger and more intense orgasms, increased libido, and other positive improvements

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