No Nut November Lyrics – The Official Song


When it comes to November, it comes to No Nut November songs, and what do we do with songs that inspire us? We sing along. So today, we present to you the complete guide to the No Nut November lyrics that we found on the web and the ones that will go down in history as a legend in the making.

Who wrote the No Nut November Lyrics?

It might seem like this song has a rich meme heritage, however, most of the things that people fail to notice are just how catchy the song is and how relatable the lyrics actually are.

This song was composed in 2019 by Matt Watson, featuring  Carson TuckerKill Bill, and Freddie Dredd.

Viewers of the song often feel extremely motivated and come back to the No Nut November lyrics when they want to get back up and carry on with their journey. The song is often cited as a tribute to all the warriors who have begun their journey to keep themselves away from PMO and helps them by being a guide in their journey.

Why do people listen to it?

When at times you feel an emotion, you often find yourself going through the internet, looking for that perfect song that captures your state of mind. In the modern world, while addictions are on the rise – although there happens to be a great help for people who are trying to recover from drug or alcohol abuse, there is little help for those struggling with porn and masturbation addiction.

The reason behind this is the fact that even today, talking about things that relate to sex or masturbation is considered taboo in our society and therefore not much talked about.

The release of this song made many people more confident about asking for help and understanding that they are not alone in this situation. It is difficult to control our addiction, be it to drugs, smoking, alcohol, or addiction to PMO.

no nut november lyrics

What to do after?

If you have discovered this song while November is on its way, congratulations. We recommend that you sit down, put your headphones on, and listen to it in peace.

Once you are done banging your head to the dope beats of the song – go ahead and dissect the no-nut November lyrics that make the most sense to you at the given moment.

For example, at the time of writing this article, I can relate to this wonderful piece of No Nut November lyrics that have stuck with me through it all:

On God I won’t blow another load ’til December
Cold all Winter
Throw away your lubrication
Spread the word of No Nut November through the nation

When I first heard this song and went through No Nut November lyrics and decided there and then that through my writings, I would help people be informed that this addiction is real and that there is a solution to it.

For no nut November, there is just one month to exercise self-control, but that one month could change your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Jam this song and pay attention to no nut November lyrics so that you can spread the message and be the cool friend for once.


No nut November can be overwhelming for a lot of people, think of it as mining a deep cave. When you are doing it alone, it can sure be tiresome but most importantly it can be outright daunting because we feel like we are in this alone.

However, when you are in a team, you get to sing your motivation song every day before work and reunite as a community that wants to reach its end goal. So, even if these No Nut November lyrics seem funny, they actually address a deeper desire of wanting to belong and a sense that we are in this together.

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