An accurate timeline of what you will accomplish by not fapping for 90 days

So you recently discovered the whole internet trend surrounding not fapping for an entire month, and you want to know what the hype around no nut November is all about.

You might have a lot of questions about why you should not fap, but research hasn’t provided you with satisfactory answers. Questions like “What’s the problem with fapping?” “I fap about a couple of times a week, or even a day, watch a bit of porn here and there, but I don’t see a problem with it”. “What benefits do I gain from not fapping?”

Today you will know the reasons you should quit fapping today, and what you will gain once you have finally changed your habit to a thing of the past.

Why you should quit Fapping

Your brain gets accustomed

Let us say that you fap about 4-5 times a week and watch vanilla porn. However, there will come a time – not suddenly, rather a day by day – inching its way toward you, when you will inevitably change your preference in porn, going to more and more sadistic versions. The satisfaction that you earlier used to get from regular porn will be taken over by more and more violent variants.

Along with that, your level of comfort will change in the process. No matter what you do, over where you start – your brain will keep craving more depth in porn and fapping, and at some point – you will just hit a tipping point, where no kind of porn will be able to satisfy you and you will see women in your surroundings as objects to satisfy you.

You might have not hit yours yet, but the thing to remember is, to be honest with yourself, and to stop today.

Post nut clarity – The Guilty Pleasure

The main motivation behind watching porn and fapping, in general, is that it feels good. You come home after a long day’s work and it is reasonable to assume that fapping will keep you at ease and take away the tiredness.

That is a cue to the trigger of watching porn and later fapping to gain pleasure, which is okay. However, it becomes a major problem when people replace that cue with being bored. When you attach being bored to watching porn to get entertained, you inevitably ensure that you are fapping at least 3-4 times a day.

When you do that, you will realize that all the fapping is doing nothing but decreasing your focus and motivation, making it way easier for you to fall into a vicious cycle of “feel bored/ feel terrible, fap, feel terrible/guilty for fapping, repeat”.

You feel lethargic

It is not news that when you watch porn, you might be getting feelings of being lethargic, anxious, depressed, etc. Your motivation to indulge in activities decreases significantly and you will notice that when you try not fapping for its benefits, you will feel increased motivation, willpower, focus, confidence, and much more.

In other words, if you find that porn is bad for you, and have the willpower to overcome fapping, it will be incredibly good for both your sexual health and energy levels in general. Because of this, you should be far more interested to quit fapping which comes directly after viewing porn.

You get a consistent feeling of anxiety

When you get into the habit of fapping often, it becomes really difficult to hold regular relationships and most important – to hold a healthy relationship to your own self-image. Social engagements become more and more difficult and as time passes, complements turn into attacks, while isolation turns into your old friend.

The most important is to remember that fapping might feel good at the moment. Right after the act, you are punched in the face by the immediate feeling of guilt that is accompanied to the act. But in the long term, you are slowly eaten from the inside as you fap your life away.

Addicted to Porn

If you haven’t heard of PMO, but engage in watching porn consistently, and fap each time you view it – so much so that it is taking a huge toll on your daily life. Hate to break it to you, but you might be trapped in the vicious cycle of PMO.

It becomes really easy to become addicted to something that is a) easily available and b) provides instant pleasure. If you notice carefully – watching porn and masturbating to it does exactly that. Before you know it, you will be trapped in porn addiction and there will be no way out. So – it’s better to stop the fap before it’s too late.

Benefits of no fapping

When you quit fapping for some time, you’ll notice a number of these effects. For many people, these might follow at later times during the journey, however – one thing is for sure, as much time as you go without fapping, the more benefits you will experience. To know more, just keep on reading:

Better Sex Life

Your sex life becomes so much better simply because you have stopped typing up words on the internet for getting aroused, and spending more time with your loved one to establish a connection and feel your body heating up again. Rejoice in that feeling as you are more attached to your partner than a stranger trying to fake something just to give you fake arousal.

Increased Testosterone Levels

Your testosterone levels will increase and studies suggest that after just one week of not fapping, the testosterone levels in your body will increase by 45%.

Increased Confidence

Your self-confidence will be greatly increased. You are no longer overthinking about that one time you said something at an event, or what you should be saying on a business retreat. Talking comes naturally to you and you feel more fulfilled with your day-to-day life. You will be more confident when defending your arguments and combating off-handed remarks by other people. You feel leadership coming to the forefront when you are tasked with a major project at work or a college assignment.

Greater Self Control

Self-Control (I like to see this one as an indirect benefit of NoFap). Going on a successful streak has a lot of major challenges along the way like intense cravings, flatline, or a void where porn used to be. By overcoming this, you are building discipline and actually strengthening the prefrontal cortex of your brain. This part of our brain is responsible for saying no when a huge urge hits or reminding us of the consequences of certain actions.

Greater appreciation for the little things in life

You start to enjoy the little things in life. Since you have stopped your brain from forcing dopamine out of fake videos on the internet. What you have done is essentially trained your brain to give you that dopamine hit each time you eat something nice, indulge in quality time with your partner, or even work with complete focus on this project that you want to complete. You reset your brain and enjoy life like it is meant to be.

Mental Clarity

You experience increased Mental Clarity. For most people, when they quit fapping for some time, they reported a significant increase in cognitive functioning. You will be able to make a story flow, keep an engaging conversation, or be able to stay focused for longer during a conversation.

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