No Nut November Memes-Top 7 Funny Memes To Laugh

Every year, a No Nut November campaign implores men to abstain from ejaculating for a full thirty days. Many individuals think that finishing No Nut November is an example of tenacity and resolve, maybe motivated by Movember. There are several intriguing chores to complete in November, like Movember, in which men decide not to shave for the whole month. Several reports claim that the Reddit NoFap community, which advises users not to masturbate, is where the trend first emerged.

At the start of November, boys usually join the “No Shave November” craze. In addition, “No Nut November” is an even cleaner practise that many try to adopt. However, given that people lack self-control, it is astounding how frequently this decision is broken. It’s funny. Even better, we’ve put together a selection of No Nut November memes that could motivate you to withstand your cravings.

Should I take part in No Nut November?

One of the numerous monthly phenomena sweeping the internet is No Nut November, which transforms an average of 30 days into a challenging personal goal with a creative name. Other famous examples include Dry January and Movember. But just because this challenge suddenly appears in Instagram hashtags doesn’t mean you have to take it on.

Since 96% of British males masturbate compared to 78% of British women, it is reasonable to assume that #NNN would prevent many men from engaging in penis play. Consider yourself to be missing out on exercise as a result of inactive ejaculation. Well, even though having sex burns calories—about 100 for men—not it’s really a healthy way to lose weight. Interestingly, men and women burn around 30 calories less each hour while being intimate, but this doesn’t necessarily settle the question of who is exerting the most effort.

Challenge to male charity Movember and No Nut November both take place in the same month and both call on participants to exhibit comparable traits like willpower, mental fortitude, and restraining physical activity. The charitable aspect of No Nut November has also been explored, with participants adopting the no ejaculation challenge to generate funds for prostate cancer.

About No nut November Meme Coomer

These ramifications are brought into stark perspective by a recent meme. The term “Coomer” refers to a meme depicting a scruffy, skeezy-looking bearded man wearing a white tank top and having characteristics that resemble Semites, along with captions like “doesn’t even know anything about politics,” “very aesthetic right arm (big muscle),” and “has never heard of NoFap.”

Alex Hawkins, the vice president of the porn website xHamster, claims he first saw it in the comments on his company’s Twitter feed back in September, when presidential candidate Andrew Yang posted about restricting access to pornography. It has been going about on 4chan for the last year. He tells Rolling Stone that at initially, “we didn’t really know what it meant and thought it was humorous.” The coomer then reappeared in late October as a result of a Twitter campaign run by TeapotLad, in which participants swore to switch to the Coomer as their avatars if they failed No Nut November. In a recent YouTube video, PewDiePie and far-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson both praised the initiative. Watson is likely most known for being one of the numerous extreme individuals, such as Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones, who were banned from Facebook. He said in a tweet that “No Nut November and the Coomer meme signify a deeper significance.” Porn is bad. It causes erectile dysfunction and essentially rewires your brain. Commit. Be not a Coomer.

The phrase has also been used in reaction to tweets attacking No Nut November or masturbation abstinence in general as “OK Coomer,” a variation on the “OK boomer” joke. According to Hawkins, “it’s presented as this epic war between the weak, beta masturbators and the strong, alpha NoFappers.” The name “Coomer,” like most memes, contains more than a hint of sarcasm, and it’s not always clear whether it’s being used in jest or to truly mock males who masturbate. However, the connotation is clear: having an impulse to masturbate should always be resisted.

List of No Nut November Memes

No Nut November
No Nut November
No Nut November
No Nut November
No Nut November
No Nut November
No Nut November


Another internet-driven meme from another month. For those who are blissfully oblivious, it is now officially “No-Nut November”—a thirty-day period during which individuals online purport to abstain from masturbation and frequently make jokes about it. It goes without saying that the idea is incredibly fertile ground for meme-makers because it ranks nearly as absurdly as assaulting Area 51 in terms of silliness. The three main themes of No-Nut November memes are nuts, nutting, and not nutting. So, let’s hope you enjoy nuts.


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