Top Side Effects of Masturbating Daily in Male


Masturbation is the act of touching one’s own body for sexual gratification. There are many various methods by which people masturbate. Each individual has a particular way of enjoying sexual contact with their own body.

What makes your body feel good will determine how you should proceed.

Some people may massage or stroke their penis. An orgasm might occur after masturbation occasionally or not.

But have you come to a phase in life when you asked you have asked yourself, is masturbation bad? Especially on a daily basis? Well, masturbating daily or too much can lead to several major side effects of masturbation.

Masturbation is an excellent approach to getting to know your body and your sexual sensations without dealing with the issues that might arise when having sex or engaging in other sexual activities with another person.

No sexually transmitted illness or pregnancy may result from masturbation. All ages, from very young children to those who are much older, engage in masturbation. Some folks decide against masturbating.

Nevertheless, compulsive behavior can indeed have negative effects. In fact, there can be several major side effects of masturbating daily in male.

Many individuals think masturbation is a natural, healthy behavior. You must make your own decisions on your beliefs and whether or not you want to try touching your own body. Make sure you have some privacy if that’s the case.

Why people masturabte?

There are many masturbators! People of any gender or age frequently engage in this behavior, even if they choose not to talk about it.

Children occasionally learn that stroking their genitalia feels pleasant before they reach puberty. If you have children and you see them caressing their genitalia, explain to them that masturbation is perfectly OK but that it should only be done in secret.

People masturbate for various reasons, including relaxation, improved body awareness, the release of sexual tension, or the absence of a partner.

But the majority of folks masturbate because it’s enjoyable. Many individuals believe that masturbation only occurs when a sex partner is unavailable. However, both single and coupled individuals engage in masturbation.

Reasons why people masturbate

Some individuals masturbate frequently, some infrequently, and some never. For various reasons, different people masturbate in various ways. There is no “normal” way to approach masturbation; it is an entirely personal choice.

Is it OK to masturbate if you’re in a relationship?


Many people who are dating masturbate frequently. When you masturbate in a relationship, it doesn’t always indicate your spouse isn’t gratifying you. It’s a terrific approach to discovering your preferences and orgasmic triggers.

Afterward, you may express to your spouse what makes you feel lovely. Discussing sex with your spouse may make it more enjoyable and possibly strengthen your bond.

Some people like their partner’s company while masturbating. It provides a means of having intercourse without running the danger of getting pregnant or contracting an STD.


Is Masturbation Harmful?

There may have been both positive and negative things spoken regarding masturbation. It could prompt you to wonder whether masturbating is detrimental. Too many myths exist, such as the idea that it makes hair grow in odd places, renders you sterile, or decreases your genitalia.

None of these is founded in reality. Potential side effects of masturbation daily can often harm you in the long run though.

Male sex is not hazardous. In fact, it can benefit both your physical and emotional health. The most secure type of intercourse is this.

You won’t run the danger of starting an unwanted pregnancy or catching an STD. You may induce orgasms in yourself through masturbation.

This allows your body to create feel-good chemicals like endorphins. These hormones relieve discomfort and inhibit it.

Side Effects of Masturbating Daily in Male

Well, masturbation is supposed to be a natural practice, yet it often is not. Why?

It’s simple: excess of anything is harmful. The same applies to masturbating daily. So, without further ado, let’s find out what are the potential side effects of masturbation:

Side Effects of Masturbating Daily in Male

1. Disrupting Daily Life

Men may occasionally discover that they have compulsive masturbation habits. Nevertheless, when the thoughts of this frequent masturbation habits sets in always keep in mind the side effects of masturbating daily.

Compulsive masturbation that goes beyond what is necessary might lead to these side effects of masturbating daily in male, including:

  • Missing activities such as work, school, or others
  • Causing disruptions to their routine
  • This affects their other commitments, healthy sex life, and relationships
  • Serving as a distraction from problems with relationships, the family, or the workplace

Consider speaking with a healthcare provider if you believe that you are experiencing masturbation side effects such as the constant urge for masturbation, interfering with your daily life.

You can moderate your sexual behavior and learn coping skills from a doctor or therapist.

2. Guilt

Many individuals frequently hear that masturbating is improper due to culture or religion. They may feel wrong about masturbating. You must understand, nevertheless, that masturbating is neither improper nor immoral.

Self-pleasure is not inherently wrong, thus, masturbation does not have to be a humiliating behavior. But remember, there are several side effects of masturbation daily.

It is preferable to talk to a friend, therapist, or healthcare provider who specializes in sexual health if you are feeling guilty or uneasy. The experts are qualified to assist you in navigating your feelings of guilt or shame related to masturbation.

There are several masturbation side effects.

3. Affects your psychological health

Another one of the common side effects of masturbating daily in male is that it can boost self-confidence since it relieves dependence on another person for sexual gratification and release. It might be simpler to teach a partner how to pleasure you if you know how to please yourself, which benefits both of you.

But if you feel dependent on your habits, you can struggle oppositely, says Geter, a sex and relationship specialist.

You can even rely on jerking yourself off so much that you fail to discover alternative methods to control your feelings or ask for emotional support when needed. “ Since masturbation makes individuals feel happier and boosts their mood, some people could start excessive masturbation, which might become a harmful stressor.

4. Masks Anxiety

Masturbation that occurs too frequently might conceal worry. According to medical studies, some men have OCD or other mental conditions that masturbation becomes the outlet for and is utilized as the spark for other behaviors.

Chronic masturbation can become too frequent, generating an uncomfortable erection, interpersonal strife, or even bodily harm.

According to Geter, a specialist in male health, some men undertake daily masturbation. And one of the common side effects of masturbating daily in male is causing rawness on the penis or harm to the delicate tissues of the penis. “This obsessive conduct typically results from increased in decreased mental health benefits, giving rise to issues like anxiety or from an inability to control anxiety with alternative coping mechanisms.”

5. Might affect your sexual life

When they are single, most men go for frequent masturbation. And this affects their healthy sex life.

Men may have difficulty getting orgasms and ejaculating after they have a new partner since the vagina or rectum provides a different sensation than a hand.

Even the hand you share with a partner is other than yours.

Unconsciously, you are hoping for a particular form of stimulation that may not be achievable and can put you and your partner in an uncomfortable sexual position.

There are several side effects of masturbation.

Does masturbation decrease memory?

Masturbation may enhance attention and concentration by raising levels of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with learning, memory, and motivation.

According to research published in 2020, drugs that boost attention and concentration, including Ritalin, may function by raising dopamine levels in the blood and boosting the drive to accomplish challenging activities.

Masturbation Effect on Eyes

Do sexual acts have an impact on the eyes? The short answer is NO — masturbating has no negative consequences on the eyes. Confused? Now consider the past.

Consider all the falsehoods you have heard in the past about masturbation. You will completely lose your hair if you masturbate. You will get huge pimples all over your face if you masturbate. It is impossible for excessive masturbation and ejaculation to impair your vision.

In truth, eye health and masturbation have no link whatsoever. Your body benefits more from proper, healthy masturbation than it does from improper masturbation.

Masturbation itself has no negative consequences on vision. What, therefore, causes impaired vision if not masturbation?

It may be a health issue. However, several things might be to blame for impaired vision. You might benefit from wearing glasses if you have vision issues.

Is masturbating an addiction?

Addiction to excessive or obsessive masturbating is referred to as this. It can significantly impact everyday functioning for persons whose sexual conduct and sexual health are out of control, even if it is not a predictable mental health problem.

Masturbation is not inherently wrong; individuals who like it or use it to compensate for the lack of sex with a partner can benefit from it.

To the point that it feels out of control, some people’s desire to masturbate can develop into an excessive or compulsive practice. Masturbation addiction is a term that has been used to describe the behavior in this instance.

masturbation an addiction

Masturbation, sexual addiction, and porn addiction are all included within the broader classification of behavioral or process addictions, compulsive behaviors resembling addiction to drugs in many ways.

Nevertheless, rather than being recognized diagnostic categories, these phrases are descriptive.

Read these steps to know How to Stop Masturbating from Healthline.

Symptoms of addiction

  • Your time is spent mainly on masturbation.
  • Masturbation is causing you to suffer in your personal or professional life, and you prefer it to in-person engagements (e.g., going home instead of staying at a party, choosing to be alone instead of with a partner)
  • You discover yourself masturbating in public or in settings where you’d like not to (e.g., a public restroom)
  • When you’re not aroused or feel like it, you’re engaging in sexual activity.
  • You use masturbation to deal with bad feelings.
  • You experience regret or guilt during masturbating or just after. You find yourself reflecting on it frequently.
addiction cycle


Since most men start masturbating in their early adolescence and continue doing so well into adulthood, you probably don’t consider how this sexual behavior impacts your life. Your health might be impacted in some way by this action, though.

Relax! You are not alone if you are fighting a masturbation addiction.

Others who are coping with this type of addiction will be able to relate to and validate your experiences since they have also experienced it.

A qualified mental health professional may assist you in identifying your triggers and teach you effective coping mechanisms if you cannot control your cravings to masturbate and are finding it more challenging to focus on your career and your personal relationships.


Q. Does daily male masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

Well, the answer is more than just a simple yes or no. Basically, masturbation itself doesn’t directly cause premature ejaculation, but frequent ejaculation definitely influences sexual stamina. In fact, according to studies, more than 80% of patients who went to a sex addiction therapist, with excessive masturbation issues have complained of premature ejaculation. Basically, the addict’s brain’s ejaculation period shortens with increased amounts of erotica, resulting in an early ejaculation.

Q. Does daily male masturbation lower testosterone levels in men?

There’s no substantial evidence that daily male masturbation significantly lowers testosterone levels. Lower testosterone levels due to masturbation are a common misconception or myth.

Q. Can daily male masturbation lead to low sperm count?

No, masturbating won’t lead to a low sperm count or even interfere with your ability to conceive. The harmful side effects of excessive masturbation are seen to extend generally to sexual activity like performance, stamina, or mental health impacts.

Q. Does daily masturbation lead to penis curvature or erectile dysfunction?

It’s a common misconception that excessive masturbation might lead to these problems.  This is a misconception; there is no proof from science that regular masturbation leads to erectile problems or penile curvature.

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BlockerX is an adult content-blocking app for Android, iOS, desktop & chrome. In addition to blocking adult content, BlockerX also has a strong community of 100,000 members and courses that help you work on your porn problems, one step at a time.