Top 3 Ways to Find the Best Accountability Partners

accountability partners

Going through any form of addiction can be a very challenging time in a person’s life. This is because addictions tend to challenge every aspect of your daily life until you mould yourself to work around them. One similar addiction is that of porn. An addiction to pornography can be more complex as it is accompanied by a lot of stigmas, making it more challenging to discuss with another person. And thus, the stigma makes the requirement of accountability partners all the way for important for the recovery process.

When one decides to stop being addicted to porn and makes up their mind to do whatever it takes to get rid of this bad habit, they generally tend to need the help of a few people who will act as their accountability partners and help them through every problem they face on their way to recovery.

But what exactly are accountability partners? Well, simply put, accountability partners are people that will keep track of your progress in the journey of recovery and will motivate you to get through all the obstacles in your way and achieve every little goal that you have set for yourself, with recovery being the ultimate goal.

Where does one find these accountability partners, who will help them in their tough times and be there for them without being judgemental? Well, let’s find out.

Find Yourself Accountability Partners to Help Overcome Porn Addiction

So now that we know all the right reasons for having accountability partners while you are struggling to make your way out of your addiction, it is time to understand all the possible ways that you can find yourselves the best-suited accountability partners.

Identify what you’re looking for in accountability partners.

qualities of accountability partners

The first step to finding yourself accountability partners is to know what you are looking for, right? And thus, the first thing we need to figure out is what qualities and characteristics you are looking for in your accountability partners. For example, Certain people prefer their accountability partners to work with reverse psychology and be strict and practical in their approach. While others need accountability partners who are calm and composed at all times and can help them by motivating them. You need to figure out which of these you require during your recovery process. 

Once you have figured out the qualities and characteristics that will be effective in supporting you through your addiction, the next thing you need to question is whether you need more than one accountability partner. Well, in our opinion, as we have all learned from Pheobe (FRIENDS reference alert), backing up your backup is always a good idea, isn’t it? And thus, we would advise you to get at least two accountability partners so as to make sure that you have enough support throughout your deaddiction journey; after all, who doesn’t need tons of support and motivation?

Consider reaching out to friends and family members whom you trust.

reach out to friends and family

It is difficult to figure out how exactly you can find yourself accountability partners, especially in the case of porn addiction, as it is not the easiest topic to casually discuss at the dinner table with your family or at a party with your friends. However, even though we understand how difficult talking about the topic can be given the abundance of stigma related to porn, you need to open up with either your friends or your family members whom you trust and believe will be there to help you in your time of need by being your accountability partners. 

You can discuss with them the various issues you have been facing with your porn addiction and how it is impacting your everyday life. Further, you discuss with them your plans and goals, and how you are working hard to ensure that you come out of the porn addiction. Lastly, you ask them to become your accountability partners and explain to them how you will require their help to get through your everyday struggles with the addiction.

However, be prepared for them to reject the position of your accountability partner and understand that they may be dealing with something else as well. However, do not give up hope; stay resilient, and keep looking for your accountability partners, as they are most certainly out there, waiting for you to approach them so that they can become a part of your healing journey. 

Use the internet to find yourself, accountability partners.

Online communities

If you want to talk to people who understand what you’re going through, all you have to do is join an online support group. Because they are familiar with your situation, these individuals make excellent accountability partners. An additional benefit is a potential to make connections with others who share your values and hold you accountable.

Our own Blockerx app is home to one such online group. Members of our community come from various walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they’ve all struggled with something similar at some time and now they’re here to assist one other out. To overcome your pornographic obsession, you may discover the proper individuals to keep you responsible and work with them in our community.

Final Words

Overall, finding accountability partners who can really help you is about finding someone who is trustworthy, supportive, and committed to helping you succeed. By being proactive and open in your search and communication, you can build a strong and effective partnership that can help you reach your goals. And we promise you, once you have found yourself the right accountability partners, your journey to get rid of your porn addiction will become much easier, as you will have someone walking right by your side, holding your hand through all of it. Even though you will be the one taking every step to cross the finish line, your accountability partners will be cheering you on at each milestone.

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