3 Ways How Smoking Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking cigarettes is among the most stupid things you can do. Knowing this, many people are there that do just that. It affects them in so many different ways, and one of the terrible results is erectile dysfunction.  

Studies that have come out not a long time ago, that have mentioned that it doesn’t long for effects.  

Many people have reported that just after smoking one cigarette, they weren’t able to perform sexually. And that is something that we have to really care about.  

If you’ve faced this problem, or something very similar then we’ll help clear the confusion here.  

You realize that you’ll have to quit smoking cigarettes for this problem and all the upcoming ones. So do it now instead of tomorrow, and we’ll help you with that.  

Why You’re Still Smoking  

The funniest thing about smoking is that we don’t like it at all, but still do it. We are the ones laughing, as well as the ones we’re laughing at the same time.  

How many times have you said that today is the last day that I’m going to indulge in this stupidity?  

Likely a lot, and now that you’re here reading this, then you’re still facing that problem. There are different reasons for which you might want to quit smoking. That’s a different conversation, but few are as strong as experiencing a case of erectile dysfunction.  

If you’re not exactly sure that it’s your smoking compulsion then that’s behind the problem. Then we’ll clear the confusion here and provide you the facts.  

You’ll understand where exactly the problem points are and you can decide how to go about this.  

3 Effects of Smoking Cigarettes causing ED  

The fact that smoking is bad isn’t a novel idea by any mean. It has been harming people ever since they started using it centuries ago.  

And as for the specific problem of erectile dysfunction, it works in quite the same way.  

#1 Lower Oxygen Levels  

The cigarettes you smoke are choking you. 

When you are inhaling the smoke, then that is going down through your wind pipe. It’s definitely inflicting damage as moves deeper into your body.  

But the bulk of the damage it does is to the lungs where it ends up. This smoke has more than 7,000 chemicals that are all industrial grade. As in they’re supposed to be in factories, rather than in your body.  

There are solid particles in the smoke which accumulate in the small air sacks in your lungs. That’s what we call tar, and the ability of your lungs to absorb oxygen diminishes significantly.  

The situation keeps getting worse the more cigarettes you keep smoking.  

Blood oxygen levels go lower and lower and that’s how the penis fails to get proper supply of oxygen-rich blood.  

Of course, your overall, cardio vascular health is going to worse, causing bad sexual performance. But you’re going to have erectile dysfunction on top of that.  

#2 Problems with the Endocrine System  

Cigarette smoking affects your endocrine system in many more ways than you might think it does.  

Some of these ways are direct and obvious. Like when you consider the number of chemicals that come into your body as you’re smoking. They will be in your blood stream interacting with all the organs and glands.  

Thus, directly affecting the hormone production that happens through those organ systems.  

But a more subtle way in which this affects is by making you too tired to do anything good for yourself. You won’t be able to get the exercise you need to maintain good health.  

That will decrease hormone and testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction is just a natural outcome of this. Worse yet, lower testosterone will cause you to be depressed thus aggravating the erectile dysfunction problem.  

#3 Weaker Heart  

The most basic reason behind erectile dysfunction is the condition of your heart. And smoking increases that chances of heart diseases manifold.  

Our hearts are pretty powerful as an organ, and for it to do what it does. It needs a constant supply of blood with good concentration of oxygen. But if you smoke, then that will be really difficult.  

That is how the heart keeps getting weaker and weaker as it’s not getting the proper nutrition it needs.  

You can get a heart attack from this. But on the way to that the erectile dysfunction problem will be a signal.  

And all of that is interconnected in a really complex way.  

So as soon as you get any indication of that, you should take the first step right away. That will be the best course of action that you might want to take.  


You’ve got an erectile dysfunction problem, and you smoke. But then you just read this article and now know what the problem is and its solution. And it’s no surprise that the solution is pretty simple.  

You have got two options from here onwards.  

Look for more information, every nitty-gritty detail that there are as you procrastinate.  

Or you can start reversing the damage by smoking your last cigarette today. And then writing down a plan of action for exercising and eating the right foods.  

Just trust that, if you do the right things, you will be getting the right outcomes.  

The outcome here is a sexually healthy you who has a great relationship with his partner. And the necessary actions for that is eating good food and moving the body.

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