What is Reddit Nofap? Should you join it? 


The term “masturbation” is frequently linked to pleasure, which is understandable, but the real question is whether the pleasure is truly worth it. Addicts of pornography, particularly young men, understand that masturbation is just like a shining star that seems small from the earth’s surface, but in reality, it is a huge ball of gas, which is very dangerous. 

Similarly, the pleasure experienced during a masturbation session may appear fleeting, but the long-term effects include addiction to pornography and mental disorders.

This side effect of porn was understood by Alexander Rhodes and Pittsburgh, so they invented a “NoFap” community where people with the same problem come together and help each other overcome their addiction. 

This community does not just offer a space for people suffering from excessive masturbation and pornography use but also helps them overcome their addiction. Let’s take a closer look at this community. 

What is the Nofap? 

People who are trying to stop masturbating might be familiar with the term “NoFap,” which was coined in 1999 by a comic book artist to refer to masturbating. After that, this word gained popularity and caught the attention of Pittsburgh and Rhodes, who created a website and community named “Nofap Community.”. 


The main reason for the creation of the website and community came from a 2003 article that described how a man’s testosterone level rose by 145.7% after he stopped masturbating for just seven days. This article reached Pittsburgh and Rhodes in 2011 through a subreddit post, and they decided to help men suffering from pornography addiction

About the NoFap Subreddit and website 

The Reddit community was named Nofap Subreddit, and a website with the name Nofap was created. The community and website helped people with the same addiction interact with each other and support each other.

They accept the challenge of not masturbating and involving themselves in similar activities. 

 This challenge is done for 90 days, and the person who completes it loses interest in porn and increases their self-esteem to live a confident life. 

How to start the nofap journey? 

Porn addiction is very harmful to one’s health, and deciding to set yourself free from this addiction is a very good choice. Below are steps on how you can start the NoFap journey. 


To begin your NoFap journey, you must first identify the source of your porn addiction. One of the many common reasons why people become hooked on porn is loneliness. Other popular reasons include curiosity, stress relief, and escape. 

 Thus, realizing the cause of the addiction is the first step in beginning the NoFap journey. Because it is easy to discover a solution to an addiction once one understands why they have it. 

Join community 

After knowing the reason for the addiction, the next step is joining a community, because when you join a community where there are people who understand you and support you, your willpower to leave porn addiction increases. 


Once you join a community, you gain support, but this is not enough, as you have to take some actions from your end to ensure that your willpower never decreases, and this can be done by bringing about a change in your lifestyle. 

  To change lifestyles, implementing disciplinary actions like waking up early, socializing, reducing screen time, etc. are necessary. Bringing approximately these changes will not only help in getting rid of porn addiction but will also help in enhancing mental and bodily fitness. 

What is the Use NoFap?

The NoFap website and Reddit community are very helpful for people who need to forestall looking at pornography. This community does not just include boys but also includes girls suffering from the same problem. Below are a few reasons why it is useful for them. 

Build relationship 

Joining the NoFap community will help you build relationships as people with the same problem come together and help each other. Communicating your thoughts without filtering helps an individual share his problem and get a solution. 

Challenge willpower 

NoFap challenges its people to restrict themselves from sexual behaviors that come from watching POP; that is, it challenges its users to stop masturbation for 90 days. Once a person completes this challenge, he loses interest in watching porn. 



NoFap provides a support community, which is very beneficial for people wanting to leave porn and live a healthy life, as this community is filled with people suffering from the same problem, and these people help each other overcome the addiction by providing emotional and moral support. 


NoFap is not just about sharing your thoughts and your journey; it also provides scientific articles, podcasts, and videos related to why people are addicted to porn, how to remove this addiction, etc. These resources help in understanding the reason and make it easier to get free from this addiction. 

Why should you join it? 

Pornography is sometimes dismissed as a harmless pastime, but this is untrue since it can result in compulsive sexual disorders, a decrease in testosterone levels, mental disorders, etc. 

  Thus, if you find yourself watching porn overtime or finding it difficult to stop, join the NoFap subreddit; it will boost your testosterone levels, aid in self-development, and more. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how becoming a part of the Nofap community can benefit you. 


To beautify your mental and bodily fitness, you have to keep in mind training abstinence from excessive porn use and masturbation. This can be accomplished when you have the assistance of people who apprehend you, and that is what the NoFap community gives. 


Quitting pornography not only helps in enhancing health but also helps in self-development because when a person quits porn, his self-esteem increases, he focuses on real relationships, and he lives a guilt-free life. 


One of the main things about the NoFap subreddit is the supportive community because, in this community, people suffering from the same issue come together to help each other by providing motivation. They post about their achievements and shortcomings and get support from the community. 


Even though the NoFap group is an incredibly supportive community that helps individuals struggling with their pornography addiction, there is a drawback; there are no limitations. Relapse is highly likely because the challenge is entirely dependent on people’s willpower. Thus, some limitations must be implemented. These may take the form of filtering, safe searching, blocking websites, etc. 

 Using BlockerX, which comes in both app and extension form, is a great method to accomplish all of these goals. It restricts access to adult material websites and offers a community for discussion and assistance, in addition to letting you choose which keywords, apps, and websites to ban. In addition, the difficulty of uninstalling it guarantees a very low chance of relapse. 


What are the benefits of Nofap? 

NoFap is a platform that brings together those who are affected by porn dependency and enables them with the aid of offering a community to speak to, articles, podcasts, etc. 

What is the NoFap monthly challenge? 

NoFap users get a 90-day challenge to refrain from masturbating and orgasm. If a person completes this challenge, he will be successful in freeing himself from porn addiction. 

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