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The Best Sex Education Parents Guide 101

In the current day and age of technology addiction, everything is changing and growing at a fast pace. Whether it’s the academic curriculum or teenagers’ sex knowledge, it all seems to be multiplying by the day. However, what is dangerous is entering the vast world of sex without complete knowledge of it, especially at an age when it is easy to lose your way. This is why sex education is essential among the younger generation to ensure they have a safe and healthy sexual life.

But what role can you play in sex education as a parent? Well, it is far more than you could anticipate. After all, a child’s first school is always their home. Today, we’ll talk about what you need to do as a parent to help with your child’s sex education.

Parent’s Guide to Sex Education

It is generally a confusing time for a parent when they see their child entering the phase of life where they get attracted to different genders, have their first crushes get heartbroken, are ready for their first kiss, or prepare themselves to lose their virginity. 

As a parent, one often fails to understand their role in fitting into this phase of their child’s life, which results in a massive communication gap and misunderstanding between the two. This is not ideal for any parent-child relationship, as it can have long-lasting repercussions. So what can be done? Let us find out. 

Remember You Have Been There

sex education

The problem starts when we, as parents, forget that we have been on the side of the table where our children stand today. Rather, we start to think strictly as parents and stop trusting our children to know better than we did when we were their age. Statistics show that more than 76% of parents are not ready to accept that their children are sexually maturing. It was found that these parents were very uncomfortable talking about anything to do with sex with their children. 

You do not want to put yourself in a position like this. It will push your children away from you and make them enter this phase of their lives uninformed, or worse, misinformed. Think of yourself as their friend instead of their parent, and take on the responsibility of giving them access to the vast knowledge that you have regarding sex education, which will ensure a safe sex life.

Approach the Situation With Sensitivity

sensitive situation

It is never a good idea to enter a volatile conversation with prejudice. Rather, you need to make sure that when you initiate a conversation regarding sex with your children, you have an open mind. This is necessary so that you can approach the topic with the utmost sensitivity. Be aware of the fact that your children are not going to be as open to this conversation as you. 

Thus, you need to make them comfortable. The best way to do so is to have the conversation in a place where they feel comfortable; this could be their bedroom or their favorite food joint. Once you have figured out where you want to have “the talk” with them, the next step is to know what you will be talking about and how you will approach the conversation. Remember to be very sensitive about this conversation, as this will decide the relationship you and your child will share when it comes to their sexual life. Be prepared, and talk with your heart; this is your child.

Don’t Shy Away From an Awkward Conversation

awkward conversation

We understand that it is not easy to have a conversation about sex with your children. And yet, it is essential to articulate your thoughts regarding this topic and have that conversation because if you don’t, it would amount to your children turning to other unreliable sources. And that is certainly not desirable for anyone involved. 

These untrustworthy sources could range from random internet websites to misinformed teenage friends. As a parent, you need to understand that your children have reached the age where they will find the answers to their questions regarding their changing bodies and desires. What you need to make sure of is that the source of information is not something that will misguide them and lead to a destructive sexual life for your children in the future. This is why it is essential for you to sit through this conversation, no matter how awkward it is for you or your children.

Finally, Be a Source of Information, Not Anxiety

source of information

Think about this: If you create an environment where your children cannot come and talk to you about any sex-related question that they might have, they will search for information on the internet. Let us say they have a question regarding whether it is essential to use protection. Now, they cannot talk to you about this if you are not able to acknowledge that they have reached sexual maturity or that they should have such questions in mind. 

So the other resort they have is to go on the internet and look it up. When they go on the internet to find the answer to this question, they will receive mixed answers, as the internet is an unreliable source of information if children receive it unguided. This could have serious repercussions in the future for your child as well as for you. Hence, instead of creating an environment where your children feel anxious discussing such questions with you, if you become their go-to source of information, you will not just stay an intrinsic part of their lives but can also ensure that they do not do anything that harms them.

Final Words

Remember that as a parent, you should always be the first person your child resorts to talking to or discussing anything in a moment of doubt. We know that this is going to be your first time initiating sex talk, and we empathize with your discomfort. However, as we have mentioned, proper sex education is of utmost importance in ensuring that our children do not imbibe misleading information when it comes to sex and intimacy. 

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