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Going through any kind of mental health issue is a distressing time in one’s life. Not knowing how to get by each day in life or whom to share your agony with can be difficult for everyone. It is at times like this that one feels quite distant even from friends, family members and life partners. For everyone battling mental health issues who have had these thoughts, we are here to tell you that there are several Mental health discord servers that you can join to resolve this issue from your life.

Most people battling mental health issues may not have heard about mental health discord servers and thus have had a vacuum in their lives when it comes to communicating with others and sharing what they are going through. This is because one often feels that they have no one they can talk to who will understand exactly what they are going through as either they have at some point experienced it themselves or are currently going through it.

But today, we will not just learn in detail about what mental health discord servers are, but also about the best mental discord servers that one can join. Let us learn more.

What are Mental Health Discord Servers?

In this era of day and age, everything is available on the internet. Following the same pursuit, discord servers have been established. Before we understand what mental health discord servers are, we need to understand what discord servers are.

To put it simply, discord servers are an online version of a community that comes together with similar interests, means and goals. Through the means of these discord servers, everyone who is a part of it can connect with the others in that particular server through the means of phone calls, video calls, texts etc. These people then form a community wherein they talk about anything and everything that the other community members unanimously decide. 

On similar grounds, mental health discord servers were established to help people reach out to others who have either been in their shoes at some point or are still going through it. These platforms are equivalent to a virtual room wherein you can invite whoever you want either in a group or individually and pour your heart out. The other person knows about the nature of the discord survey and thus joins if they have similar requirements. 

Now, there are a number of discord servers that you as someone facing mental health issues can join, but definitely some are better than others in the capacity of community members, knowledge and facilities provided by them. Today, we will be unravelling a few such mental health discord servers which are on the top of their games, and you should certainly join if you have similar requirements.

CLN Helpline

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Various mental health discord servers provide a variety of services as a part of their server. The best the services, the better the server. And so we have CLN Helpline on the top of this list as they are one of the best mental health discord services. They have brought together mental health sufferers from all around the world and built a community of mental health warriors who have been through similar experiences or are still going through it and fighting hard every single day to concur their issues. 

The CLN Helpline has experience in dealing with people who have depression, anxiety issues, self-harm, suicidal tendencies and a lot more. This helpline is always available in your time of need and will always lend you an empathetic ear whenever you are doing your best and need to vent.

Music Lads

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Music has been proven to help one relax. In fact, it has been proven to be the best medicine when it comes to destressing and working on anxiety issues. Music is also very helpful if you have mental health issues of any sort. Keeping the same in mind, Music Lads was created. This server helps its members cope with mental health issues through the means of music. They even conduct various music events, help you create your ideal playlist, and provide you with daily song recommendations as per your taste in music. They also claim to be a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community and be there with them through the difficulties they undergo.

The Comfort Sanctuary


This mental health discord server recently changed its name from Helping Hand Foundation to The Comfort Sanctuary or TCS as they prefer to call them. This server welcomes each and everyone facing any sort of mental health issues in their life, irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation. They have an active and friendly community willing to help out everyone in need in various ways.

Safe Place

safe place

Much like the name suggests, this mental health discord server focuses on making the place they offer in their community a safe place for everyone who is a part of it. They promise to stand by their members through their difficult hours, days, weeks or months. In fact, this discord mental health server will be there with you if you want to vent, cry or just talk.



In addition to our app, we have a mental health discord server, where we bring to you a number of wherein we bring you everything you will need to fight out every day of this difficult phase of your life. We have people from around the world who have come together to form a community that helps people get through these difficult days one day at a time. With compassion for others as our motto, we are here for you in every manner you want, ready to become a part of your journey and share everything with one another while lending our non-judgemental ears to you.

Final Words

It is essential to have like-minded people with you in times of need as their presence makes you realise that there are others who have gone through what you are going through and have made it through successfully, and sooner than later the same is going to happen for you as well. Join one of these mental health discord servers to unveil your community of mental health survivors.


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