The Real Sex Education: Top 4 Things to Know About

real sex education

In today’s time and age, it is necessary to have awareness and knowledge about our sexuality. The fact of the matter is that awareness regarding one’s sexuality and wants, and sexual health should take priority in everyone’s life this is why real sex education is important.

Having said that, the sad reality, even to this day, is either the entire lack of sex education or a wrongly construed version of the same. This, in fact, is highly dangerous as misinformation can do grave wrongs.

It is due to these reasons it becomes of utmost importance to seek real sex education so that people can be aware of what sex and sexuality actually curtail, rather than believing in some malified version of the same.

What is real sex education?

Real sex education is an education on human sexuality that is thorough, truthful, and inclusive. This kind of education includes a wide variety of issues, including the following:

  • Reproductive anatomy and physiology
  • Contraception and safe sex practices
  • Healthy relationships and communication
  • Sexual pleasure and consent
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Body image and self-esteem
  • Pornography and media literacy
  • Preventing and responding to sexual violence and abuse
  • STIs and HIV prevention and treatment
  • Pregnancy prevention and options

Important aspects of real sex education

The essential thing to keep in mind about sex education is the multi-fold facets that it comprises of. Let us have a look.

It’s all-inclusive, and it covers a broad variety of issues relating to sexuality in humans.


Sex education covers numerous sexual topics. Reproductive anatomy and physiology, contraception and safe sex practises, healthy relationships and communication, sexual pleasure and consent, sexual orientation and gender identity, body image and self-esteem, pornography, media literacy, STIs and HIV prevention and treatment, pregnancy prevention, and options are covered.

Proper sex education may clarify human sexuality. This information may help you make better sexual choices.

It is accurate and based on scientific evidence

Scientifically-based sex education, as opposed to sex education based on myths, assumptions, or anecdotes, emphasizes the use of hard data and research to influence instruction. It’s crucial because having access to trustworthy information allows us to make educated choices regarding our sexual health and romantic relationships.

Sex education recognizes the complexity of sexuality. Everyone has different sexuality needs, interests, and priorities.

It welcomes and values differences in people, backgrounds, and perspectives.

sexual health

The authentic form of sex education is concerned with educating people to be empathetic to not just to others, but also to themselves. And this should be the goal of every person, irrespective of their sexual identity, interests, community, gender etc.

Those who are LGBTQ+, have disabilities, or are from a different cultural or religious background might get sex education that is more suited to their needs via inclusive practices.

It is age-appropriate and culturally responsive

sexual behaviour

This is so that the information may be adjusted to the individual’s particular requirements.

For example, if you are a young kid, you could learn about the various body parts and how to set boundaries with other people.

On the other side, if you’re a teen, you could learn about subjects like birth control and how to keep up positive relationships.

The idea behind this is to make sure that the information you acquire is appropriate for your age and the topics you should know at that specific moment.

Final Words

Real sex education is an all-inclusive and truthful instruction about human sexuality that encourages healthy, respectful, and mutually agreeable sexual practices. It should be adapted to the kids’ ages and cultural backgrounds and taught in a secure and supportive atmosphere free of discrimination and bullying.

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