10 Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Now, we have all heard that abs are made in the kitchen, but maybe so are erections. It has been often claimed that a penis has its own mind when it comes to achieving an erection and maintaining one. But does that mean you are helpless when it comes to getting an erection? Not entirely, as there may be certain factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction, one such factor being food. There are several food items that when consumed over time result in erectile dysfunction and thus, should either be avoided or at least regulated.

And today we will unravel the sorcery of food items that, in some way or the other contribute to erectile dysfunction and should be avoided.

Worst Food For Erectile Dysfunction

Let us now discuss foods to avoid for erectile dysfunction and the science behind them.

Bottled Water

bottled water

Who would have thought that this harmless-looking product could be a significant cause of erectile dysfunction? However, it is important to note that it is not the water by itself which is the problem, rather it is the plastic bottle that the water comes in. In a study conducted by Fertility and Sterility, it was found that the BPA component also known as Bisphenol A, found in the plastic bottle, affects the sperm count in men and, over time, also amounts to erectile dysfunction.


Everybody enjoys the occasional bottle of soda. In fact, it is difficult to imagine getting through hot summers without having soda. But what you do not know, is that these flavoured sodas do you a lot more harm than good. As per research, carried out by the Central European Journal of Urology, it was found that a particular component known as fructose corn syrup, which is prominently found in flavoured sodas as the sweetener, results in erectile dysfunction.

This happens as the component amounts to an abnormal increase in cholesterol levels and over the years ends up damaging the arteries present in the penis, which provide for blood flow to the penis and achieving an erection.

Processed Meat

processed meat

Another common food item found in kitchens is processed meat. We have all heard how processed meat is not so good for the heart, but you should also know that processed meat is not a friend of your penis either.

This is so because processed meat has been found to contain absurdly high levels of saturated cholesterol and fats, which over time amount to clogging of the arteries present in the penis. The penile arteries get clogged much faster than the other arteries in the body as they are tiny and capable of quickly accumulating plaque.


This may not be news to you. We are all aware that alcohol results in erectile dysfunction, but what we are not aware of, is the science behind it. In a study published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal, it was found by scientists that too much alcohol amounts to low testosterone production.

They also explained how regulation of the number of drinks consumed in a day helps moderate the risk of erectile dysfunction as well. The scientists recommend limiting alcohol consumption to one or two drinks per day. Anything more than that on an everyday basis can be harmful.

White Bread

white bread

There is a reason why ‘brown bread’ is preferred over ‘white bread’ by a large number of people. It is because white bread contains processed carbs which amount to plumping in and bloating. In a man, bloating results in an increased estrogen level and decreased testosterone, which ultimately amounts to erectile dysfunction.

Microwaveable Popcorn

You may have never thought, but microwaveable popcorns are certainly not so good for your erection and you. It is not per se the popcorn which is a problem and thus non-microwaveable popcorns are safe from any such threat.

Rather, the problem is only in the microwaveable ones, as the microwaveable popcorn bag linings contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also popularly known as C8. and consumption of increased levels of this component severely affects the testosterone level and results in erectile dysfunction.



While ordering pizza, it is difficult to resist going for the cheese blast option. After all, a pizza is at its best when dressed with loads of cheese. But that may not be good news for you if you are looking to get some action later. This is because pizza with cheese is the epitome of double trouble because it contains both refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. An excess of both of these components results in lower testosterone and erectile dysfunction.

Canned Products

Canned soup is not good news for our overall health; we already know that. But did you ever think that these canned products may be the reason why your game in bed has been so off lately? This is because canned soups come with increased levels of dietary sodium, whose regular consumption results in increased blood pressure and reduced blood flow to specific parts of the body, which includes your little friend down there.

Farmed Fishes

farmed fish

When you go to the market to buy fish, you will see two categories of fish. One being wild fishes while the other being farmed fishes. If you have been bringing home farmed fish all this time, it may be the reason for your problem with getting no erection or not being able to maintain one while having intercourse.

It has been recently discovered that this happens because the farmed products were found to contain a higher level of 13 toxins in comparison to the alternatives in the wild category. And thus, we recommend you go for the wild fish option if you are looking forward to some action.


As we have already discussed, cheese is a dairy product that contains significantly higher amounts of saturated fats, which pose a risk of arterial blockage. In fact, when it comes to dairy products such as cheese and milk, you must know that the cows producing the milk are regularly injected with artificial hormones, which, as per research, amounts to the disruption of the endocrine system in the body. Furthermore, various types of research have conclusively proven that men who consume dairy products on a daily basis have lower sperm motility than those who consume it only occasionally or not at all.

Now it is clear that the food we eat affects not just our general health and well-being but also our sexual life. Having said that, the best way to tackle this issue is to get on board with the idea of safe and selective eating.

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Final Words

Erectile dysfunction can hamper your everyday sexual health and performance. But do not worry, as avoiding the above-mentioned food items will be a part of the solution and a step towards ensuring that erectile dysfunction is only a comma in your sexual life, and never a full stop. It is essential that you regulate the above-mentioned food items in your everyday diet to ensure a happy sexual life.

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