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Best 15 Survivor Mental Health Tattoos


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Dr. Nick Nissen is a clinical fellow at the Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.
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mental health tattoos

Surviving mental health issues is a great achievement in itself. After all, you succeed in winning a fight against yourself and that is, undoubtedly the most difficult battle of all. If you are a survivor then we applaud you for getting through the challenging phase of your life and coming out of it stronger than ever before. If you are looking for ways to commemorate your triumph over mental health issues, you could consider getting yourself survivor mental health tattoos.

The terminology – Survivor mental health tattoos is used for the various tattoos that appropriately capture the journey of a mental health survivor. These mental health tattoos could be a depiction of anything that gave you the strength to fight and overcome the dark period of your life or just a reminder of what you overcame. 

Ink out your Journey with Mental Health Survivor Tattoos

Any mental health issue is an excessively tough phase of your life. After all, it makes you feel as if nothing could ever be good again. It makes you doubt your existence and pulls you into a place that is darker than darkness itself. And getting mental health tattoos that will stay with you for the rest of your life and remind you of the power and strength you hold, is a great gift to yourself. Let us find out about the top 15 Survivor Mental health tattoos on our list today –

The Tattoo of a Semicolon

semi-colon tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is at the top of our list because it is so much more than just a grammatical tool in our lives. Mental health survivors who have fought vigilantly and come out of it get this tattoo to showcase the journey of life. The tattoo represents how life is ongoing despite the hindrances it comes with.

A Tattoo That Reminds You That You Are A Warrior

Ultimately you have won the battle.  And, that makes you a warrior. We feel that this is best represented by a ‘warrior’ tattoo because a survivor of mental health issues is nothing less than a warrior.

A Tattoo to Celebrate New Beginnings 

When someone survives mental health issues and enters a new phase of their lives, it is almost equal to starting life from scratch. The way one perceives life changes in its entirety and everything is clearer and brighter. This is why a tattoo that reads “new beginnings” will help you remember everything good about the new life you have built for yourself through your own actions.

A Tattoo to Showcase Your Growth

There are several words and phrases that one can get tattooed that talk about the massive amount of growth that they have attained in their life by surviving mental health issues. Phrases such as “You made it through,” “A flower grows through dirt,” and “Keep Going, Keep Growing” are some good tattoo ideas if you want something that reflects the growth you have had and still continue to strive for.

A Tattoo of Mountains

mountain tattoos

When someone is struggling with mental health issues, it is difficult to believe that they will make it to the other side. Once you have come out of this dark phase of your life, you understand that life has both ups and downs, and sooner or later you will find yourself on the other side. Thus, there is little better than a mountain tattoo to commemorate the ups and downs you have had in your journey.

A Tattoo of Waves

waves tattoo

Beach therapy may have a holistic calming effect on a person when it comes to mental health. The waves carrying you with their flow are a depiction of how life does the same. It demonstrates how we can find peace through the changes in our lives, which arrive like waves and keep us moving regardless of our resistance. 

A Tattoo That is Pleasing To You

It is not always about what phrase you have tattooed or what symbol you will use to represent your journey of surviving mental health. Rather, it is about bearing the pain and coming out with something beautiful to show for it, much like the journey through mental health issues.

A Tattoo to Depict That You Are Greater Than Highs and Lows

By surviving your mental health issues, you have proven that you are so much more than the highs and lows that life throws at you. So why not get a tattoo that reflects this?

A Tattoo That Reminds You of Your Strength

You have fought, and you have won. In fact, you will continue to fight whenever life throws something new and unexpected at you; do you know why? because you are a fighter. That’s right, you are one, and you should probably get a tattoo of the same to remind you of your biggest strength.

A Tattoo that reminds you to breathe

It is always good to stop and take a breath. You have probably, during your course of struggling with mental health, dealt with various anxiety and panic attacks. And what in all likelihood helped you during such times is that you remembered to take deep breaths through them. Get yourself a few survivor mental health tattoos that will remind you to breathe during the toughest times.

A Tattoo that reminds you to choose yourself

choose yourself

Inking yourself with “Me First” or “My Growth” can be an important tool for those of you who struggle with putting ourselves first in extenuating circumstances. At times, you do need to remember to put on your oxygen mask before helping someone else in a plane emergency.

The Yin and Yang Tattoo

yin yang tattoo

In your mental struggle, you should be able to objectively look at yourself and the world. A Yin and Yang tattoo is a great minimalist idea to put into perspective the good and bad in the world.

The Tattoo of a Stitch 

You’ve been wounded. And now you’re on your path to long-term healing. Getting yourself inked with a stitch can remind you that the worst has passed and that the only thing you need to focus on now is healing.

The Tattoo of a Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

As a mental health survivor, you have a similar journey to that of a butterfly. Just like a tiny caterpillar blossoms into a beautiful butterfly, spreading its wings and scaling heights in life, you have done the same by facing your mental health problems and coming out of them stronger with a newfound love for life and the promise of growing and achieving every day.

A Tattoo that reads “I Can”

There was once a time when you doubted everything, from your life to yourself. And eventually, after a lot of self-work and improvement, you decided to believe in yourself. This changed your life for the better, which is why we believe you should get a tattoo that reminds you to believe in yourself through every step of life, whether it be good or bad.

Final Words

As a mental health survivor, you have been through a lot. We believe that holding onto your journey is always a good way to remind yourself of the person you are today and everything that you went through to become the best version of yourself. And these survivor mental health tattoos can be your journey’s totem.


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