Exploring the Connection: Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?


Healthy masturbation is a natural part of human sexuality, yet it’s a topic often surrounded by myths and misconceptions.

One such doubt that sparks curiosity is the link between masturbation and weight loss. Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss? After all, the practice does involve sexual arousal, excitement, blood pumping, and energy expenditure, so maybe it can help you lose some pounds!

Well, let’s explore the possibilities: filtering the myths from facts!

Overview of Weight Loss

does masturbation cause weight loss

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced weight management is absolutely important. In fact, people with weight gain disorders like obesity are more vulnerable to other health complications. For this reason alone, it’s important to work on significant weight loss. 

But what exactly helps here?

Well, as someone who has struggled with obesity and outran it (in the literal sense!) I can tell you it’s all about the calorie game, my friend. In fact, I guess you may already know this: it’s all about burning more calories than we consume.

However, while calories are often the main players here, there are other factors responsible as well. Our metabolism, genetics, lifestyle choices, body type, and eating habits are also major contributors.

But what about masturbation? Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss? What about the calories burnt during masturbation?

Let’s take a deeper look into it and understand the link between Masturbation and Weight Loss.

Masturbation and Weight Loss: Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?

We know sex education is finally evolving. Yet, can you really discuss your doubts about masturbation? Generally not. The change will come slowly.

But what do you do about your doubts until then? And I know there can be many many doubts!

In fact, I often have patients with all sorts of questions.

One such common confusion revolving around masturbation is its effects on weight. 

But is there any true link? Does masturbating cause weight loss?

Well, the simple answer is no. Masturbation doesn’t lead to weight loss. In fact, there is no scientific evidence supporting the myth.

Well, then, where does this belief come from? Well, this misconception generally arises from the whole practice of masturbation. After all, it involves movement, arousal, friction, and increased heart pumping, which leads to burning a few calories. However, the calorie burn is insignificant enough to make a big difference in weight. 

On the other hand, weight gain and loss are complex processes that involve other factors like eating healthy, staying active, and more.

That said, let’s take a closer look at some myths and facts surrounding masturbation and weight Loss: 

1. Effects on Metabolism

Well, as we know, metabolism is a major factor influencing weight. But then, what are the effects of

masturbation on metabolism? Does it impact our metabolism? Does masturbating cause weight loss indirectly? Why was masturbation linked to weight loss?

Honestly, this confusion just arises from the belief that masturbation can boost our metabolism, leading to weight loss.

In fact, it is a common belief that physical activity during masturbation contributes to calorie burning, which in turn can help with weight reduction. 

However, the calories burned during masturbation are relatively low. Therefore, it’s unlikely that masturbation alone can cause significant weight loss.

2. Hormonal Influence

In addition to other external factors, our hormones also play an important role in weight management. Now, some arguments support the belief that masturbation might change hormone levels, which in turn could affect weight.

Especially the male hormone testosterone. It’ a common belive that masturbation boosts testosterone which in turn can lead to more muscles and a faster metabolism. But again, there’s not enough proof to support this idea. Even if masturbation does raise testosterone temporarily, it’s not likely to have a significant impact on weight.

3. Psychological and Emotional Factors

As you may know, weight management is much more than just diet and exercise – our emotions play a big role, too. Now, healthy masturbation habits can help with stress relief and relaxation, which indirectly affects weight.

It can be one way to deal with stress and prevent emotional eating or other unhealthy habits. However, remember moderation is the key. Excessive masturbation can bring about negatively affect your healthy lifestyle.

Does Masturbation Cause Weight Gain?‌‌

Abousetly not. Just like it has no effects on your weight loss process, masturbation has no contribution to weight gain. It’s just a natural part of human sexuality. Moreover, though it can slightly increase heart rate and blood pressure activity, it’s usually not enough to affect weight.

Does Losing Sperm Make You Weaker?

No, losing sperm doesn’t make you lose weight. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that releasing sperm, whether through sexual activity or masturbation, leads to weight loss. 

While sexual activity can slightly increase heart rate, make blood pumping, and burn some calories, it’s usually not enough to make a significant impact on weight. 

In fact, weight loss is a more complex process than burning a few calories. It depends on various factors like your genetic constitution, better sleep, diet, physical activity, and metabolism. 

Healthy Masturbation and sexual activity are healthy sexual activity with benefits like stress reduction and improved mood. However, they shouldn’t be relied upon as a primary weight loss method. These sexual activities, not even indirectly, contribute to weight loss. 

Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it’s all about a balanced diet and regular exercise; they can help immensely in effective weight management. 

quit masturbation

Does Masturbating Burn Calories?‌‌

Another common question that often has people confused is whether masturbating burns calories. 

Well, yes, it absolutely does! Self-pleasure is also a physical act that involves some energy expenditure. 

However, the amount of calories burned during masturbation is not very significant.

Let me explain. 

What happens is that though masturbation involves movement, accelerating heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure, which could be considered a form of exercise, the calorie burn is minimal.

According to research, a masturbation session may burn around 25-50 calories at most, which is unlikely to contribute significantly to weight loss.

Moreover, though the happy hormones released during masturbation also might increase breathing and blood flow, the calorie burn is still relatively small. 

This calorie burn does not contribute to weight loss. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to sustain the level of activity required for significant calorie burn. 

Therefore, while masturbation does involve movement, it’s not comparable to the intensity of full-body exercises like running or swimming.

In fact, according to one study, it was found that men burn about 101 calories, and women burn nearly 70 calories during 30 minutes of sex. Whereas, if we look at the reports of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), they recommend doing 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of moderately intense, blood-pumping activities or exercises a week for healthy weight management (once a healthy weight has been achieved).

Now, achieving this mark for healthy weight management through masturbation is not practically possible. It will require a person to complete 305 strokes per minute (that is 5 strokes per second!) This is not only impossible but extremely unhealthy. 

Does Masturbation Cause Muscle Loss?

Before I get to this answer, let’s understand what actually leads to muscle loss.

What happens is that muscle health depends on factors like exercise, diet, and genetics. Therefore, while regular exercise and strength training are essential for muscle development, masturbation itself is unlikely to cause muscle loss. 

It does not provide the intensity or exertion needed for significant muscle development or loss. 

Besides that, scientifically, there’s no evidence linking masturbation to muscle loss. The actual factors that can lead to muscle loss include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Malnutrition
  • Medical conditions
  • Aging

If you want to maintain healthy muscles, I would recommend undertaking guided strength training exercises, consuming a balanced diet, and regular physical activity.

Does Masturbating Make You Weak?


Well, this answer is little more than a yes or no. This really depends on your masturbation habits. 

What happens is that masturbating in moderation is a natural part of human sexuality. Therefore, this will not make you weaker. You may get the temporary feeling of weakness after ejaculating, but there’s no scientific evidence to support this idea.

But if you have a compulsive masturbation habit, now that can be a problem.

Excessive masturbation leads to physical side effects. You can feel these effects as fatigue, premature ejaculation and or reduced sex drive, affecting your sex life. Besides that, it can also make you feel drained both mentally and physically. 

A compulsive masturbator can end up feeling frequent fatigue which, in turn, leads to feeling drained and drowsy, affecting everyday life.

It’s essential to maintain a balanced approach to sexual activity for better mental, physical, and sexual health.

What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Masturbation?

Well, we explore the raging question: does masturbation cause weight loss? Now let us take a quick look at the benefits and side effects of masturbation: 

1. Benefits

Masturbation is supposed to be a healthy sexual activity for sexual satisfaction and sexual pleasure. Therefore, when practiced in moderation, it can bring about some health benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction
  • Reduced stress and tension
  • Better sex drive and life
  • Increased orgasms
  • Helps with menstrual pain
  • Better sleep
  • Better self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved libido
  • Helps release of sexual tension

2. Side effects

Well, I guess we all know how harmful it can be to lose balance. Now, this applies to masturbation as well. Masturbation becomes a problem when it becomes an addiction. So, here are some potential side effects of chronic masturbation:

  • Some studies show a link between masturbation and prostate cancer. That is, masturbation is often linked with the risk of prostate cancer (especially in younger men).
  • Another common side effect is observed on the genitals. I have worked with patients who often complained about reduced decline in penile sensitivity. In fact, porn addicts who indulge in excessive masturbation can experience reduced sensitivity in the penis over time.
  • Feelings of guilt and shame. Now, this is very inevitable. Even now, masturbation is a taboo topic in most cultural beliefs, religious ideologies, and society. This can lead to feelings of shame and guilt, eventually affecting your mental health.
  • Excessive masturbation can cause strain in romantic relationships. Partners may feel betrayed or insignificant due to their partners’ compulsive masturbation habit. This can lead to relationship problems, breakups, or divorces.


As you now know, masturbation doesn’t lead to either weight loss or gain. It is a natural act with some benefits. However, when it becomes a compulsive habit, it can bring about several side effects. Therefore, it is absolutely important to build healthy habits, prioritizing your mental, physical, social, and overall health.


Q. Does masturbation cause weight loss in female?

No, masturbation doesn’t cause weight loss in female. 

Q. Does losing sperm make you weaker?

Well, releasing sperm is a normal and healthy part of sexual activity. It doesn’t make you weak. 

Q. Does excess masturbation cause weight loss?

No, even though excessive masturbation leads to calorie burning, it doesn’t cause weight loss. 


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