The Best 11 Mental Health Drawings

Art has been used as a form of expression since time immemorial. In fact, as per doctors, drawing has been found to have a calming effect on a person’s mental health. The entire process is popularly called art therapy. It is believed that when one fails to express their thoughts and pain through words, the best form of expression becomes a drawing, painting, or sketch. In fact, mental health drawings are a real thing.

This is because it helps one let go of the anxiety and stress of having everything bottled up inside them because they do not have the right words to express themselves. And this is why mental health drawings have become an extensive part of the therapeutic process of mental health treatment.

Best Mental Health Drawings

Nowadays, therapy sessions include much more than just sitting and talking with a therapist. Instead, many new ways of expression are being included as these provide the much-needed release of built-up anxiety and stress. On the same note, even though drawing mental health may seem unrealistic, certain very talented artists have, through the means of their drawings, beautifully curated the various mental health issues faced by many out there. Let us find out more about these mental health drawings.

The Personal Raincloud Drawing by Cat Finnie

mental health drawings

In this drawing, the popular artist Cat Finnie, who hails from London, U.K., has created an illustration of a man standing right beneath a raincloud. Through the means of this drawing about mental health, Finnie wants to express how depression is a constant personal battle wherein one feels that they are at all times under their own raincloud, which keeps heavily pouring down on them.

The Silent Shout by Eva Charkiewicz

This particular piece of art was created by Eva Charkiewicz as a response to the grief that overtook her when her father passed away. Through this drawing, she has illustrated how she felt when she was going through depression.

Mental vs. Physical Health by Holly Chisolm

Through the means of this mental health drawing, Holly Chisolm portrays that mental health issues do not just affect the mental state of a person. Rather than extensive, it also has a grave effect on the physical well-being of a person.

Ghost Whisperer by Eva Charkiewicz

ghost whispers

Through the means of “Ghost Whisperer,” Eva Charkiewicz portrayed how drawing and photography helped her battle the toughest battle of her life – depression.

Anxiety by Toby Allen

In this drawing, Toby Allen, who is a renowned artist, has created a monster with a clock in its hand and the tail of a beautiful leaf. The drawing also comprises text that Mr Allen has included in it. According to him, the monster in the drawing is a representation of his personal experience with depression and anxiety.

Who cares by Janet Ford

who cares

This masterpiece by Janet Ford draws a beautiful comparison between a person battling depression and another who is a maniac. As per Mr Ford, both of these people have a ‘who cares’ attitude towards life but are entirely different from each other in every other manner possible.

The Half Full Glass by Shawn Coss

the half full glass

In his drawing about mental health, Shawn  Coss talks about his battle with depression and expresses how even a half-full glass in the case of depression makes one want to drown in it.

Mind Vomit by Giorgio Trovato

Through the means of this painting, the artist depicts what his mind feels like on a normal day during his battle with depression. How everything seemed to be overflowing and he seemed to have no control over any of it.

Broken by Sanda

In this image by Sanda, the painter has created a naked woman holding what looks like her brain, in her hand, while her heart is in the place of the brain. The brain also seems to be bleeding. 

Your Pain Is My Pain by Paula Scotter

This painting by Paula Scotter came with a strong message regarding giving another person more value than yourself in any kind of relationship. As per her, when one does so, they are setting themselves up to get hurt, as they have given another person a lot more importance than themselves, which ends up in bad treatment eventually. All of this severely affects the mental health of a person.

At the Bottom of the Anxiety Swamp by Jayoon Choi

Jayoon Choi’s art shows how bad things can get when you have mental health problems. A person can hit rock bottom and blame themselves for everything happening around them. This drawing aptly captures the essence of the trauma that a person tackling mental health issues goes through.

Final Words 

These mental health drawings have undoubtedly created a safe space for others facing the same battle. These drawings speak louder than any words possibly could and are a clear indication of how art helps a person express the darkest thoughts they have without any judgment.

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