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Top 7 Best tips to block a website permanently

There could be multiple reasons that you may want to block certain websites. Some websites will spread viruses, there are some which have explicit/adult content, and some websites could distract you away from your work or studies. Most of you might even want to avoid gaming and gambling websites for your own purposes.

Most of us have thought multiple times that we need something to block a certain set of websites permanently. Well here we are helping you out to do the needful.

This article will help you to block a website permanently.

Why Would You Require to Block a Website?

Site blocking is a plan generally employed by individuals, parents, schools, and businesses. Games and social media are suitable examples. It is one way to control what children or employees are doing without monitoring them.

But that’s not the only cause to block a website. Many learners, self-employed employees, and creatives use blocking software for an identical reason ;

To keep them concentrated on their work. Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through the social media ? Productivity software restricts entry to these areas so you can stay focused.

Distracting websites

Another reason to block websites is that you find them irritating, explicit/adult content, disturbing, or don’t want to visit them. A permanent block clears them from your path forever. Whatever your reasons, you have several routes to or hide websites.

Block Websites : Manually

You may want to block sites for Windows 10 or Mac solution. The one that doesn’t need downloading any particular software;  which can occur through your computer or router.

Depending on your method, your own machine only or across the complete network.

The downside to all these is that they’re more challenging to do if you’re not experienced with computers. They are also more irritating to cancel if you want a temporary banning. Only use one of these approaches if you conceal a website on a permanent basis.

Block Sites with : Hosts File or Firewall

Both Windows 10 and Mac have a host file you can use to disable websites. With this trick, you can divert traffic from that domain to your local machine. Here’s how to do it in Windows 10:

1. Unlock File Explorer by clicking the folder icon in your taskbar. Connect the bar to the left of Search and paste in C:WindowsSystem32driversetc

2. Double click the host file and open it using Notepad or text editor. Make a fresh line at the base of the file by pressing Enter.

3. On the new line, paste the IP and then organize the URL of the domain you want to stop. For instance, if you want to hide Facebook, the line will look like this: www.facebook.com

4. To block more sites, create a new line for each, and follow the step above again. Make sure to save your changes and lock the file.

In Mac, it’s a little more complicated, but the method is similar:

1. Push F4 and type “terminal” to locate and establish the Terminal.

2. To open the host’s file in the Nano text editor, type in sudo nano /private/etc/hosts . Then enter your computer password.

3. Make a new line at the base of the file, then type in heeded by a space. The URL of the domain you want to bar, like Steps 3 and 4 in the Windows tutorial above. When you’re finished, please save the file and close it.

Enable Parental Controls 

Both Windows and Mac come with built-in parental control. They can assist you in blocking websites for other device users. Here’s how to help it in Windows 10:

1. Type “Add, edit, or dismiss other users” into the search bar and click the result to unlock the Family & other users tab. Click Add a family member to make a second user.

2. Create a Microsoft Family Account to set up a family group on your computer.

3. Log in to your family account, connect the new user’s name, and tap Content Restrictions. Then locate Web Browsing and turn on Block inappropriate websites. Then you can add fresh websites to block or only permit specific sites.

And here’s how to set up Parental Controls on Mac: 

1. Make a second user account. Unlock the Mac menu and click System Preferences, then Users & Groups. Dab the plus button to make a new account.

2. Open the menu, tap System Preferences, and then Parental Controls. Pick the new user account to set up limitations. Click Web and enter the sites you want to block.

Block Sites : Through Router

Switching router settings allows you to block sites across all browsers and computers. But not your operating system. Keep in mind that this will impact everyone in your household or business.

1. Locate your router’s IP, and type it into any browser’s address bar to reach its settings page. You’ll also need your router username and password. If you haven’t altered it, the username is usually admin, and the password admin, password, or leave it blank. If that doesn’t function, review your router’s manual.

2. Once you’re on your router settings page, examine for a setting called Block Sites, Access Restrictions, or something identical. You might see it under Security, Parental Controls, or Advanced. Every router is distinct, so again, confer your manual.

3. Once you locate the setting, enter the domains you want to bar. Now no one who clicked on this network can visit that site.

Use Productivity App/Software/Extension

Time management software is often the best solution for single-computer, the temporary siege of distracting websites. These programs are downloadable ( a few have are extensions ) and positively customizable, allowing you to set what times you’re permitted to visit specific sites or create a timer that blocks all access to diverting social media. They can also follow browser usage and underline the areas draining away your time.

Here’s What You Can Utilize

A few significant instances of productivity apps for freelancers and self-employed hirelings:

Rescue Time: Rescue Time helps teams and individuals figure out where time is wasted. Though it’s a tracking tool, the premium version comes with Focus Time to block disturbing websites on most current browsers.


Watch all your Browser Usage to check how much time you spend on Different Websites. We have categories of Distractive, Work, and other Websites, so you can have the monitoring based on categories. We have interactive charts to help you better understand your Usage. You also have the power to select which Website comes under which Category according to your usage.

You set a Limitation on your Distractive Website Usage. Once the limit crosses, you are prompted to do some Simple yet effective Exercises. Add any website into Distractive Website to be most productive

You can also check the Usage of the last 7 days in “Weekly Insights” to get an even deeper understanding of your Usage with our Interactive Graphs. On your best performances, you also have the option to share your progress on LinkedIn to stay motivated.

Focus Me: Available for Windows, Mac, and Android. Focus Me can increase personal and employee productivity or work as a parental control program. It can outright block sites, impose a time limit, and is available at cheap monthly pricing or for a one-time purchase.

Cold Turkey: If other blocking software is too forgiving for you, Cold Turkey presents a bold solution for free. You can even bar the entire Internet with this program.

Freedom: This free application blocks sites, apps, or all Internet access, plus contains help for safelists, block scheduling, and a locked method that can’t be disabled. It also functions on pretty much every browser or operating system.

Self Control: Only for Mac, this free and open-source app is super easy. You just put the websites you want to block and activate the timer; even if you delete the program or renew your computer, the block will stay. It’s a great answer if you work with self-control.

Just remember productivity software is planned to help you set boundaries and learn to concentrate, not exploit other people. If you require to hide websites from your employees or children, you should use a particular type of program.

Increased productivity

Web Filtering Software

Created for schools and businesses, web filtering software is favorably professional and configurable, letting you control Internet usage across a grid. Besides blocking specific websites, it can also specify sites that fall into a particular category (like social media, email, or gaming) and ban them all.

This software is designed for enterprises, so it’s often costly. Here are a few samples.

Web Titan: This full-featured web filter contains flexible content filtering, security components, and statistics briefing. It ensures that your employees comply with company standards and prevent them from seeing undesirable websites; plus, it rises to work with up to thousands of employees.

Net Nanny: Made for households instead than organizations, Net Nanny lets you monitor other devices, block websites and apps, and supervise screen time.

Current Ware: As enterprise software, CurrentWare secures your data and controls employee access to distracting content. BrowseControl lets you block sites by category or ban disruptive applications.

Qustudio: The software Qustudio monitors and blocks with many filters and features for parents, schools, and businesses. It works across all significant operating systems and mobile gadgets and lets you effortlessly control what your users see.

Barracuda: Barracuda’s Web Security Gateway prevents malware and ransomware from breaching your systems. It provides content blockade so that your employees stay effective and aren’t accidentally revealed to viruses.

Just recognize that web filtering software isn’t for personal productivity; it’s created to control several other users. Thanks to its design options and how it can dynamically disable sites based on type, it’s often more suitable for businesses than blocking at the router level.

How to block websites on chrome

Current browsers often arrive with an extension store having plugins that change how your browser works. These unofficial extensions are created by developers worldwide and can easily limit your Internet usage.

Browser extensions are helpful for personal productivity since they can usually be installed in one click and require minimal setup. The downside is there’s not as much structure as in downloadable software.

Also, if you’re using this to prevent other users, you can install a different browser. But extensions are light and can block unwanted sites temporarily or permanently on a single computer.

Distracting website

Here are some site-blocking browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

1.StayFocusd: StayFocusd is a highly customizable Chrome extension. You can stop all sites, only those on your barred list or all but those on your safelist. Then put up a timer and eventually get to work.

2.BlockerX: BlockerX, with a rating of 4.5/5 stars, can be an excellent option if you want to block adult websites. Fast, slick, and easy to use, BlockerX has everything you need built-in to make sure blocking out adult content is a breeze.

The installation process is quick and hassle-free. Once downloaded, BlockerX starts working automatically, and there is no tinkering required. All you must do is lodge the extension, which automatically begins blocking out harmful adult content in real-time.

BlockerX has an annual premium subscription, ensuring you are well protected for all 365 days without any hassle.

3.Pause: Created by the same developers as Freedom, Pause takes a more delicate approach. It simply interrupts you as you see a distracting website and enables you to do something more productive.

4.BlockSite: BlockSite works as both a productivity and parental control tool. It can divert to safer websites, allow work mode, and block any sites established on keywords.

5.Impulse Blocker: This easy, open-source add-on for Firefox makes blocking comfortable. You can hit the blocker on and off at any time or set a timer for minutes or hours. It’s not as bold as other methods, but it can control you from visiting distracting sites on motivation.

6.Leech Block NG: No more letting social media stink your day away. Block Firefox sites at a particular time or after you’ve expended too much period on them. Or fix up a countdown to assist you in transforming your mind.

7.Block Site: If you need maximum control, this Firefox extension has a lot of settings. Bar any domain, turn it, or block sites at specified periods. It can even immediately close sites the moment they’re unlocked.

For Opera, attempt the Block Site add-on. Microsoft Edge’s extension store and Safari’s extension don’t presently have a reliable website blocker, so try downloadable productivity software that’s consistent.

How to Bar Sites on Mobile

While several methods block websites on a computer, mobile users have rarer options. It’s challenging to get at core files and settings that allow you to block sites manually. Consequently, you’ll have to rely on apps to get the job done.

Try an App

You’ll need to resort to apps blocking websites on most mobile devices. These are equivalent to downloadable computer programs in that they are slightly more configurable and work across multiple browsers. Here are occasional Android and iOS apps that can assist.

FocusMe: As an app and website blocker, FocusMe lets you follow how much time you destroy and set up use limiters or programs. Prepare yourself to concentrate less on your phone and more on your work.

BlockSite: Damage bad habits by controlling distracting apps or sites from loading. Set up content filters, priority timers, and timetables that work for you.

Freedom: The PC application also has an Android app, which works just as well to help you manage your time. Set up traditional block lists and sync them across gadgets. You can also turn on secure mode to stop you from avoiding the ban.

Block Distracting Websites: This iPhone app can do everything, whether you need a temporary or permanent site blocker. A popup helps you think twice before visiting attention-sucking websites, or a strict timer can block them entirely.

Zero Willpower: With a straightforward setup, Zero Willpower cuts off all passes to sites on your block list. Alternatively, it constructs a temporary timer that can last hours.

Liberate: Retrieve command over your life with Liberate. Just add sites to your obstruction list and set an end date, and you won’t be capable of browsing those sites until the timer’s up.

Stay Productive with Domain Blocking

With the correct method, you can effortlessly restrict access to distracting websites. If you desire to temporarily or permanently block sites on a personal device, your best chance is establishing a program or browser extension. The former is more configurable, while the latter is more comfortable.

Manual blockade through the host’s file, firewall, or router is a good option if you don’t like to deal with software. However, this is only appropriate if you wish to hinder access to specific sites permanently.

And if you’re blocking certain websites for considerable users on a single web, you should use web filtering software or prevent it through the router.

Select the method that best serves you, and finally, get back to work on your assignments distraction-free.

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