How to Block Adult websites on Chrome Effectively with 3 Easy Steps using BlockerX Porn Blocker Extension

Why should you block adult websites ?

In case you are wondering how to block adult websites on google chrome?, then you need not look any further.  

Maybe it is to protect you, your family or your relationship from the harmful effects of pornography, blocking it out of your computer is a great idea and can be hugely beneficial to you and those around you.

Considering that Google Chrome is the most popular Web browser today with over 1 billion users worldwide, and that at any given second, 28,258 individuals are watching porn at a time, it’s important that we know how to block adult content on the browser. 

Luckily, extensions exist to be able to do so easily in a few simple steps. In this short guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to download and install BlockerX, the best porn blocker extension for Google Chrome.

How to block adult websites on Chrome?

Step 1: Installing BlockerX

To begin, you’ll need to add the extension BlockerX to your Chrome browser. To install it, visit BlockerX on Chrome Web Store and then click, “Add to Chrome”.

The extension icon should now be visible on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, we’ll look at how we can configure and set up the extension according to your preferences. 

Step 2: Configuring BlockerX to Block Porn on Chrome 

Now that you’ve gone ahead and installed the extension, we can begin configuring it to block the keywords and websites you want. For this, Locate the BlockerX icon in the top-right corner of your screen and then click on “Show settings”. 

Once you’ve clicked on “Show settings”, you’ll be brought to the BlockerX Settings page. Here you’ll be able to add the keywords and websites that you would like to block out of your computer. First, make sure you’re on the “Block keyword/websites tab”.

Now, you can begin adding in the websites and keywords that you would like to block. Remember, you can also add in any website of your choice including social media or any other content that you choose. For this example, we’ve added a few keywords such as “porn” and websites such as “”. This means these shall not be allowed to load on the computer. Once you’ve added in the desired information, your screen should look something like this.

As you can see we’ve added in a few keywords and web pages that we don’t want to be loaded on the computer. Remember you can always remove/edit entries later as well. 

Step 3: Testing it out


Once you’ve added in all the keywords and websites you would like to block, it’s time to test it out. Now we will try accessing one of these websites and see how well BlockerX works. Go ahead and try typing out one of the websites you had added to the blocklist earlier to see if it loads. 

Success! You got answer for how to block adults websites on google chrome

On attempting to access the websites we entered into the blocklist, we get the BlockerX page letting us know that the webpage has been blocked. Meaning that BlockerX is working as it should to block porn on Chrome.

If you followed these simple steps you should now have BlockerX working perfectly on your computer. Remember you can always go into settings and make changes as required. Please remember to leave a review on the chrome web store if you enjoyed using the extension!


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