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Digital Fasting: Best Tips and Tricks!


In a world dominated by rapid-fire digital consumption, where screens dictate the rhythm of our daily lives, the need for a pause button has never been more important.

Our constant connection to digital technology, while undeniably convenient, has pushed us into the silent epidemic of compulsive use and addiction. The very digital world designed to bring us closer has paradoxically left us feeling more isolated than ever. It’s like a growing ailment, taking on your body and mind!

Clearly, we can use a break.

But yearning for a respite from this fast-food media diet, you might wonder if a break from the digital whirlwind is feasible. Is it practical and possible?

Fortunately, it is.

A digital fast is the way to go. This digital detox helps you reset your priorities and relationship with digital devices. And, if you are new to the concept or need to brush up on your methods, this is your ultimate guide to digital fasting!

What is Digital Fasting?

digital fasting

Now when we think of fasting, we immediately think of food, that is, the age-old practice where you step back and take a break.

Well, in times when we are controlled by screens and electronic devices, the idealogy of digital fasting has come up as a trend similar to the practice of fasting from food.

It’s simple- When you overeat you fast, when you overindulge or overuse you do what? Yes, take a short digital fast!

Basically, just as we carefully curate our nutritional intake, our “mental diet” deserves equal attention.

With this intermittent fasting, you take a break from the digital buffet – social media, and electronic devices, basically, limiting compulsive screen time.

Now we know, this may sound daunting, but trust us, it’s a powerful tool for self-reflection and soul nourishment. What’s more, it does start to feel quite awesome eventually!

Benefits of Digital Fasting

Breaking from our loop of habits needs effort and why would we want to put in mental and physical hard work if there is no allure of rewards waiting at the end-line?

Well, we understand this, and will not give you just the cliche that you get a better version of yourself! Because while that is true, there are other digital fasting benefits that come along with the digital sabbath:

1. Improved Sleep Cycle

better sleep cycle

We all know how important quality sleep is for our mental and physical well-being.

But the habit of scrolling through social media apps, especially during bedtime can be very harmful. It impacts our natural sleep rhythm. The attractive glow of our screens, particularly the blue light is known to have some great side effects. Study shows that blue light affects melatonin production, making it hard to fall asleep.

Additionally, the constant mental stimulation before bedtime can lead to restless sleep or, worse, insomnia. Ever found yourself haunted by images from videos or unable to shake off the weight of social media posts? Well, a short phone fasting might just be the ticket to reclaiming glorious, uninterrupted sleep.

2. Embrace the Day, Unplugged

Let’s talk about time – that elusive treasure often slipping through our fingers.

Did you know, that an average adult spends a whopping 12 hours immersed in the digital realm every day? To put it plainly, that’s half the time we’re given in a day. Well, here comes one of the important digital fasting benefits to the rescue.

Digital fasting liberates you from this time-consuming vortex, gifting you the luxury of more quality time on hand.

3. Reduced Stress: Unplug for Inner Calm

calm mind

When we are hooked on social media use, there definitely is a regular dopamine release that seems pleasurable and satisfying. However, this soon changes; you don’t even realize and this soon transforms into a source of lingering anxiety and stress.

Now, picture a life without the constant bombardment of digital stimuli – a life with a calmer mind. Sounds soothing, isn’t it?

Social networking sites, in particular, have been linked to various mental health issues, especially among the younger generation. Ironically, the very tool meant to enhance social connection often contributes to feelings of depression, inadequacy, and isolation.

In this overconsuming loop, disconnecting and finding a digital balance with phone fasting offers a great reprieve.

4. Increased Movement: Break Free from the Sedentary Lifestyle

Many of us spend our workdays chained to chairs, only to return home and continue the seated saga. Digital fasting benefits in liberating you from this sedentary lifestyle, naturally encouraging more movement.

Without the screen-time tether, you’ll find yourself engaging in more active pursuits, an opportunity to break free from passive living and embrace a more dynamic lifestyle.

5. Focused Socializing: Rediscover Genuine Connections

people on phone

Ever observed people around, absorbed in their phones, their connection reduced to a series of taps and swipes? This is the story of today’s social environment.

Now, when you take a break from social networking sites and go for phone fasting you get time to be actually present; that is, not just physically but also mentally.

Digital fasting, redirects your attention to the world around you, enabling you to witness the wonders that often go unnoticed by the screen-obsessed. Genuine social encounters become the norm, where listening with undivided attention and making eye contact reign supreme.

6. Combat Addiction: Regain Control

Screen addiction is a prevalent challenge, and social media addiction, in particular, is on the rise. Social media platforms are designed to deliver a trap that creates an addictive cycle, keeping you glued to your screens.

A digital fast, especially a social media detox, establishes boundaries and mitigates the risk of addiction. It’s akin to setting restrictions on alcohol use and regaining control over our digital indulgences.

7. Combat Mental Health Problems: Prioritize Well-being

In recent years, studies have increasingly explored the link between heavy screen use and compromised mental health.

While well-known issues like comparison and bullying are often discussed, there are other, equally significant, correlations that deserve attention, especially among adults. Digital fasting has become absolutely important.

How to do Digital Fasting?

We have seen the benefits and need for electronic fasting, now let us take a look at the steps to undertake digital fasting:

Take the Slow Approach – Gradually Reduce Screen Time:

When you decide to go for a break from any addiction or compulsive habit and undertake a digital fast, it is best to move ahead with slow gradual steps. That is, take the Slow Way – a methodical approach to reduce screen time without going cold turkey.

You can begin by identifying time-consuming digital habits and setting daily limits. Whether it’s social media or constant email checks, gradually scale back. Start with a 30-minute break from technology use and leverage digital detox apps for structured app blocking and focused sessions.



When you go for electronic fasting you get a lot of free time on hand. Now it’s best to plan what you can do with this free time. The thing is when to take a break from digital media, mental withdrawal might kick in, prompting feelings of boredom or loneliness.

There will be the constant urge to return to social media apps. So it is best to plan and fill your free time with activities like neglected activities, be it reconnecting with the outdoors, engaging in physical exercise, or embracing active socializing.

You can undertake different hobbies, go out for a walk, join a gym or a skill class; basically use your short digital fast time period actively!

Keep out the distractions

Use technology to keep out the distractions. Cut down your social media addiction, and strengthen your electronic fasting game with BlockerX. This will allow you a break from constant device checking, fostering a mindful tech usage transition.

Bottom line

Well, when the presence of digital media becomes overwhelming, you know where to look; you can look up to the age-old practice of fasting- this time digital fasting. At the same time, this practice of undertaking digital fast is in no way a condemnation of technology; rather, it’s an opportunity to discern its constructive aspects.

Stepping away and unplugging from the choking hold you get time and a better temperament to understand the actual potential of the right technology use. For example, platforms like educational YouTube, are often overlooked amidst the mindless scrolling.

Besides this with a discerning gaze, you’ll get a clear mindset to understand the rewards of setting digital boundaries and finding the right digital balance!


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Divya Dev Singh

Divya Dev Singh

Divya, a content writer at BlockerX, specializes in crafting research-driven content on technology addiction and mental health. Her work melds in-depth analysis with engaging narratives, shedding light on the intersection of digital technology and psychological well-being. Through her factual and insightful writing, she enhances understanding of mental health in the digital age. Divya's contributions are essential in guiding readers towards healthier digital habits.

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BlockerX is an adult content-blocking app for Android, iOS, desktop & chrome. In addition to blocking adult content, BlockerX also has a strong community of 100,000 members and courses that help you work on your porn problems, one step at a time.