Here is the list of top 10 psychologists in Chicago, Illinios

Get in to an exhaustive list of top 10 psychologists in Chicago

Get to know the Psychologists in Chicago, Illinois

1. Marcy A. Rubin Psy.D 

Address: 2770 N Wolcott, Chicago, IL 60614 

Dr. Rubin is a licensed clinical psychologist having 20 years of experience in treating anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, career coaching, life transformation and life transition. She utilizes CBT/DBT mindfulness, scientific and spiritual approaches to treat her patients in their varied stages of life and concerns. She tries to understand what goals one has, what struggles they are facing to achieve that and what causing the distress. She also helps in learning the inner strength and develops a strategy to cope with and improve life experience. She is very compassionate in her treatment and help clients to gain genuine insight, transparency and recovery. 



Address: 25 East Washington Street Suite, Chicago, IL 60602 

Dr. Alan M Jaffe is one of the leading psychologists in his field with over three decades of experience. He completed his PsyD degree from Illinois School. He is a licensed psychologist and works with social workers and psychiatrists to offer a multidisciplinary approach for consultation, therapy and diagnosis. Since he has substantial expertise in his field, he is great at discovering the problems his patients are facing and immediately provides therapies and treatments. He is a member of many prestigious associations including the Illinois Psychological Association. His speciality lies in individual counselling, LGBT issues, domestic abuse, stress management etc. 


Timing: Mon-Sun: 8 am -5 pm 

3. Deborah Lynn Zamick, PsyD 

Address: 2000 N Racine Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States 

Dr. Deborah Lynn Zamick is a clinical psychologist for 30 years with a doctorate. She works with every issue a human can experience. Her approach is very down to earth and she helps in strengthening and calms her patients so that they can revitalise their lives. She is well aware of the changes in society in contemporary world and that’s why she works with adult of all ages and orientations. Being an ER psychologist she has been working with PTSD and trauma patients. Her style to treat patient is direct, interactive and compassionate.  She very much focuses on skill building. 



Address: 405 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 208, 1114 & 4009, Chicago, IL 60611 

Dr. Steven Nakisher is very familiar with the field of psychology in Chicago. He helps his patients using long and short term methods. His strong expertise lies in performing a psychological evaluation, case conceptualization and providing exact treatment. He has worked throughout his life with individuals, couples, leaders, groups and teams. His focus is to treat his patients by following the integrative method. He also does guest speaking and offers consultation services to his valuable patients. His speciality lies in abuse and trauma survivors, eating disorders, life coaching, adult attention deficit disorder, etc. 


Timing: Mon-Sat: 8 am – 8 pm, Sun: Closed 


Address: 655 West Irving Park Road, #204, Chicago, IL 60613 

Dr. Greg Harms is a licensed clinical and professional psychologist, certified drug counsellor, and clinical hypnotherapist. He is very friendly, compassionate when it comes to treating individuals or couples. He uses a strength based and solution evolving approach to get results in treatment. He also gives pre-marriage counselling and life coaching. His expertise lies with people who are seeking help in their careers and feeling stuck and also the related problems. His speciality is also covering PTSD, phobias, ADHD counselling, egative thinking etc. 



Timing: Mon-Sat: 9 am – 9 pm, Sun: Closed 

6. Helen Odessky, Psy. D 

Address: 30 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60602 

Dr. Helen Odessky is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and practising Chicago therapist mainly working with patients with anxiety and panic attacks. She had done her training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Exposure Therapy which implies she uses research-based strategies and teaches tools from the very beginning of therapy. She is very passionate about her work. She believes coping skills is not enough to treat patients with anxiety but they have to learn the designated tools to beat anxiety to live a fulfilling life.  


7. Cheryl Hurst, PsyD 

Address: 410 S Michigan Ave #607, Chicago, IL 60605, United States 

Dr. Cheryl Hurst is a licensed health psychologist and a certified yoga therapist in Chicago. She combines psychotherapy, with yoga therapy which benefits her client as they are delivered with holistic healing to boost courage, equilibrium, flexibility while gaining comfort, relaxation, transparency and building resilience at the same time. Individualized yoga therapy builds in her patients enhance musculoskeletal and psychological function. She has expertise in treating multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and many more diverse conditions. She is a member of the Illinois Psychological Association and Emotional Transformation Therapy International Association. 


8. Steve Farmilant Psychologist, PsyD 

Address: 333 N Michigan Avenue Suite 614, Chicago, IL 60601 

Dr. Steve Farmilant uses a compassionate and non-judgmental approach. He works with clients to illustrate their goals and values in life and how they address them with a focus on self-care, love friendship etc. He based his therapeutic work on the theories of Alfred Adler. He has huge expertise in working with biopsychosocial issues like mood, relationships and educational struggles in community settings. He believes the journeys patients and doctors have is a collaborative one that is based on faith and optimism.he uses humour and storytelling to communicate strategy and ideas. 


9. Brian Kong Psychologist, PsyD 

Address: 2001 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 

Dr. Brian kong provides individual and couples therapy to patients with depression, trauma, grief, stress etc. He uses the psychodynamic relational and humanistic approaches to deal with patients. He sometimes uses a cognitive behavioural based approach with symptomatic issues. He maintains a safe place is that his patients can immerse themselves in natural conversation. He believes this conversation paves the way for developing a relationship and many instances, come to light. These insights give a solution for the current problems of the patients and an understanding of their difficulties, and an empowering solution came out of all this.


10. Amit Kakkar Psychologist, PsyD 

Address: 5015 W Lawrence Ave #102, Chicago, IL 60630 

Dr. Amir Kakkar is a clinical licensed psychologist having more than fifteen years of expertise in his desired field. He works simultaneously with children, adolescents and adults. His experience brings his multiple in-patients and out-patients a wealth of expertise including community health centres, hospitals, schools, residential treatment centres EAP companies etc. His focus lies in patients with depression, anxiety, trauma, disability and many more. He also offers his mastery in parenting issues, low self-esteem identity issues etc. 

(847) 340 9908 

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Bhanu Shree

Bhanu Shree is a seasoned psychologist with over five years of specialized experience in child and adolescent psychology, particularly in addressing learning difficulties and ADHD. A respected mentor in mental health, she offers transformative guidance to adolescents facing various psychological challenges. Beyond her clinical expertise, Shree is an acclaimed author, contributing insightful perspectives on addiction and youth mental health issues. Her work is widely recognized for treatment in the mental health field.