The Complete Semen Retention Spiritual Guide

At the time of writing this, November has just started and therefore, no nut November is all the rage. Now, while there are loads of articles that talk about the physical and mental benefits of restraint and practicing nofap, you must be wondering about semen retention spiritual aspects of this practice.

History of Semen Retention Spiritual Beginnings

Well, the spiritual side of semen retention is greatly attributed to the Taoist regime.

Tao is about connecting the body to a higher self also known as Tao: The concept is based on the well-known phenomenon of dualism – the contrasting selves that make up their way in nature, It says that opposite forces attract and therefore, keep the balance of nature intact.


This can also be seen in the Taichi symbol, popularly known as the Yin-Yang.

When someone is involved in penetrative sex with their partner, there is a strong unification of the opposite sexes – with an exchange of what is referred to as energy in the Taoist philosophy.

Analyzing this from the Taoist philosophy helps us understand that this viewpoint is one that promotes improving overall health, longevity, and in turn, vitally important spiritualism.

Semen Retention Spiritual Benefits

If you haven’t noticed yet, it isn’t wrong to assume that Semen retention spiritual benefits are talked about a lot in Taoism. One such important aspect of it is that it specifies and restricts exactly how and when a male can achieve orgasm.

Now before you raise your eyebrows, bear in mind that Taoism is essentially equating energy within a man to the semen they retain, so it isn’t absurd to think that it teaches you not to waste that precious resource. It drains this vital energy from the man in the form of hormones and vitamins.

Fun Fact about Taoism and Semen Retention

Fun Fact about Taoism and Semen Retention

Did you know? Taoism makes a correlation between the ejaculation of a man to his age!

Now, based on science and everyday life, we know that younger bodies can recover from semen loss (ejaculation) faster and get back to action in no time. However, in the case of older men, the loss takes more time to replenish.


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