Sexual Addiction: Top 5 Easy Ways to Overcome the Addiction

sexual addiction

We have always been told that too much of anything can’t be good for us. But does that also apply to sexual activities? Well, yes it does apply to sexual activities. Sexual addiction in scientific terminology is referred to as Hypersexual Disorder (HD).

Studies have found that around 28% of the adult population is addicted to sex and the number is much higher in the case of teenagers. It has also been conclusively proven that most of these addictions stem from the incorrect usage of the internet around the world. 

In fact, Pornography is one of the primary reasons for these sexual addictions and these sexual addictions can be strong enough to hamper a person’s regular life. Furthermore, the manner in which every individual addicted to sex indulges in it also varies from one to the other. For some, it could be repeated intercourse with their partner while for others it could be masturbation. Now, that we know a little more about the problem, it is time we uncover some possible solutions to it.

Journey of Overcoming Sexual Addiction

sex addiction

Let me be clear. The journey of overcoming sexual addiction is not going to be easy. There will be days when you would want to give in to the urges and not follow through on the path of recovery. But, you should remember, that you are stronger than these days in your life and your first clue is that today, you are here wanting to learn about overcoming your addiction. You have taken the very first step, so Kudos to you. 

Let us now learn about the best ways to overcome sexual addiction.

Make sure whether you are addicted or not

sex addiction

Sometimes, a higher sex drive can make you feel as if you are addicted to sex. But that may not be the case. The first step towards recovery is to be sure that there is a problem to resolve. You can understand whether you have a sexual addiction, by analysing your actions on a daily basis. A higher sex drive would result in you being unable to stop yourself from indulging in sexual activities.

In fact, the greater part of a person’s time who has sexual addiction goes into following through with such acts, and once they have indulged in sexual activities, the pleasure lasts for a concise period of time, and they go back to wanting more of the pleasure. It is an ongoing cycle with no brakes. A person addicted to sex will spend a lot of money and time on things that satiate their addiction, such as pornography. They would fail to control their urges and give in to them at the most questionable times and places, such as in their offices or at times when they had other pressing engagements.

Make yourself accountable

sexually addicted

When we ask you to make yourself accountable for your sexual addiction, we do not mean for you to restrict yourself to pointing out the problem. What you rather should be doing is understanding your urges, when it happens, and why it happens. Truly understand the thought that enters your mind the moment you feel like giving in to the urge. Write it down. Once you have it on paper you can read that and hold yourself accountable the next time you face an urge. You can also partner with somebody who may be going through the same thing in order to keep each other accountable for your actions in case either of you gets an urge to relapse.

Find a way to distract yourself

Now, the next step. Once you have held yourself accountable and understood the pattern behind your urges, you need to ensure to not give in to them. How can you do that? One way is by distracting yourself as much as possible. Understandably certain types of distractions such as watching television or listening to music may not work ideally in such circumstances. So, you can put yourself in places with other people, pick up a line of conversation that you are passionate about and talk to them. Stick to public places when you get urges so that you can stop yourself from giving in to these urges.

Find ways to prevent access to pornography

Causes of sexual addiction

As we discussed before, a big reason for you being sexually addicted is easy access to pornography. In today’s time and age, every Tom Dick and Harry can access porn irrespective of their age and location. So what can you do about this? This is where we step in with BlockerX and help you keep your hands off of pornography and yourself, quite literally.

BlockerX is an app dedicated to assisting people to resolve and overcome their addictions whether it be gambling, social media, sexual addiction or pornography. This app will entirely block your access to pornography and other adult content which can make you relapse into sexual addiction and will also provide you with an accountability partner who will work with you to make you stay accountable. There is so much more that we provide to help the community better themselves by overcoming their addictions and growing into their best versions.

Enrol yourself in support groups

discussion on sexual addiction

It is always a good idea to surround yourself with people who are undergoing the same process of overcoming similar addictions as you. This helps you understand the rock bottom that one can hit if they keep indulging and you also see people who have chosen the path of recovery and are working every day, one step at a time to come out of their addictions and not let the addiction become their definition of life.

This is why you should consider joining a similar support group wherein you can open up about your sexual addiction without having to worry about other people not understanding what you are talking about or judging you because they are going through the same thing as you are. This will help you finally accept your addiction and enable you to act as a support system for others going through the same, this will also help you bolster your path to recovery and finally step into a safe zone where you learn how to battle your urges every day and emerge victorious.

Final Words

The first step to recovery is accepting that there is a problem, and today, just by being here and reading this blog, you have taken that first and most difficult step. From here on, your sole objective is to find consistency in your daily life. Remember that you have to keep working every single day to redefine who you are. Remember, you are meant to be in control of your brain and not the other way around. It is only you who can win this battle of addiction as the fight is between you and your senses.

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About BlockerX

BlockerX is an adult content-blocking app for Android, iOS, desktop & chrome. In addition to blocking adult content, BlockerX also has a strong community of 100,000 members and courses that help you work on your porn problems, one step at a time.