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Roundup: Top 10 Most Viewed NoFap YouTube Videos

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of NoFap by now. It has taken the internet world by storm as it claims to have many benefits. 

Let’s define NoFap. NoFap refers to when you completely quit Pornography, Masturbation and Orgasms. All together they are known as PMO.  

So NoFap originated on Reddit, like all good things. It started off as a discussion on quitting masturbation and then a study came out showing a 145.7% increase in testosterone in those who stopped masturbation after the 7th day.  

This news spread like wildfire and caused a media frenzy. 

Later, NoFap became, a website and a community where people could bond over their journey and struggles of quitting porn.  

Millions of NoFap videos can currently be found on YouTube. It might be testimonies of how NoFap changed their lives or it can be animated videos explaining the science behind NoFap, no matter what you will find countless inspirational videos talking about NoFap and its benefits. 

So, let’s get into it. 

This Top 10 list will include any kind of content relating to NoFap, NoFap videos with the highest views and it isn’t just restricted to channels that solely produce content on NoFap.  

The Top 10 NoFap YouTube videos are: 

  1. AsapSCIENCE: This wouldn’t be a perfect list without mentioning an OG YouTube channel like AsapSCIENCE. The channel was created by Canadian YouTubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown (Mitch and Greg). Their YouTube channel has been dedicated to creating educational videos on the various topics relating to science. 

What If You Stopped Masturbating?” is one of the most viewed videos about NoFap with over 10 million views. The video talks about the NoFap movement and debunks the claim of an increase in testosterone levels during NoFap as the testosterone levels do rise after the 7th day but they fall back to normal levels afterward. 

2. Improvement Pill: Improvement Pill was created to inspire and motivate people that wanted to listen to important ideas and call for self-improvement. Like a multi-vitamin pill the videos on this channel are for your mind.  

Improvement Pill has one of the greatest number of videos dedicated towards NoFap; 7 videos on its NoFap Motivation Playlist. One of the videos I’d like to feature here is  

Yes, the title is in all caps but that’s because it is IMPORTANT! 

The video talks about the reward system and how dopamine is being produced at higher levels than normal while watching porn. This causes desensitization and a need for more aggressive porn.  

The Coolidge Effect talks about a renewed sense of interest in mammals when they meet a new mate, this effect can be seen in humans as they continuously seek for novelty in porn.  

3. Daniel Avesta: Daniel’s video doesn’t really talk about his own experience with NoFap but talks about the world-famous actor Terry Crews’ journey with it. His performance in ‘White Chicks’ is a classic. 

“Terry Crews: The NoFap Legend (Inspirational)” is a video explaining Crews’ journey with addiction and the darkness that surrounded him because of his secret pornography addiction for years.  

This video had to be included in this list because it was Crews’ raw and honest thoughts on his life and on NoFap

4. zorosoro: zorosoro is the next channel on the list with an amazing video on “NoFap: Avoid Relapse With These 5 Weird Tips for Results”  

These 5 unusual tips seem to be extremely effective when starting out with the NoFap challenge, the tips include: 

  1. Exercise 
  1. Listen to music with focus 
  1. Cold showers *this seems to be the best tip and it is recommended by NoFappers 
  1. Stop and remind yourself of the benefits of NoFap 
  1. Watch videos of penis fishes being prepared (It’s actually a worm. Tread carefully, you have been warned. It’s pretty gross.) 

5. One Percent Better: This is a self-help YouTube channel to improve your everyday life.  

“NoFap 90-Day Experiment ► My Success Story 2017” is a personal story of Brandon, the creator of One Percent Better and how he came across porn and his 4-year addiction that resulted in low energy, low motivation, and a low sex drive. 

He tried everything from reading books to exercising to get his spark back but all failed. Until he had a talk with the creator of Improvement Pill, who introduced the concept of NoFap to Brandon.  

He then proceeded with the 90-day NoFap challenge and started seeing wonderful results like a surge of energy, a positive change in his behaviour, a higher sex drive and even reduced his performance anxiety.  

This is a story that’s definitely worth hearing. 

6. KasumiKriss: Generally, NoFap is a movement that only men participate in. But this YouTuber has joined along with many other females.  



Under this video, most of the comments appreciate the female perspective brought to the NoFap community. She talks about how she stumbles upon NoFap and challenged herself to try it. The video documents her 8-month journey and the positive changes she experienced. 

7. ICEcold JT: This creator’s “My 1 Year NoFap Transformation” video is a short but very impactful 3 min video that shows clips of him before and after NoFap. His body and mind transformation are accompanied by a voice over of him inspiring people to stay strong on their NoFap journey. 

8. Project Stronger Self: NoFap Benefits Timeline [PART 1] HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?”   

This video is part of a two-part series that explains the various hormonal, emotional and other changes experienced over the duration of NoFap. 

9.Captain Sinbad:

Captain Sinbad AKA Nikhil Pandey does an in-depth dive into the scientific side of NoFap and the evolutionary and physiological reasons for porn addiction and why people seek porn. 

Pandey has credited Gary Wilson’s book ‘Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction’; as the content in this video is heavily inspired by Wilson’s book.  

Pandey breaks down several examples in the animal kingdom and how these animals choose super stimuli over their natural mates. He further goes on to explain the effects of porn and how it changes neural connections in our body and the role of Dopamine during porn addiction. 

10. IamLucid:

This creator shared his personal story on how he fought his porn addiction for 7 years. He details how he experienced detachment to a point where he was only interacting with internet porn or pixelated women instead of knowing how to interact with real women. 

He believes that porn is the curse of our generation, and it is worse than any other problem we have faced. Porn is always a click away. It is a pervasive drug; it is secretive, and it is constantly calling to us. 

There you go guys these are my top 10 picks for the most viewed NoFap content on YouTube. 

For the people on the NoFap journey, quick tip, make sure to always have a friend that you update with on your progress with NoFap. 

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