Productivity apps for students. Best 5 to Check-Out

Welcome to our blog, where we’ll discuss the best student productivity apps. Are you a student looking for strategies to increase productivity and maintain organization? Look nowhere else!

We’ll expose you to a selection of user-friendly and potent applications in this post that are intended to increase your productivity.

Today’s fast-paced environment makes balancing several responsibilities difficult. Fortunately, you may simplify your study habits, successfully manage your time, and accomplish your academic objectives with these productivity apps. These applications will be your best friends no matter whether you’re attempting to keep on top of your tasks, write essays, or prepare for tests.

We’ve hand-picked the top applications to meet your requirements, from task management programmes that help you divide your job into manageable portions to note-taking programmes that improve your study sessions. Prepare to learn how technology can revolutionize your experience as a student and make your path to success easier and more fun. Let’s get started and use these incredible productivity apps to reach your full potential!

What are productivity apps?

Apps for increasing productivity are tools designed to make you more productive and effective. They function similarly to digital assistants in that they may manage your time, organise your work, and increase your productivity. These applications are accessible on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

You may make to-do lists and set reminders using these free productivity apps to keep organised. They aid in task prioritisation and help you remember everything. Additionally, these applications provide you with a means to classify and arrange your work, which makes it simpler to handle many projects.

Best apps for productivity often include features that let you work with others. You may collaborate on papers, delegate work, and have real-time conversations with your team members. This makes it simpler to collaborate and maintain contact even when you are not present in the same place physically.

The ability to organise your time well is essential for productivity, and these applications may assist you with that. They provide functions like calendars and scheduling tools to assist you in making an efficient daily schedule. You may set up reminders to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, appointments, or meetings.


Numerous productivity apps also have note-taking capabilities that let you scribble down ideas, make checklists, and save crucial information. These notes are useful for jotting down ideas while on the road since you can access them from any device.

Productivity apps often include timers and Pomodoro timers as tools to help you focus and concentrate. These technologies enable you to divide your work into manageable portions and provide predetermined breaks to avoid burnout.

With other platforms and technologies like email clients, cloud storage, and project management software, certain productivity apps are integrated. This enables you to organise your workflow and provides you access to all of your work-related data in one location.

Best productivity apps may also monitor your development and provide insights and reports. You may watch how much time you spend on certain activities, spot trends, and make changes to increase your productivity.

Overall, productivity apps aim to streamline your work and increase your output. A variety of functions are available to manage activities, work with colleagues, plan your time, and maintain concentration. You may save time, lessen stress, and achieve more in your personal and professional life by utilising these applications successfully.

Why are productivity apps important for students?

Students need efficiency and productivity apps because they help them stay organised, plan their time well, and improve their general productivity. These productivity apps have a lot of perks that can help students do much better in school. Here are some important reasons why students need work and productivity apps:

Students can keep track of their homework, dates, and other important tasks with the help of productivity tools. They give students a central place where they can make to-do lists, set notes, and keep an organised way of studying.

Time management

With productivity apps, students can make good use of their time and make sure that their most important chores get done first. These productivity apps have tools like clocks and schedules that help students plan their study sessions, set goals, and avoid putting things off.

productivity apps

Task Tracking

Productivity apps let students keep track of how they’re doing on their different projects and tasks. They can easily mark off jobs they’ve finished, keep track of their progress, and see where they need to work harder.


Many efficiency and productivity apps help students work together by letting them share papers, form study groups, and work on group projects together. This makes it easier for friends to work together and talk to each other well.

Study Materials

Students can store and organise their class notes, slideshows, and other study materials with efficiency apps. These productivity apps often have features like cloud storage and synchronisation that make sure students can access their materials from any device.

Focus and concentration

Some work and productivity apps have features that help students avoid distractions and focus better. Some of these features include briefly blocking certain websites or apps, using attention timers, or playing sounds that help you focus.

Goal Setting

Productivity apps let students set clear goals and track their progress towards reaching them. Students can stay inspired and feel like they’ve done something when they break down big chores into smaller, more doable steps.

Time tracking

Some productivity apps let students keep track of how much time they spend on each activity. This gives them useful information about how they study and where they might be wasting time. This knowledge can help them make changes and figure out how to use their time better.

Overall, productivity apps are important tools for students because they help them organize, manage time, keep track of tasks, work together, store study materials, improve focus, set goals, and track time. Students can improve their learning experience, work more efficiently, and do better in school by using these tools. Students can use efficient strategies to help them stay on top of their tasks, organize their study plans, and work with their peers. These apps are a useful part of their educational journey.

Top 5 productivity apps for students

Here are the top 5 productivity apps for students

Google Drive

Google Drive improves student productivity. It’s a cloud storage platform for files, documents, and presentations. With an internet connection, you may access your files anywhere.

Collaboration is Google Drive’s biggest benefit. It lets you edit files with classmates or groupmates in real-time. Changes are automatically saved and synchronized across devices when several people update a document or presentation. For collaborative projects or file sharing, everyone may participate and offer feedback effectively.

Furthermore, Google Drive includes Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides in addition to storage and collaboration. These tools resemble Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Web-based tools let you create, edit, and format documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Google Drive. This avoids programme installs and allows easy connection with your saved data.

In addition to this, Google Drive also organises well. To organise your data, create folders and subfolders. You may search for files using keywords, file names, or document text. This saves time while searching through several files.

Google Drive works nicely with other Google services. You may easily send papers to professors and students by attaching Drive files to Gmail messages. Sharing files through a link or permissions is also easy.

Encryption and authentication safeguard your information in Google Drive. Google’s servers have many security layers to secure your files. Google Drive’s version history lets you browse and restore earlier file versions, adding data security.


Evernote syncs note across devices, a significant function. This means you can start taking notes on your PC during class and effortlessly switch to your smartphone or tablet while you’re out. This synchronisation function keeps your notes updated and available across devices.

Evernote simplifies note searching. Evernote’s sophisticated search can find any term, phrase, or handwritten text. This might save you time while studying or working on projects.

To-do lists and note-taking are available in Evernote. This function helps students organise and monitor their assignments. To-do items may include due dates, reminders, and attached files. Thus, you can manage your workload and finish projects on time.

Student productivity app Evernote is great. It organises your thoughts, class notes, and study resources in one location. Create notebooks for each topic in Evernote to organise and retrieve your notes.



The Forest is a productivity app that was made to help students stay on task and avoid getting sidetracked while they study or do their work. The idea behind the app is a virtual tree that grows as you work, showing you how far you’ve come and how productive you are.

When you open the Forest app, you can choose how long you want to study or work for. As the app’s timer goes, a fake tree starts to grow. The tree grows and gets better the longer you keep your mind on it and don’t leave the app. This picture serves as a motivator to help you stay on task and finish your work without getting sidetracked.

The unique thing about Forest is that the virtual tree you were growing will die if you leave the app and start using other apps or websites on your phone or tablet. This feature will keep you from giving in to temptations and other distractions. Forest gives you a sense of duty and accountability by linking leaving the app with the death of the tree. This makes you more likely to put your work ahead of distractions.

Furthermore, Forest gives you a wide range of tree types to choose from, so you can make your virtual yard look just the way you want it to. As you have more effective sessions, you win in-app cash that you can use to unlock more types of trees or even plant real trees with the help of organisations that plant trees. Students are more likely to stay on task and do good things for the world and themselves if they are aware of how their actions affect the environment.

Thus, Forest has features that help you focus, and it also has choices that let you change the app to fit your needs. You can change how long your work or study sessions last, set notes to start sessions, and change how the app notifies you to fit your needs. Also, Forest lets you track your progress and see specific data about your productivity over time. This shows you how you work and gives you motivation to do better.


Todoist is an app for keeping track of tasks that can be very helpful for students. It has an easy-to-use design that makes it easy to organise your to-do lists and keep track of your tasks. With Todoist, you can make tasks for different classes, projects, or homework so that nothing gets missed.

Setting due times for your jobs is one of the best things about Todoist. This tool lets you put your tasks in order of importance and make sure you don’t miss any dates. You can give jobs specific dates and times so that you have enough time for each one and don’t have to rush at the last minute. Todoist also lets you set notes, so you’ll know when tasks are due. This helps you stay on top of things and get your work done on time.

Todoist is also helpful because it lets you set goals for your jobs. You can give your tasks different amounts of importance, such as high, medium, or low. This feature lets you put your attention on the most important jobs first, so you can work quickly on urgent projects or prepare for tests. By putting your tasks in order of importance, you can better control your time and make steady work on your projects.

Todoist also has an easy-to-use design that makes it easy to move around and keep track of your tasks. You can make different projects or groups in the app, which lets you split work for different classes or hobbies outside of school. This organisation helps you stay clear and focused, so you can find the things you need to do quickly and get to work on them.

The synchronisation function of the app lets you use Todoist on more than one device. You can use it on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can always get to your list of things to do. This function is especially helpful for students who might need to switch between gadgets during the day or in different places where they learn.


Trello is a great app for students that can help them stay on top of their work and stay organised. It helps you keep track of your tasks and goals by giving you a visual dashboard with boards, lists, and cards. With Trello, you can make a separate board for each job or topic you’re working on. This lets you see at a glance what you need to do.

You can make lists inside each board to show the different steps or parts of your project. You could have lists like “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.” You can organise your tasks and see where they are at a glance with these lists. Each job or project is portrayed by a card, which you can change by adding information, names, and due dates.

Collaboration is one of the best things about Trello. You can ask peers, study groups, or project partners to work with you on your boards. This makes it a great tool for group projects or times when you need to work with other people to get things done. Everyone can see the same board, lists, and cards, which makes it easy to work together and talk to each other.

Trello lets you manage work in different ways as you move through different steps. You can move cards between groups to show how far along each job is. For example, you can move a card from the “To Do” list to the “In Progress” list when you start working on a job. As you finish jobs, you can move them to the “Completed” list by dragging them there. This lets you see your progress in a rewarding way.

Trello also has a number of tools that can help you get more done. You can set due dates and get reminders to make sure you don’t forget about them. Cards can have attachments, which let you add related files or tools. Labels and tags can be used to sort jobs by importance, theme, or any other factors you choose.


In conclusion, efficiency apps can be very helpful for students who want to get better at staying organised and making the most of their study time. The top 5 productivity apps listed in this blog have a variety of features that are meant to make chores easier, help handle time better, and help people work together.

From taking notes and keeping track of tasks to coordinating projects and learning a language, these apps offer a wide range of features to meet the needs of different students.

These efficiency apps can help students reach their academic goals more easily by helping them stay focused, avoid distractions, and stay organised with their tasks. By using these apps every day, students can reach their full potential, become more productive, and do better in their classes.

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