10 Best Options to block Ads on Android Phone ( 2023 Updated)

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In the battle against the irritating pesky and intrusive ads, that always pop ups on your Android phone, we’ve brought you the list of the top 10 options for ad-blocking in 2023. We can help you with everything from adjusting the settings on your Google account to testing out reliable ad blockers. What’s more, you also get to explore browsers that help you keep out the intrusive ads.

So, say goodbye to annoying ads and have a more seamless online experience!

The saga of irritating ads on Android

ads on android phone

Ads are everywhere. From newspapers to TV, and even your smartphone, intrusive pop
ads are now a common sight. The good news is that you can block ads on Android phones too. In this article, we will explain some of the best options to stop ads on your Android phone. This article gives you insight into how to stop ads on Android phones.

You can choose from various ad-blockers for Android to enjoy a more secure and faster browsing experience on your phone. With these ad-blockers, you can browse the web without any annoying advertising or intrusive content popping up. 

Android devices and Android apps are often overpowering with ads: banners, pop-ups, full-page ads, videos, in-app buys, prizes, etc. There’s even a distinct type of ad in applications that starts showing after several days of diligent use, thus making it difficult to specify its origin. 

 There are even browser ads, website ads, pop-up intrusive ads, video ads, regular AirPush ads, and so on that could be activated by traditional apps or undesirable software. You’d have to determine what drives such ads to stop ads on Android.

Below, we will list periodic ways to eliminate irritating ads and highlight step-by-step instructions, including browser settings, data saver mode, and establishing ad blockers. 

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It has been designed with user security and privacy in mind. With Chrome, you can easily browse and block ads on sites that show intrusive and misleading ads. Read this article to learn how to block ads in the google chrome browser.

There are several other brwosers like ucbrowser where users look into the option to Adblock ucbrowser i.e. blocking the ads in ucbrowser.

ad blocker

You can also easily set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection to protect your data when you’re browsing on public Wi-Fi networks. This feature allows you to easily and quickly block ads on your device. You can choose from different filters to block ads.

how to stop ads on android phone

You can also set up a customized filter to block specific types of ads, such as social media ads, banner ads, etc. You can easily customize the filter to block specific types of ads that you don’t want to see. 

Option 1: Block ads in Chrome 

Are you a Chrome user? Read along to learn how to block ads in Chrome.

If you use Chrome as a default web browser on your Android devices, it’s likely to sabotage interstitial ads, ads with sound, pop-ups, and others in its settings. Pursue the next steps: 

You can change your settings to allow ads on all sites. 

1. At the top right, click More   Settings. 

2. Click Privacy and Security Site Settings. 

3. Click Additional Content Settings Ads. 

4. Turn on Block ads on sites that show intrusive or misleading ads. 

Option 2: Website settings 

If one permits website notifications, they are often shown over the closed screen of Android devices. Many sites make money from push messages. But there’s a method to bypass it: 

  1. In a browser (Chrome in our case), enter the Menu and press Settings. 
  2. Please scroll down to Site Settings and tap on it. 
  3. Dab on Notifications and push the toggle to disable ads. 

Option 3: How to stop ads on Android phones using ad blockers 

There is a significant variety of ad blockers for Android obtainable in the Google Play Store, qualified for blocking ads in games, apps, and even websites.

The Ad blockers for Android permit users to block ads without root permissions. However, it may not be 100% sufficient; thus, you have to choose an ad blocker, for example, AdBlock or Free AdBlock Browser, install it and then configure the rules if needed. 

Most ad blockers for Android intercept DNS traffic only, so they won’t be capable of blocking 100% of undesirable ads. 

Additionally, there are ways to control advertisements on a smartphone to make it less meddling. 

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10 best options to block Ads on Android:  

Let us now see the tips and tricks on how to stop ads on your Android phone.

1. Minimize ads in Google account settings.  

This is for those users who want to block ads in Chrome. As many new Android devices synchronize with Chrome desktop browser and Google account, it makes logic to turn off Ads personalization sooner. This method will not stop seeing all undesirable content, but at least one can opt out of personalized Google ads that follow browsing activity. To do this:   

  • Proceed to Settings in Chrome desktop browser, then tap on “Manage your Google Account”. 
  • Tap ” Data and Privacy “, scroll down to Ad personalization, then select Go to Ad settings. 
  • Push the toggle to switch off personalized ads, then select Turn off
Powerful Ad Blcoker is required for your Andriod . It will secure your data.

2. Disable ad personalization in Android device settings.  

After the earlier steps are taken, one can also turn off targeted ads on the phone that will operate even if the device isn’t synchronized with the Google account on the desktop. Though some content will resume appearing, it won’t be tied to search history. To incapacitate ads literally on the device, do the following: 

  • Proceed to Settings on your smartphone, then scroll down to Google. 
  • Press Ads, then Opt out of Ads Personalization. We have two options here  

               A) Reset Ads Id 

               B) Delete ads Id 

3. Modifying the DNS to understand how to stop Ads on Android Phones 

One of the comfortable ways when it comes to how to stop ads on Android phone is by switching to an ad-blocking service’s private DNS provider. This process requires no apps, but it only works on Android phones with Android 9 Pie and above. 

You’ll no longer notice any in-app ad banners or advertisements on the web browser. 

The path to changing the Private DNS may be different on some phones. If your phone UX has an inquiry bar, search for Private DNS to land on the appropriate settings page. 

Andriod : Ad Blockers are needed for Andriod


AdLock is a blocking answer that has options for PC and Android. It’s easy to block in-game or browser ads while using your phone. You’ll even have the choice to stop specific websites and filter all your traffic through HTTPS secure filtering. 


If you have root admission, there’s no more satisfactory solution than AdAway. It also has a non-root mode, but it works best with roots. AdAway uses a host file to block ad-serving hostnames. It essentially keeps an updated list of ad networks and redirects them to, so these requests go nowhere. The most useful part is it stops both browser and in-app advertisements. Arranging the service is very concise. 

The service comes with three origins, with over 90,000 user-verified hosts, with fresh hosts, regularly being counted on the list. If some ads still percolate through, you can use the DNS logging feature to register the outgoing DNS requests and manually count them to the “hosts” file.  


AdGuard is one of the most famous ad blockers on the desktop and has an Android client. The mobile rendition of AdGuard isn’t as powerful or cultivated as its desktop companion, but it gets the job done. AdGuard places up a local VPN to screen out ads and trackers. The free version only permits you to block browser ads, and you’ll need to buy the premium version if you want to get free of in-app ads.  

7. the Blokada 

A proper non-root rival of AdAway is Blokada. Like AdAway, it’s open-source and works on both in-app ads and websites. Blokada gives you a complete list of blocklists, including DuckDuckGo, Tracker Radar, AdAway, Energized, and more.

Each host list has a separate use case and aggressiveness and can block out ads, trackers, phishing sites, malware servers, etc. 

Besides blocking ads, Blokada also maintains your privacy by encrypting DNS questions where possible. You can make a shortlist and manage which domains should be blocked or allowed.  

8.DNS66 Ad Blocker 

Yet another VPN-based ad blocker that doesn’t need root. DNS66 is free and open-source. Resembled AdGuard and Blokada, DNS66 has a somewhat less intuitive and dated UI, but it works well. It shows a VPN service and redirects the DNS server gridlock to it.

The VPN assistance intercepts and filters out DNS queries on the blocklist while allowing non-blacklisted queries to pass through. DNS66 delivers system-wide ad blocking, so it can also filter out in-app ads. You can also configure custom DNS servers directly from the app. 

9.AppBrain Ad Detector 

With AppBrain Ad Detector, you get knowledge on all potential spyware and ads for any app icon nestled on your phone, including push notifications, desktop icon spam ads, and any app icon with privacy matters. It identifies adware so you can withdraw the offending apps.

It warns you which apps have consents to access your location, contacts, messages, or accounts, or which ones can use benefits that cost you money, and it allows you to remove them. 

10. Block This 

Block This is a little-known but quite practical ad blocker app. It’s open-source and free-to-use so that anyone can access it, and the app uses DNS stopping to confirm it’s using a slighter battery than other ad blocker apps and browsers with filters. The biggest benefit of this app is it delivers malware protection, improved browsing speed, and decreased mobile data traffic. 

Browsers with an in-built ad blocker for Android 

Now, that you have a clear picture of how to stop ads on Android phone, let’s move on to browsers.

A browser with ad-blocking power will be better if you plan to kill website ads. We’ve assembled a checklist of the best ad-blocking browsers actively being developed and certified to work. 

1. Brave 

Brave is a Chromium-based browser that’s created with privacy front and center. Ad-blocking is promoted out of the box and doesn’t need any configuration. Install the app, and it will begin blocking ads, cross-site trackers and cookies, fingerprinting, and more on every site you see. You can hinder the blocker on your favored sites. 

Brave also lets you help websites and publishers using its Brave Rewards agenda. Under this program, Brave will aid you in non-intrusive, “privacy-respecting ads.”  

2. Samsung Internet 

Samsung Internet is one of the finest Android browsers, and its ad-blocking quality makes it even more exciting. The Samsung Internet browser itself doesn’t stop ads like Brave but has to install a supported third-party ad blocker to work with the Samsung Internet browser.

You can set up seven ad blockers on Samsung Internet, and once you install and turn on the ad blocker of your preference, the Samsung Internet browser will begin stopping ads and trackers on all web pages you see on your Android phone. 

3. UC Browser  

UC Browser is yet another great option to block ads on Android devices. This Adblock uc browser is available across various platforms, including Android. The best part about this browser is that it provides you with a powerful built-in ad-blocker. You can easily set up a customized filter to block specific types of ads that you don’t want to see.

UC Browser - To block Ads Andriod Phones.

The best part about UC Browser is that it is also available across various platforms, including Android. You don’t need to worry about compatibility issues when you are using Adblock uc Browser. You can easily save web pages for offline reading. Alternatives. 


Now you know some of the best options for how to stop ads on Android phones. You can easily use these apps and the third-party ad blocker to quickly get rid of tap ads and trackers on your device. However, be careful while installing any app, as they may have malicious content. Always use a reliable security app or antivirus software to scan your device for any potential threats. Also, update your apps regularly to get the latest version.   

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BlockerX is an adult content-blocking app for Android, iOS, desktop & chrome. In addition to blocking adult content, BlockerX also has a strong community of 100,000 members and courses that help you work on your porn problems, one step at a time.